Say Hello to Spring and Goodbye to Seasonal Allergies by Installing an Efficient Air Purifier

New Englanders typically can’t wait for spring to arrive, especially after a long, harsh winter. But then, as the flowers bloom, the weather warms up, and we again enjoy coffee on our patio, the reality of spring hits.

We start to sneeze. Our eyes itch and our nose is stuffy or runny — or both. Allergy season has arrived.

Clear the Air

For some employees, allergies worsen in the workplace. Poorly ventilated systems, for example, can trigger pollen or dust mite allergies, or worse. That’s why BostoncleaN offers two different high-quality air purification systems to protect employees from airborne hazards, no matter the source.

AeraMax Professional Models Protect Larger Areas

These elite technology air purifiers contain HEPA filters with antibacterial treatment and cover 300-1,400 square feet. They constantly monitor the conditions in the room to self-determine how often and how rapidly the room should be purified and freed from seasonal pollen and other hazardous air particles. When the sensors stop detecting activity, they return to standby mode, saving energy.

Celios G200 Advanced Air Purification System

Perfect for smaller offices of 200-450 square feet, the Celios G200 captures and filters air particles like the spring pollen responsible for allergies, to keep offices safe from environmental toxins. These systems bring employees real protection and peace of mind as they cautiously return to offices.

air purifier

Spring Cleaning

One way to rid your office of unwanted dust (and clutter) is to spring clean. In your office environment, that means:

  • getting rid of excess inventory
  • reorganizing cluttered desktops
  • purging digital and physical documents you don’t need
  • cleaning and disinfecting everything from the copiers to the sofas to the breakroom cabinets

Level Up Break Room Safety

From the pandemic to pollen, your break room can either be an epicenter for healthy precautions or a petri dish of toxins. Level up your breakroom protection with BostoncleaN’s whole host of solutions to maintain a safe environment, including PPE, touchless beverage dispensers, and more.