Holiday Office Parties During COVID-19

The holiday season is here, but things are looking a little different in the office due to COVID-19. While traditional office parties may be off the table, there are still a few ways to keep the joyful spirit of teamwork going. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Private Gathering
    If you have a small office, a private gathering in a fairly open space could work. Skip the buffet and have a plated dinner to avoid contamination of open food containers, etc.
  • Winter Wonderland Walk/Drive-Thru
    This is a perfect way for employees to feel appreciated and socially distant while having fun. Decorate a park or the company grounds, turning it into a beautiful winter wonderland. Employees can walk or drive through with their families. Gifts, packaged treats, and hot chocolate can be passed out at the beginning. If your company usually gives out awards, make those a part of the lighted presentation.
  • Movie Night Drive-In
    Who doesn’t love holiday movies? The company can create a series or one night where alldrive in for covid-19 holiday party employees and their families come together and enjoy the movie via drive-in. Pre-packaged concessions can be available for giveaways or purchases, and holiday bags or bonuses can be passed out at the event. There can also be a pre-show option where awards are announced and any other information for moving into the New Year.

COVID-19 is a serious matter, and keeping employees safe is a priority. If employees have to work in the office, ensuring their breakroom is free of contaminants by using touchless coffee machines and water filtration systems adds a layer of safety and protection every day and throughout the holiday season.

Have you considered implementing systems and planning of this kind in your organization? Make your office safe and holidays fun! For more information on touchless coffee machines and water filtration systems, contact our team at BostonbeaN today.