Elevate Your Office Coffee Culture With BostonbeaN’s Ultimate Taste-Testing Delight!

Let’s face it, mundane coffee breaks can dampen office productivity and team morale. If your coffee doesn’t elevate your team’s spirits, BostonbeaN has a solution. We are here to stir up your coffee experience by bringing Boston’s finest coffee right to your office.

We can lead your team on a delightful journey, discovering global coffee blends — without leaving the comfort of your office.

Unveiling the Ultimate Coffee Taste Test

Our expert BostonbeaN team is dedicated to providing the resources to guide you in an immersive way to evaluate what’s in your cup. Have some fun with your team while you get the inside scoop on some coffee facts.

We offer an array of coffees for your team to test — to reveal the aroma and sensory characteristics of a specific blend — as well as tasting to help you evaluate the coffee just as it will be served to your team.

coffee taste test

Coffee Elevation: Why It Matters

Did you know that the altitude where coffee is grown significantly impacts your sensory experience?

Coffee from higher elevations will reveal complex characteristics from some of the brightest fruits as well as chocolate (yum!) and nuts, while mild hints of flavor are developed at medium and low altitudes.

Exploring Coffee Flavor Profiles

Tasting — the best part! At BostonbeaN, we provide coffee flavor blends from around the globe:

  • Colombia: This blend reveals a sweet, caramel taste with some hints of fruit.
  • Ethiopia: Revel in the complexity of fruity flavors, a hint of spice and even some floral notes.
  • Sumatra: A heavy-bodied coffee, you’ll taste aromatic wood with dark chocolate notes, earthy tones and an intense flavor.
  • Peru: With a mild taste, you’ll delight in the dominant herbal and milk chocolate notes with a hint of stone fruits.

Maximizing Your Tasting Opportunity

As part of the taste-testing approach, we offer these tips to maximize the experience:

  • Write down your impressions — grade the coffee from 1 to 5.
  • Taste “blind” to avoid bias.
  • Ask open-ended questions about the coffee.
  • Identify and discuss the flavors you’re tasting.

As you’re evaluating each cup, you can “sense” the flavor profiles using these five categories:

  • Sweetness – Do you taste or smell sugar, brown sugar or caramel?
  • Acidity – Is there a slight fruity, winey and bright taste?
  • Body – What is the weight/feel on tongue (think about the feel of skim milk vs. heavy cream)?
  • Flavor – Can you pinpoint any floral, berry, citrus, tobacco, nutty, cocoa, spice or smoky flavors?
  • Finish – What sensory categories linger with quality and length?

coffee bean flavor profiles

Experience BostonbeaN: More Than a Delivery Service

Not only do we provide convenience and an exciting new dimension to your workplace with taste-testing opportunities, but we can also be your partners in creating an exceptional office culture.

We make it easy to enjoy delicious coffee and tea, including unique blends, local roasts, hot coffee and cold brew, right at your desk.

From delivering, stocking and rotating all items in your break room to replenishing products as needed, our delivery services cover all the angles to enhance your break room and boost office productivity.

Contact us today to see how we can elevate your Boston office’s coffee experience.