Ready to Up Your Pantry-Service Game? Here’s Why BostonbeaN Should Be Your Star Player

Much like the great Boston sports teams where the intangibles made them champions, little things make BostonbeaN stand out. Our sport is serving Boston-area offices with elite coffee, beverage, and pantry services. This allows our business customers to get back some precious time to focus on company growth, knowing that they’re serving employees with snacks and beverages that help fuel their day. 

Beyond the Basics

Of course, BostonbeaN carries the basics that every office needs, like classic coffee, tea, and beverages. But we also deliver trending choices like cold brew coffee. Because of its ongoing success in the office, we continue to offer touchless options to help keep employees safe and healthy. 

coffee beans

Star Qualities

As BostonbeaN continues to evolve to meet the needs of employees in the Boston workforce, options change. If you haven’t refreshed your pantry order since the Celtics’ last championship, you may not realize some of the additions to our pantry menu. It includes gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and more natural, healthy options.  

BostonbeaN customizes visits and services tailored to your needs, with options like glass-front coolers and shelving. One favorite for savvy business owners is the product-usage reports that allow you to spend efficiently and provide exactly what your employees want.   

A cross-section of BostonbeaN’s pantry portfolio: 

✔ Dynamic snack offering focused on healthy and sustainably friendly snacks 

✔ A wide variety of unique gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, and soy-free products 

✔ Assortment of snacks to combat burnout by delivering a boost of energy when it’s needed the most 

✔ Snacks offered in individual servings, such as nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit, chips, cookies, and more 

full pantry of snacksRefresh Your Pantry and Beverage Service 

Does your beverage service need a makeover? Contact the team at BostonbeaN to cover all of your company’s needs including pantry services, coffee and tea, food & snacks, cold beverages, and breakroom supplies. Please contact us to find out if our Pantry Services program is a good fit for your office.