In addition to providing the most up to date equipment and  offering products of the highest quality for your coffee and breakroom area, BostonbeaN puts a great deal of emphasis on providing  an unmatched  level of service. We provide a high quality person to manage and service your account, not just a delivery person. This person is a consultant, versed and experienced in the products and equipment we provide. This person will manage the inventory and be responsible for ordering, stocking and product rotation as well as checking on and cleaning the equipment when present. This has been our service model from the beginning and it has served us well. For those clients who prefer to manage inventory internally we offer on line ordering through our website. Email, fax and phone orders are also an option.

This program is designed for employers looking to attract and retain creative and talented employees. BostonbeaN understands that providing an exciting and healthy variety of snacks is only a small part of a comprehensive snack program. Organization and stocking are the keys to keeping a successful program running smoothly. BostonbeaN provides all the tools including refrigeration, shelving, baskets, and dispensers needed to offer a clean, organized, and appealing break room. Our dedicated and trained snack team takes the labor of inventorying, ordering and stocking off your hands. We can tailor service according to your consumption patterns and specific needs. Your account representative will keep you up to date on the latest health food trends and will provide reports and usage statistics. Our pantry service a manager can assist on creating a budget that works best for your office. Just sit back and let us take care of everything. We also offer an “ala carte” snack and beverage program.

One of our newest and most innovative services, this Cold Brew Coffee and Tea service has taken off since it was launched in the spring of 2015. Being the first provider in the Boston area we were able to develop this program into a well-oiled machine by the time the office environment was ready for Cold Brew! Focusing on the quality of the coffee and tea (Barismo Cold Brew) and providing great service ensures our clients always have great tasting fresh cold brew coffee or tea and plenty of nitrogen to keep the taps running. We provide customized kegerators, nitrogen and handle the management of the delivery of your kegs. Depending on the size of your office and consumption we can deliver kegs up to five days per week. This program will help keep your millennials in the office happy, energetic and productive!

Another one of our more innovative services is the Bevi.  This is the still and sparkling, multi-flavored, eco-friendly, healthy water cooler that never runs out. It’s a great source of hydration for your employees.

The Bevi provides high-quality filtered water right from your tap. This minimizes your carbon footprint and greatly reduces your contribution to landfills. The Bevi has over a dozen flavors to choose from and holds four flavored cartridges. It’s also one less thing to worry about. The filter and flavor levels are proactively monitored via a dashboard accessed by our sales and service team. Your sales representative then delivers and installs the new flavored cartridges. The only thing you have to do is enjoy.

As is the case with all bean to cup systems, providing TLC improves functionality.  We work closely with our clients and develop a partnership in regards to the daily care and upkeep of this specialized equipment. Our sales people and service technicians provide simple and clear instruction to our clients in regards to the filling and rinsing ensuring the espresso, cappuccinos and other specialty beverages are consistently delicious. A BostonbeaN representative also provides a detailed cleaning weekly on all bean to cup machines.

Our Waterlogic series of water filtration systems offers our clients choice. Choose one of three options that best suits your office needs. Ultraviolet lighting, BioCote antimicrobial technology and sparkling capabilities are just a few of the featured options in our water filtration program.  All of our systems use an Optipure multistage filtration system ensuring clean and refreshing water on demand. BostonbeaN creates a filter changing schedule so we can keep your system running smoothly on a proactive basis.

Due to intensive training for the first six months when hired, all of our service technicians are skilled and adept in both the installation and repair of all of the equipment offered by BostonbeaN Coffee Company. Our service department works closely with building management, contractors, plumbers and electricians helping to make large installations or moves painless and worry free.  By using waterblock leak prevention devices on all installations our customers receive comfort knowing that the possibility of floods or water damage is eliminated with the installation of these devices. Our response to service calls is second to none. When our clients place a service call the call is immediately dispatched to the service manager who quickly assigns the call to the closest technician by using a GPS monitoring system.

You can be certain that when calling our customer service department you will be greeted by a pleasant voice on the other end of the line. All of our customer service representatives have been with BostonbeaN over ten years and can assist you with any question or concern you may have. Clients who wish to order from our website can easily be set up with an “on line” account with assistance from the customer service team. They can help guide you to the ordering process or delivery schedule that is best suited to your needs.

Our philosophy of providing one qualified and skilled person to manage all facets of your account has worked well for both BostonbeaN and our clients. The account managers build strong long lasting relationships and pay close attention as the wants and needs of our clients are ever-changing. Our executive sales team works with medium sized and larger offices in a consultative approach.  By listening closely we can help make the sales process smooth and less arduous.