Have a Hot Cup of Coffee on a Busy Summer Day

There’s always that one guy who is drinking a hot cup of coffee on a scorching, busy summer day in the office, when all you are craving is a frosty lemonade or an enormous iced tea. And while Gary from accounting is genuinely a know-it-all and a buzzkill, we are here to tell you that in this instance, the claim he’s making are right. Though it seems bizarre and counter intuitive, there is science to back up Gary’s claim that drinking hot beverages on hot days can be helpful. Is there any merit in having a hot coffee in August? Here’s the tea on hot coffee in sweaty weather.

No Sweat

There are many ways to beat the heat in your office during the summertime. Drinking a cup of hot coffee is surprisingly one of them. A steaming hot drink will raise your body temperature, causing you to perspire. Then, when the sweat evaporates, the energy that is transferred cools you off. However, if you are wearing heavy clothes, this method won’t work. The body heat will be trapped, and you will feel warm. So, if on a busy summer day at work you are covered in sweaters because it’s freezing in your office, and then you go out for a cup of coffee on your break, take off the outer layers if you want to try the hot beverage trick. Otherwise, you will just end up overheated.

a hot cup of coffee

When In New England

We in Boston and the surrounding towns in New England are dedicated to our coffee drinks, and our coffee of choice does not necessarily match the season. There are many who are devoted to their iced coffee, an extra-large one, with extra ice, and will enjoy this even on the coldest day of February, whilst wearing shorts. A different sort of devotee, however, never takes his coffee cold. This character is a real old-school, New England guy. This is our kind of guy. No matter what the weatherman says, this r-dropping fellow drinks a hot cup of coffee, even if he’s in a pahked cah in Hahvahd Yahd in August.

You Do You

It doesn’t really matter what the thermometer says, or what month it is. Drink what you like and do what makes you feel good. Does caffeine fuel your busy workday? Does a great cup of coffee make you feel empowered? In order to perform well and function optimally and efficiently, you need to stay energized. Sipping a hot coffee brings you back to yourself, it’s a moment out of time just for you, so you can dive back into your many responsibilities. The BostonbeaN Coffee Company brings the drinks you love directly to your workplace, so your break is a true respite and restorative moment.