Celebrate National Pastry Day Dec. 9 (and Don’t Forget the Coffee!)

Who doesn’t love pastries? These delectable creations have their own special day, and that is worth celebrating!

Pastries fall into categories like tarts, pies, Danish, turnovers and more. Created with butter, eggs, flour, sugar, milk, shortening, and other ingredients, there’s just something that gets your mouth watering when you think about it, right?

Just in case you thought pastry-making was something new, pastries originated along the Mediterranean in ancient times and expanded to Northern Europe when the crusaders returned from that region. French and Italian chefs baked eclairs and cream puffs during the 17th and 18th centuries, and are credited with the creation of some of the tasty treats we love to this day.

There are many variations of pastries. Some fun facts include:

  • Flaky pastries are simple and expand when baking.
  • Shortcrust pastries are the most common.
  • Sweetcrust pastries are the sweeter version of shortcrust pastries.
  • Puff pastries are layered and puff up when baking.
  • Choux pastries are very light, but so good. They usually have some kind of filling.
  • Phyllo pastries are paper-thin and are used when layering.

One of the best ways to celebrate National Pastry Day is by making some for your coworkers. It’s the perfect way to usher in the holiday season (which always includes eating!). Another great way to celebrate this festive occasion is by inviting others over to join in the fun. What can you create with flour, eggs, and sugar in the mix? This is a great opportunity to try something new!

And don’t forget — one of the best ways to enjoy all those delicious pastries is with a great cup of coffee or tea. Just like pastries have tons of variations, so does the coffee that you can pair them with. There’s iced coffee, cold brew, and hot coffee in different flavors for every taste bud to perfectly complement your pastry choices.

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