Cold Brew Process: Makes Coffee that is both Tasty and Healthy

Do you drink cold brew coffee? You should. We all know coffee is a staple, but there’s nothing like a good cup of cold-brewed coffee to give your body a much-needed boost. There are cold brew coffee health benefits to gain and cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. In fact, cold brew is on a completely different level of coffee consciousness!

So, what’s the difference? Regular brewed coffee is made with hot water and brewed quickly. Iced coffee is that same coffee, blended with ice and whatever else you add to make it frothy. In the end, it’s still the same coffee.

However, the cold brew process is unique. Cold brewed coffee is steeped from 12 to 24 hours with cold water using coffee beans. This process extracts more caffeine for that bigger boost. You can then finish it off with milk, cream, or sugar to create your perfect cold brew drink!

Cold brew coffee continues to grow in popularity, mainly because of the benefits:

  • You get a sweeter taste. A cold brew coffee allows you to taste all the fruity and chocolate flavors without the bitterness.
  • Your pH level becomes balanced.  One of the cold brew coffee health benefits is that if you have a sensitive stomach, it is better for you than hot coffee. While a hot brew makes your pH unbalanced and the coffee bitter, the cold brew has a smoother taste with 65 percent less acidity.
  • You can make cocktails or bake with it. Because the concentration of a cold brew is designed to be diluted, you can use it when making coffee-based drinks, or recipes that call for an authentic coffee taste.
  • It makes you smarter. Who doesn’t want a brain boost? Thanks to the Human Nutrition Research on Aging, we now know coffee increases blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive function.
  • It can extend your life. It’s been said that drinking coffee is good for your health and has life-lengthening properties. It helps to improve insulin sensitivity, decreases the risk of dementia and has more free-radical fighting chemicals to ward off cancer.

Though both hot and cold beverages can be beneficial to drink in the summer, cold brew has become a popular choice in New England during the summertime. Now you know why you should be drinking cold brew coffee, but where can you get it? BostonbeaN Coffee Company brings cold brew options in different flavors right to your office. We provide the Kegerator, install and maintain it, or provide cold brew products already chilled. Introduce your employees to our Barismo Cold Brew or NOBL Nitro Brew – they’ll never be the same! Get more information on the BostonbeaN Coffee Company and all our offerings today!