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BostonbeaN Coffee Company is your one stop Financial District office coffee, cold brew coffee, beverage, breakroom and sanitation product supply company. As a part of our office coffee service, our team will visit your workplace to install your coffee machine of choice and then stock your machines regularly and help you track inventory.

Are you ready to provide the perfect office coffee service to your employees? BostonbeaN Coffee Company is here to help.

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What Companies Are Saying About Our Office Coffee Service

“Great Coffee, fabulous service. This company has been such an asset to our business.” -Jason W.

Why Partner with an Office Coffee Service Company?

BostonbeaN proudly provides a high level of service to clients in Financial District, and the rest of the Boston, MA area. We create custom programs for each client’s office coffee station to fulfill their coffee and breakroom needs, and to ensure that businesses receive the supplies that they need.

Benefits of Office Coffee Service

Here are some reasons that many companies in Financial District and the Boston, MA area choose us to provide their office coffee service:

  • An experienced office coffee company will get your breakroom program up and running more efficiently than ever. BostonbeaN has been serving Financial District businesses with office coffee services since the 1970’s!
  • Clients can choose from a wide variety of coffee, tea and other beverage options.
  • We track our clients previous orders to make the process of re-ordering seamless.
  • We also offer delicious cold brew coffee to offices. We offer the Kegerator, Cornelius Nitropro, and Bunn Nitron.
  • In addition to office coffee services, we offer a variety of other services, making us your one stop for all of your breakroom needs.

Services We Offer

In addition to coffee services for offices, we provide Financial District offices with the following:

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Office Coffee Tips from the BostonbeaN Coffee Company Blog: Why Boston, MA Offices Are Choosing Iced Coffee, Cold Brew and Nitro.

You and we both enjoy coffee. There’s never a bad time for a cup of Joe, whether it’s hot, cold, black, or with cream and sugar.

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee is created with hot coffee that has been brewed twice as strong and then poured over ice. The coffee must be stronger than a hot cup of coffee since the ice melts as the drink is poured.

It is more bitter and acidic than cold-brewed rivals due to the rapid temperature shift. It’s also the quickest of the cold coffee drinks to go bad, with flavor loss occurring after 30 minutes. Iced coffee, on the other hand, is noted for its medium-bodied, well-balanced flavor.

Cold Brew

Ground coffee is steeped in cold water for 12-24 hours to make cold brew. When compared to hot or iced coffee, the extended steeping process allows the beverage to have two to three times the caffeine.

Cold brew offers a smooth and full-bodied flavor that is less acidic and slightly sweet. Unlike iced coffee, cold brew can be stored in the refrigerator for up to two weeks.

Nitro Cold Brew

Nitro has the same brewing technique as cold brew. The difference is in the delivery. The cold brew is injected with nitrogen bubbles and kegged. This technique gives a thick and creamy mouthfeel. Like cold brew, it has two to three times more caffeine than iced and hot coffee.

Want to learn more? Check out our blog on why iced coffee, cold brew and nitro are not your average cup of joe!

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