How to Make Great-Tasting Coffee — Every Time

Few things are worse than taking that first sip of coffee expecting Java jubilation only to find that it falls flat. Perhaps you didn’t use the right ratio of water to coffee or used old beans from the back of the cupboard. Here are some of the things that can make your morning cup of Joe bitter, unpleasant and bleh! (And ways to prevent this horror from happening in your break room or kitchen!)tel:18004482739great tasting coffee with laptop on wooden desk

  • Microwaving. Say it with me, “Stop microwaving your coffee.” Did you know that coffee starts to lose its flavor the minute it’s picked? Instead, brew as you go. Getting your office coffee from BostonbeaN ensures your employees have a fresh, great-tasting cup of coffee every time. From cold brew to touchless options, you can supply your employees with the perfect blend. And getting a fresh cup always trumps a microwave warm up!
  • Using old or improperly stored grounds or beans. Properly stored coffee can stay fresh in your cupboard for months. Store coffee in canisters that allow the beans to de-gas. Roasting coffee beans produces carbon dioxide, which can leave your brew bitter if you store your beans improperly.
  • Using poor-quality water at the wrong temperature. Using water that’s too hot causes over-extraction and an overpowering taste. Using water that’s too cold causes under-extraction and coffee that has no taste. So, what’s the perfect temperature for coffee brewing? We recommend a temperature of 205 F. Additionally, it’s important to only use water that you would drink directly from the source. BostonbeaN offers TopWater to bring fresh, filtered water to your office and coffee break, along with other water systems including the Bevi and the Ion Bottleless Water Cooler.cup of great tasting coffee
  • Not using top-notch brewers. Sometimes, you can use inexpensive equipment to produce a great cup of coffee. That’s certainly true with making espresso using traditional methods. However, it’s difficult to get the consistency and accuracy promised with a quality machine. If you find a workaround, that’s great. However, in the office, where time is money, it may be time to invest in a quality machine that provides your employees with great coffee to fuel them through the day.
  • Try a different level of roast— From light to dark roast, at BostonbeaN, we provide a range of roast types so that your employees can choose the one that pleases their palates the best.