Beat the Heat with the Help of your Office Coffee Station

Nobody likes a sticky workplace. It’s hard enough to adult every single day of summer, remembering your carefree childhood spending weeks outside in the grass, on a lake, at the beach; but when your workspace is uncomfortable, it’s all you can do to stay on task. Just because it’s gorgeous out, doesn’t mean you can be unproductive. So, how do you beat the heat and make your office a place you want to spend hours every day? We are experts for the office, and want to help you work comfortably and efficiently, so you can get more done, make more money, and enjoy your vacation time more deeply.

Eat Light

The No. 1 question buzzing around most offices at midday is, “What’s for lunch?”. Everybody loves to peruse menus and consider going out, even if you ultimately (and responsibly) choose your turkey sandwich in the office fridge. While you may think it makes more sense to have one hot, satisfying meal at midday, this good winter ritual can spell the end of productivity during a heat wave in August.

Summer is the perfect time to pack a Bento box, filled with fresh, healthy options from your garden, farmers market, or greengrocer. You will cool down with cucumbers, and stay satiated by hummus, fill up on blueberries, and enjoy a creamy yogurt in the afternoon. A light lunch or grazing on healthy foods like nuts, whole grains, fruits, protein and veggies will keep your energy up and you will stay alert and refreshed.

Food is supposed to keep you energized, so make it seasonally appropriate. Your body will feel lighter, cooler, and ready to go from workday to night out on the town. Stopping in your office coffee station after lunch for some caffeine will also help you to stay motivated during long summer work days. It may also help to switch your coffee from hot to iced, though drinking hot coffee in the summer can actually help cool you down. If you do choose to go for iced coffee, you can make summer work days more exciting  by trying different types of iced coffee drinks. Drinks with flavors such as coconut or vanilla can especially give your drink a summer feel.

different types of iced coffee drinks in office coffee station

Dress Appropriately

These days, most company dress codes range from corporate casual to Friday every day. However, some environments require more sartorial formality, and it can be difficult to dress for that level of professionalism during the dog days of summer. We know offices can be stuffy, though they sometimes run from cool to Arctic. How do you dress appropriately for the workplace (and those client meetings) in August, so you are neither freezing nor sweating? Think natural, breathable fabrics, and light layers. Linen is a classic choice for hot weather. You can wear a crisp shell with a flowy blazer on top, or pair a pencil skirt with a pretty pair of open-toed pumps for a look that is urban and sophisticated but comfortable and cool.

Remove One Accessory

How many electronic devices are on your desk right now? Whether you work from home or in a buzzing office complex, most of us keep at least three machines humming near our person all day long. Between laptops, phones, and tablets, we are using a lot of energy, and that creates a lot of heat. Give them a break on these humid days. Put away your phone. Get a cooling fan for your laptop. Keep your iPad charging, if you must, in a common area.

You want your immediate workspace to be uncluttered and spare. You will notice what a significant amount of heat is generated all around you, and how much cooler the air feels when you are not surrounded by all that electromagnetic energy. You can add one simple machine – a personal fan to keep a fresh breeze blowing while you work and help the air circulate. You will notice you are more alert and getting more done!

There are worse places to be than in an over air-conditioned conference room in August. It’s blistering outside, and at least the building has good office coffee station with different types of iced coffee drinks. We are here to help you stay happy and efficient at work, all year long. For more information on how we can help, contact an associate at BostonbeaN today!