What Does Your Coffee Mug Say About You? Here Is Some Fun Coffee-Mug Trivia

Which came first? The coffee or the mug?

Beverage containers preceded coffee by thousands of years. These early BC bad boys were made of wood and animal bones before the advent of metal.

Modern Mugs

The modern coffee mug graced our kitchen cabinets after WW II. That’s when Victor Insulator expanded its product line by making coffee mugs to military specs, using the porcelain insulator material. These mugs were thick, could handle the occasional drop, and stayed put on a moving ship.

Soon, coffee mugs expanded to diners all over the United States, branded with each diner’s custom logo. A few years later, a coffee trade group dropped the term “coffee break” on us, and the rest is history.

Choosing Your Perfect Cup

Your coffee mug is a personal choice. It’s a vital part of your morning. Some people select their mug based on what works in their coffee ecosystem. For instance, single-brew pod users will choose the mug that best fits the designated drip; they will give up otherwise perfect mugs for the one that ekes out the perfect pod experience.

Others choose their coffee mug based on its material. Some love how insulated metal cups keep the coffee warm for extended periods (the sippers and the forgetful ones), while others prefer the feel of a ceramic cup.

Size is also a personal choice. A smaller cup size might mean an extra break to get a fresh cup. An oversized mug means no interruptions to marathon work sessions and getting all your caffeine in one fell swoop. Other people simply get comfortable with a certain amount of coffee per sitting.

And let’s not even start with sugar, milk, and where your caramel is on the color chart.

Why We’re So Attached to Our Coffee Mugs

Surveys have revealed that 60 percent of people are emotionally attached to their favorite mug. Psychologists say this is for three main reasons:

  1. The endowment effect: People feel a strong emotional pull to their coffee cups because they own them.
  2. They can be associated with happy memories, like vacation souvenirs or as gifts from special people.
  3. It’s a mood booster when it features a person’s favorite movie character, team, funny quote, or cute personalized photo.

coffee-mug trivia

What Your Coffee Mug Says About You

  • Travel mugs: You’re always on the go, spontaneous, flexible. Branded double-walled YETI mugs can be considered a flex.
  • Camping mugs: Dependable introvert who spends free time at a National Park. Annoyed by people.
  • Plain mugs: All business. Organized. Private. Likes things just so.
  • Mugs with sayings: Lover of Dad Jokes.
  • Randomizer: Loves to switch things up. Might indicate ADHD.
  • Novelty mugs: The office creative.

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