Make Your Break Room Safe & Clean with the Right Products

As more workers return to the physical workplace, there is a growing need for employers to take extra precautions against the spread of COVID-19. Having a clean break room that is sanitized is only part of what staff will expect from employers for safety.

You’ll want to have protocols in place, and let staff know what COVID precautions you are taking. Key things workers will expect are social distancing measures via office rearranging, adequate stay-at-home rules should someone get ill, and ample disinfectants and sanitizers on hand.

However, offices and the break room can prove a difficult beast to tame from pathogens and viruses due to multiple users. Here at BostonbeaN, we have several solutions that will make your employees feel secure and comfortable returning to work.


Personal Protective Equipment: PPE for Optimal Office and Break Room Safety

Wearing proper face masks and perhaps even gloves might be office protocol, but employers can take many more steps in addition to these measures. Staff and visitors will take great comfort in having access to protective personal equipment, or PPE, such as surface wipes, hand sanitizer gels or sprays, touchless sanitizer dispensers, and hard surface and aerosol disinfectant sprays.

For break room safety, consider implementing the use of touchless towel dispensers, individually wrapped snacks, plastic utensils, and disposable straws. However, a truly impressive COVID safety measure for the office is touchless water such as the Bevi and touchless coffee dispensers such as the Encore 29 or the TopBrewer.

Here at BostonbeaN, we are pleased to process both large and small bulk orders of PPE supplies and other break room necessities to promote cleanliness and sanitization throughout the workplace.

a clean break room

Touchless Coffee Brewing Systems: Order Coffee Worry-Free & Have a Clean Break Room

Imagine the risks of several people grabbing a coffee pot handle in these trying times. Ease this potential hazard with a touchless coffee brewing system such as TopBrewer. These coffee makers are highly sanitary and easy to use. Simply place your order on an Android or iPhone app, then hold a cup under the maker for hands-free coffee!

TopBrewer is a top choice because it offers order versatility, will memorize users’ orders, and can connect to a cloud server that lets you know when reordering or servicing is recommended. Check out our great selection of hands-free coffee, water and tea makers at BostonbeaN.

Show Staff and Patrons You Care With Extra Precautions

Here at BostonbeaN, we are industrial providers of cleaners, sanitizers and break room supplies, and we understand the challenges of getting things up and running in the office amid the “new normal.” Contact BostonbeaN today to discover how we can ease your burden and alleviate worries of guests and workers.