Nespresso Offers Flavors to Please Every Palate

Coffee breaks are one of people’s favorite parts of the day, but taking trips to the coffee shop can get expensive for the employee – and their employer. By the time a person leaves the office, heads to the coffee shop, stands in line and comes back, it’s way beyond the allotted 15-minute break. That’s why offices should consider upgrading that old, standard coffee brewer in the break room.

Put the “Break” Back in Coffee Break

Two of the most popular machines for the office are the touchless Nespresso Momento 100 and the Nespresso Momento 120 .

With the Nespresso 100, you can order coffee by simply using an app and scanning a QR code on the machine. There are 13 espresso varieties including americanos, espressos, and lattes. The Memento 100 is also easy to maintain, so anyone can make a quality cup of coffee without a trip to the coffee shop.

The Momento 120 has all the benefits of the Momento 100, plus 12 different flavors of coffee made with fresh milk, which is kept refrigerated in the machine. Each coffee shot is stored individually for freshness in its own aluminum capsule until it is brewed.

Flavor and Variety Options

Espresso shots are available in varying levels of intensity, ranging from 1 to 12. They come in single-serve aluminum capsules that are sealed to guarantee freshness for up to a year. Below are descriptions of the flavors and intensity levels, sure to satisfy all your employees’ varied tastes.

The Most Intense:

  • Ristretto Intenso (12): exceptional intensity with pepper and woody notes
  • Ristretto (9): dense and darkly roasted with cocoa, woody and toasted notes
  • Espresso Forte (7): intensely fragrant and complex with malt, red fruit and roasted notes

Milder Options:

  • Espresso Leggero (6): well balanced with cocoa and cereal notes
  • Lungo Forte (4): elegant and complex with red fruit, malt and roasted notes
  • Lungo Leggero (2): lightly roasted and delicate with jasmine, orange blossom and bergamot notes

For Flavor Lovers:

  • Espresso Caramel (7): sweet and complex with brown sugar and toffee notes
  • Espresso Vanilla (7): balanced and silky with caramelized vanilla notes

For Decaf Lovers:

  • Espresso Decaffeinato (7): darkly roasted and full bodied with cocoa, cereal and grilled notes
  • Lungo Decaffeinato (4): balanced and complex with toasted cereal and sweet floral notes

At BostonbeaN, we are here to help your employees get the café experience they crave right in your break room. Both of these Nespresso machines offer a great touchless option for serving coffee to your employees. We can also provide great snacks and tea. To learn more about the best option for your office break room, contact us today.