Reentering the Workplace

As we all look forward to the reopening of the workplace, we at BOSTONBEAN® are hard at work preparing for that eventuality. While there is much uncertainty regarding the “new normal” in the office and breakroom, the one thing we do know is the need to take appropriate steps to protect our clients and our team that services you.

Things that are part of our plan for the initial reopening of our client’s offices will include that all of our associates will wear protective gloves when entering your facilities. BOSTONBEAN® is also now stocking protective masks and should you desire/prefer, masks will also be donned before entering your premises. Some of our employees may choose to do this as a standard practice while others may wait for guidance from you. If interested these masks are available for purchase should you want some on hand for your staff or guests.

Our plan for client workspaces where equipment or products are provided by BOSTONBEAN® is detailed but also needs the cooperation of our clients. Upon entering a client pantry or breakroom our protected account managers and delivery personnel will tend to the equipment by using a spray bottle solution of liquid sanitizer to clean and sanitize equipment and countertops. This sanitizing solution has been approved by the FDA as a combatant against Human Corona Virus. BOSTONBEAN® will provide the clearly labeled 1-liter spray bottle made easily accessible to our clients cleaning staff and/or employees ensuring the equipment is kept clean and sanitized when BOSTONBEAN® employees are not on site.  Spray bottles of sanitizing solution will be kept in each area where BOSTONBEAN® provides equipment or products.

While hand sanitizer and antiseptic wipes are still very difficult to source, BOSTONBEAN® continues to try and source these items in order to make them available to our clients. However, if the costs of these products are at an uncomfortably high level, BOSTONBEAN® is not likely to make them available to our clients for purchase.

Many of our clients purchase bulk snacks which are commonly stored in gravity bins and “pop top” containers. Some of our clients have shown concern about offering snacks using these bulk containers while others find it more sanitary if the proper safety measures are carried out. BOSTONBEAN® has been working with current and new suppliers to provide more individually wrapped and packaged nuts, candies, trail mixes and cereals for those clients who wish to eliminate bulk products.

BOSTONBEAN® thanks you in advance for working with us to help achieve the common goals of a healthy, safe and productive work environment.

As this situation continues to evolve, we will closely monitor guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and local health and government officials. We will continue to rely on their recommendations and expertise to inform our decisions. BOSTONBEAN® will work to communicate any changes or updates to you our customers. Please connect with your salesperson should you have any additional questions and we thank you for your continued support.

Always with appreciation for the business you have entrusted us with,


Peter Johnson