Extraordinary Coffee Options at Your Fingertips — or Not — With the Nespresso Momento

The average worker drinks about 20 cups of coffee a week, which comes to about four cups per person, per workday. Put simply, this beverage is a must-have staple for employees of all ages and walks of life.

Are you looking for a top-tier coffee maker that will improve office morale by providing multiple brew options? Are you rightly concerned about the spread of germs in your office and interested in providing a more hygienic and personalized coffee experience? If so, BostonbeaN’s brand-new Nespresso Momento could be the perfect fit for your business.

nespresso momento 100

The Nespresso Momento 100

The Nespresso Momento 100 boosts productivity by allowing workers to order coffee by smartphone, from the comfort of their desks. All you have to do is scan the machine’s QR code, select the type of coffee you want, and then come pick it up when it’s done.

Other great features include:

  • Pick from 13 espresso varieties, including popular options such as espressos, lattes, and americanos
  • Cutting-edge technology ensures the best possible taste and aroma.
  • Coffee is produced under strict safety and quality standards, then hermetically sealed in single-serve aluminum capsules.
  • Coffee is automatically ejected, so employees only touch their cup, not the machine itself.
  • Only minimal care and maintenance is required.

The Nespresso Momento 120

nespresso momento 120

The Nespresso Momento 120 offers all the same benefits as the Momento 100, plus a few more that are well worth a look:

  • It can brew espresso drinks using fresh milk.
  • It is made to work with BostonbeaN capsules, and there are 16 unique ones to pick from. These include the new sweet and nutty Bianco Intenso and the caramel-flavored Bianco Delicato.
  • A refrigerated milk container keeps milk fresh for extended periods of time.
  • A touchscreen version of this machine prompts workers to wipe the screen down before placing an order.
  • The machine automatically cleans itself throughout the day.

Are these coffee makers right for you? There’s only one way to find out, and that is to sign up for a free demo at your convenience. We’ll bring the supplies, set up the machine, and let you enjoy our coffee free of charge for the day.

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