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BostonbeaN Coffee Company is your one-stop Waltham, MA office coffee, beverage, breakroom, and sanitation product supply company. As a part of our office services for coffee in Waltham, our team will visit your workplace to install your coffee machine of choice and then stock your machines regularly and help you track inventory.

Are you ready to provide delicious and high-quality office coffee to your employees? BostonbeaN Coffee Company is here to help.

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What Companies Are Saying About Our Office Coffee Service

“I have worked with Boston Bean for the last three years and couldn’t ask for better! I have three locations that I manage, two of which are fully serviced by BB for coffee and snacks (the third is out of state and I WISH BB serviced them too!) and they honestly make my life so much easier.  I would recommend them to anyone looking for a new vendor. Service is always top notch and their products make for hundreds of happy employees! Thanks for all you do, Boston Bean!” -Nicole P.

Why Partner with an Office Coffee Service Company?

BostonbeaN proudly provides a high level of service for clients in need of office coffee in Waltham, MA, and the rest of the greater Boston, MA area. We create custom programs for each client to fulfill their coffee and breakroom needs, and to ensure that businesses receive the supplies that they need.

Benefits of Office Coffee Service

Here are some reasons that many companies use our services for coffee in Waltham, MA:

  • An experienced office coffee company will get your breakroom program up and running more efficiently than ever. BostonbeaN has been providing office coffee to Waltham, MA businesses since the 1970’s!
  • Clients can choose from a wide variety of coffee, tea and other beverage options.
  • We track our clients previous orders to make the process of re-ordering seamless.
  • In addition to office coffee services, we offer a variety of other services, making us your one stop for all of your breakroom needs.

Services We Offer

In addition to coffee services for offices, we provide Waltham, MA offices with the following:

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Coffee Roasting Fun Facts from the BostonbeaN Coffee Company Blog

Did you know that brew timing and temperature make a big difference when making coffee? What’s more, the recommended brew timing and temperature vary between dark, medium and light roast coffee. Learn about how your favorite roast is prepared and some of the science behind the taste that you know and love.

Dark Roast

Dark roast beans are roasted longer and at a higher temperature than other roasts. These beans are roasted at 430-450 degrees Fahrenheit, and they are complete when the second cracking sounds are heard. Because they are roasted at a higher temperature, they lose moisture, density and acidity and tend to develop a bitter and bold taste. Though dark roast coffee has a bolder flavor than others, it has less caffeine than its counterparts.

Medium Roast

These beans have a semi-dark color and do not have any oil on their service. The taste is not too strong and only a little sweet. Medium roast beans are roasted until 400-430 degrees Fahrenheit and are complete when the first cracking sound is heard. Their caffeine and acidity levels are just between light and dark roasts. Medium roast is perfect for coffee drinkers looking for a gentle and bold caffeine kick!

Light Roast

At 380-400 degrees Fahrenheit, light roast beans are roasted at the lowest temperature and for the least amount of time. They are removed from heat just before the first crack of the bean. Lightly roasted beans keep much of their original flavor, density, moisture, caffeine and acidity. The flavor is more nuanced and gentle.

Check out our full blog to learn more about dark, medium, and light roast coffee

Are you ready to have the best office coffee in Waltham, MA?