Want to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office? Here’s How

As more science becomes available to help battle the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are now able to open up offices to their staff again. This checklist can help employers get staff who have been working from home back into the office, while also helping those dedicated employees feel safe and excited about returning to in-person work.

Want to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office Here's How 1. Have Safety in Mind

Help staff feel safe by continuing to sanitize and clean high-traffic and high-touch areas. Or better yet, use touchless equipment that minimizes the spread of Covid-19.

2. Continue to Be Flexible

Working from home allowed people to spend more time with loved ones, take more mental health days, and also have a sense of balance in their personal and work life. Offer your employees that same flexibility, from little perks such as extra breaks and time to grab a cold brew coffee, to taking days off to work from home when they feel overwhelmed.

3. Listen to Staff Health Concerns

Listen to employees when they point out health and safety concerns, and fix problems immediately. For instance, aerosol transmission of viruses has become a concern for staff, so investing in air purifiers can help lower the spread of Covid-19 and other seasonal viruses as well.

4. Offer Perks Such as Extra Pay and LunchesWant to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office Here's How

If possible, offering incentives such as extra pay can be enough to help staff feel valued for returning to the office. In addition, offer complementary lunches or individually wrapped snacks in the break room for staff to enjoy any time!

5. Upgrade

No one wants to return to a dull, drab office after working from home. Make some upgrades to your office space that will make employees excited about returning to work, such as new office furniture, upgraded maintenance and equipment. Swap out the old, stained coffee maker for a new Nespresso machine that offers staff the state-of-the-art brewed coffee they deserve.

Whether it’s being flexible, offering perks, or keeping safety in mind, getting staff back into the office is as simple as showing them you care. As a boss, take the first step to keeping your dedicated employees happy, healthy and safe by reaching out to BostonbeaN.