Six Benefits of Drinking Tea That You May Not Know

Coffee reigns supreme as the king of caffeine. However, many coffee lovers also enjoy a regular cup of tea. There’s plenty of reasons to switch up your regular brew for a cup of black, green, or white tea.woman experiencing benefits of drinking tea

Whether you prefer a caffeine boost or opt for half-caf or decaf, there are many reasons to drink tea:

  • Green tea is a superfood. Among the healthiest drinks available, green tea boosts overall health by soothing a sore throat, regulating blood sugar, alleviating depression, and improving your heart health. Many people take green tea supplements. However, you can get the same benefits in a steaming cup of tea that tastes and smells wonderful!
  • Black tea is rich in antioxidants. It can also lower your blood pressure, improve gut health, and lower your vulnerability to stroke and cancer. BostonbeaN carries a variety of tea options. So, you can provide a luscious array of rich blends that benefit your employees’ health.
  • Lowers risk of diabetes. Oolong tea falls between black and green tea. Enjoyed for hundreds if not thousands of years, it has several benefits, including the regulation of blood sugar when you consume it after breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  Did you know that oolong tea is also good for your teeth?
  • Protects heart health.  Cardiac disease is a leading cause of death all over the world. A recent study in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology evaluated 100,000 Chinese adults. Those who drank tea were less likely to die prematurely or develop atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease. So, tea may help you maintain a healthy heart and live a long, prosperous life!
  • Boosts immune system. Ayurvedic teas containing tulsi, holy basil, and other healthy ingredients that may boost your immune system. So, enjoy a cup to guard yourself during cold and flu season. Rich in antiviral and antibacterial properties, these teas might also ease symptoms for a faster recovery.person drinking tea
  • Supports mental health. Regular tea consumption may also help you fight neurological disease and reduce stress. Additionally, green tea may ward off cognitive decline for those with Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Tea’s calming effects help many aficionados unwind for the evening. What type of tea do you default to when you need to relax? From jasmine to berry to chai varieties, there are endless blends to add to your repertoire.

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