Looking Ahead to 2022: Here’s What’s Brewing in the Coffee and Tea Industry

While the legends surrounding the discovery of coffee differ, many believe that a herder named Kaldi was the first to understand the power of the beloved bean. He noticed that after eating from a coffee plant, his goats were so energetic that they struggled to sleep at night.

From shots of espresso to pumpkin spice lattes to piping hot chai, the way we consume coffee and tea has evolved over time. Much has changed in the past few years, but coffee is here to stay. In 2021, 60% of people reported drinking coffee in the past day. Here, we’ll take a look at the trends coffee and tea lovers can expect to see as we move into 2022.

2022 Coffee and Tea IndustrySustainability Is King

More consumers are paying attention to how their purchasing decisions affect the environment. In the new year, coffee and tea lovers can expect to see businesses focusing on providing sustainable coffee and tea options. Coffee and tea shops, as well as our team here at BostonbeaN, are working to provide their customers with information about the ethical sourcing of their favorite cup of java (or tea).

Tea Cocktails Offer a New Option for Teetotalers

Bars and cafes around the world are beginning to recognize the fact that many people don’t drink alcohol — but still want to enjoy nightlife. Tea cocktails provide health benefits, hydration, and a delicious option to those who want to enjoy the environment of a bar sans alcohol.

Ready-To-Drink Bottle Sales Will Soar2022 Coffee and Tea Industry

Convenience is key, and bottled coffees are likely to be a customer favorite in the new year. Bottled coffees and teas allow your employees to enjoy their favorite drinks while on their break or sitting at their desks. Since it’s expected that the ready-to-drink trend will rise in 2022, make sure your BostonbeaN order includes ready-to-drink cold brew (in kegs and cans!) as well as some of our other types of bottled and canned beverages from all of the top brands.

No Matter What 2022 Brings, BostonbeaN Has You Covered

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we help offices in the Boston, MA area have the coffee experience that they crave, whether that means working with us to create a custom breakroom program or simply providing you with your daily coffee or tea fix. Contact us to learn more!