BostonbeaN Is Now Tapping into Cold Brew in a Box From Wandering Bear

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! We certainly have some exciting news for you. If you’ve been searching for a way to enjoy cafe-quality coffee right in your own home or office, you’re in luck — Wandering Bear has developed an innovative cold brew that’s a real game-changer for how you’ll enjoy your next cup of joe. Find out why Wandering Bear’s cold brew is the perfect addition to your office.

wandering bear ready to drink cold brew

Cold Brew Perfection

People all around the country have recently caught the cold brew craze because of its delicious taste, smoothness and convenience. With Wandering Bear’s revolutionary ready-to-drink cold brew, you can enjoy the perfect cup of cold brew every time without worrying about sacrificing flavor or freshness. Why is the Wandering Bear brand the ultimate cold brew choice? Below are a few reasons why you see it popping up in offices everywhere.

  • The coffee is already prepared, has a smooth texture and is delicious.
  • Only organic coffee from Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua
  • No additives or extra sugar
  • Different flavors available to appease your taste buds (Decaf, Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel and Straight Black)

The convenience of having a ready-to-pour, delicious cold brew like Wandering Bear’s is unparalleled. With just the push of a button, you get to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without having to wait in line or worry about making it yourself.

bostonbean coffee company cold brew

BostonbeaN Helps People Get Their Cold Brew Fix

BostonbeaN has plenty of cold brew choices to keep everyone happy at the workplace. In addition to Wandering Bear, consider our Barismo cold brew ready to drink from kegs. We deliver and manage the kegs, ensuring they are always cold and fresh. Or check out our POUR’D system. With just the push of a button, you can enjoy cold brewed coffee, hot draft, and iced lattes delivered to you.

Ready To Take Your Cold Brew Experience to the Next Level?

To enhance your cold brew experience, give Wandering Bear on tap a try! Its convenience, freshness, and smooth taste make it a perfect addition to any office. Give your staff the satisfaction of a cafe-level coffee experience, right in their own office.