Beans to Brews: Your Ultimate Guide to Our Delivery Services

Here are answers to frequently asked questions we get at BostonbeaN Coffee Company.

Q: Are Employers Required to Provide Coffee to Employees?

A: While not mandatory, providing coffee, tea and water for employees is considered a standard benefit at companies of all kinds and sizes. Offering high-quality coffee and tea is a simple, affordable way to create a positive work culture, improve morale, and attract and retain staff.

Q: What Does BostonbeaN Offer?

A: At BostonbeaN, we offer a variety of coffees and teas as well as high-quality water systems. In addition, we offer:

office coffee service

Q: How Does Your Service Work?

A: Route managers deliver, stock and rotate all items in your breakroom, maintaining inventory and replenishing products as needed. We help you choose the right coffee brewer and water filtration systems, and we’ll make sure there are plenty of cups, stirrers, sweeteners and creamers to keep employees satisfied.

Q: What Is Your Service Area?

A: Located in Woburn, MA, we serve all points north of Plymouth, east of Worcester and south of Concord, NH.

Q: How Much Does Your Service Cost?

A: Our coffee service depends on the machines, services and supplies you request and the size of your workforce. Contact us for a quote.

Q: What Makes a Good Breakroom?

A: Your breakroom should have a wide supply of quality coffee, tea and water, along with food and snacks. We offer our clients an excellent experience and reliable restocking service for all of your breakroom supplies, so that your employees are satisfied.

Q: How Can We Improve Our Breakroom?

A: Our pantry services keep your breakroom organized and tidy. We include all the equipment, including a snack shelf, glass-front coolers and sliding baskets.

breakroom supply services

Q: Why Should We Choose BostonbeaN?

A: BostonbeaN is a family-owned small business that’s been operating in the Boston area since the 1970s. We have more than 3,000 clients and 8,000 machines deployed. Our approach focuses on personalized customer care to help clients tailor their coffee and tea services to meet their organization’s needs.

Q: How Can We Know What Is Being Used?

A: We track and report on monthly usage, helping you fine-tune your offerings. Account representatives collaborate with you to ensure you stay within your budget and are informed of the most recent food and beverage trends.

Q: What Do Your Customers Say?

A: Don’t take our word for it. Read our customer testimonials:

“From the very beginning, BostonbeaN has been honest, helpful, professional, reliable, and courteous. Our account manager makes sure our offices are stocked with cups, tea, coffee, etc. Having this kind of service is great. If I run out of coffee or supplies and called last minute, they will swing by the office with a refill. If something goes wrong with one of our units, the service technician will be out there the same or next day to repair or replace equipment. They just really make you feel like you are genuinely important to them.”
-Mary W.

“It is all about the customer service! We have had a long-lasting partnership with BostonbeaN, and time after time they have proved that they can provide top-notch service.”
-Hannah W.

When you’re ready to deliver the coffee and tea service your employees crave, contact us to customize our delivery services to your Boston-area office.