Office Perks and Employee Happiness

Happy employees are productive employees, and those are people who are bettering your business and increasing your bottom line. Do you know when they are happy? Do you know what makes them happy? It is your obligation as an employer to ensure that the individuals who work for you are content. It benefits everyone, and we all rise up. Give your workplace a morale boost by checking in with your team and implementing strategies and office perks to improve the collective mood. We’ve got some tips for you.

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Work/Life Balance

One of the most common complaints about work in 21st century America is that we are never truly off the clock. Thanks to technology, many employees are always connected, for better or worse. We can work after the close of business to accommodate personal appointments and children’s schedules. We can work from the waiting room or the airport. But this freedom has a downside. Since we can always be on, available, and reachable, how can we ever be off? How can we completely disengage from work in order to recharge our batteries and reconnect with what really matters? We suggest that as an employer you implement boundaries and stick to them. Maybe you determine that certain employees can work on weekends, if they so choose, but no one else on the team is expected to respond until Monday. Some folks like to get in hours whenever they can, while others need two full days for family and fun in order to come back fresh and ready to hustle. Know what work/life balance means to each of your hires and support their quest to live a full home life, as well as a satisfying work life.

Support Innovation

As the boss, you should be confident in the ability of those you have hired, so trust them. Encourage their ideas and test their suggestions. Everyone has something to contribute that will benefit the company. Being seen and respected validates workers as autonomous individuals. Give them space to innovate and create. When employees are inspired, great things happen. It is truly encouraging to the entire team to see their ideas for new systems and workflows and new communication platforms or disruptive marketing strategies that function well and make a difference to the company as a whole.

Give Them The Tools They Need

Is there a project management tool that would improve communication? Are there new office perks that you could add? Could you afford to upgrade the office machinery? The minor malfunctioning of daily office life can prove extremely frustrating over time. If there are small fixes or quick hacks you can make happen, you will be amazed by how much happier your employees are. Fix the printer. Get a popcorn machine. Upgrade the office coffee machines. We know for a fact that caffeinated employees are happy ones. This is especially the case when you have chosen the perfect office coffee machines for the size and preferences of your team. Learn more about how we can help you make your employees happier and more efficient.