8 Ways to Upscale Your Office Breakroom for the New Year

When it comes to your breakroom, what kind of experience have you laid out for your staff? While this is a place where employees can relax or enjoy a meal away from the main spaces, employees returning to the office will be looking for something more as 2022 rolls around. Having special touches in the breakroom helps increase morale while showing how much you appreciate your employees.

It’s important to do the little things for those transitioning back to the workplace, and we at BostonbeaN can offer a few suggestions:

Snacks & Meals

Have you ever had a really hard day and just need a snack to help get you through the rest of the day? Having healthy and prepackaged snacks in the breakroom can be just the thing to pick someone up. Nuts, trail mix, granola, cookies, jerky, and other goodies are always hot items. Having grab & go meals at certain times of the day is also a great incentive to keep employees from having to go out or to accommodate those who forgot lunch.

Massage Chairs

One or two massage chairs can help employees relax, ease their minds, and get things back into perspective. All it takes is a few minutes to recharge and revitalize.


No breakroom is complete without appliances to keep things going. A refrigerator, stove, microwave, touchless brewers and water-delivery systems, espresso machines like the Nespresso Momento or Zenius, and even ice cream and popcorn machines add variety and convenience.


Have a wide selection of beverages that include coffee, water, and juices to keep everyone happy. In addition to coffee and tea, BostonbeaN provides cold beverages including canned and bottled options, as well as drink mixes and our multi-flavor water cooler.


Games add variety for the entire staff. On those long days where everyone needs to unwind, having a pool table handy or games that help with mental acuity can help.


Providing an area where employees can plug in headphones, or having a music channel completely dedicated to the employees, shows them you care about their mental health and provides ways to de-stress without disturbing others.


Having an area where employees can watch TV shows or the news helps them stay informed.

Quiet Spaces

Small pods that give employees a chance for quiet time to focus on work away from the hustle and bustle of the office can give them a much-needed boost.

Creating responsible spaces that have sanitizing products and other PPE to keep everyone safe when returning to the office is also important. At BostoncleaN, we are here to support you by offering a variety of services. Call us for more information today.