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BostonbeaN Coffee Company is your one stop Billerica, MA office coffee, water, beverage, breakroom, and sanitation product supply company. As a part of our coffee service for businesses in Billerica and the Greater Boston, MA area, our team will visit your workplace to install your coffee machine of choice and then stock your machines regularly and help you track inventory. In addition, we will change your water machine’s filters whenever needed.

Do you want to choose the perfect office coffee and water service for your business? BostonbeaN Coffee Company is here to help.

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What Companies Are Saying About Our Office Coffee and Water Service

“Boston Bean provides us with excellent customer service to all areas of our facility. Our contact Kamden is easily reachable whenever we run out of items or cold brew. He is a pleasure to work with and always has a nice attitude. Kamden does a great job tracking our supply needs and restocking when appropriate. Looking forward to continued success with this company” -Heidi S.

Why Partner with an Office Coffee Service Company?

BostonbeaN proudly provides a high level of service to clients in Billerica, MA, and the rest of the greater Boston, MA area. We create custom programs for each client’s office coffee station to fulfill their office coffee, water and breakroom needs, and to ensure that businesses receive the supplies that they need.

Benefits of Office Coffee and Water Service

Here are some reasons that many companies in Billerica, MA and the Greater Boston area choose us when seeking coffee and water services for offices:

  • An experienced office coffee company will get your breakroom program up and running more efficiently than ever. BostonbeaN has been serving Billerica, MA businesses with office coffee since the 1970’s!
  • Clients can choose from a wide variety of coffee, tea and other beverage options.
  • We track our clients previous orders to make the process of re-ordering seamless.
  • In addition to office coffee services, we offer a variety of other services, making us your one stop for all of your breakroom needs.
  • Your staff will be able to drink fresh, filtered water throughout the day thanks to our bottleless water machines.
  • With our plastic-free water solutions, your employees will also drink healthier water and prevent single-use waste.
  • To prevent the spread of germs, we even have touchless water and coffee machine alternatives.

Services We Offer

In addition to coffee and water services for businesses, we provide Billerica, MA offices with the following:

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Office Tips from the BostonbeaN Coffee Company Blog: Easy Ways to Improve Your Business’ Customer Service

Regardless of whether you sell goods or services, one thing should always be on your mind: high client satisfaction ratings. Nothing counts more than the consumer experience, no matter how expertly you perform a service or what top-notch products you give. So, when it comes to educating your team to give excellent customer service, be proactive. This will improve the buyer’s experience, generate repeat business, and propel your company to the top in its niche. Here are some ways to improve customer service:

Be Friendly

Customers are put at rest by your and your staff’s courteous approach and helpful attitude. You can increase sales and help solve a problem or improve someone’s life by paying attention to what each customer wants and giving useful ideas.

Respond Promptly

How long does it take you to respond to a customer’s query? Your recurring business will skyrocket if you respond fast to questions regarding your items or the purchase process. So, after receiving phone calls and emails, strive to respond to them within 24 hours.

Know Your Product/Service

Take the time to train staff members on the features and benefits of your products or services. When customers contact you, they expect to deal with an informed representative. So, make sure that everyone who will interact with your customers understands the details of every product and service you offer. For example, training on appropriate upselling can help improve your margins and provide useful product pairings to your customers.

Give Your Employees Food and Beverages to Energize Their Day

Employees will have the ability to perform better if they are comfortable. Providing delicious snacks, grab & go food, coffee, fresh water, and other beverages will keep employees energized and happy, giving them more fuel for the workday.

Want more tips? Check out our blog on tips to improve your business’ customer service.

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