Tips for Healthy Snacking While Working From Home

Social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic has meant an increase in time spent at home, and less time spent at the office. The change to remote working has also resulted in less walking to and from your car, less walking up and down stairs to get to your office, and more opportunities to snack mindlessly throughout the day.

Due to all of this, people are gaining weight and putting on what they are playfully referring to as the quarantine 15. However, weight gain has many negative consequences, and seeing yourself put on weight or hearing about others doing so may make you more mindful of your fitness and snacking level. Being at home can make it easier to eat poorly, but with the right planning, it can also make it easier to eat healthy snacks. Here are a few tips to help you with healthy snacking while working from home.

Try to Maintain Your Normal Eating Schedule

When you are working from home, it is easy to get out of your normal eating routine. You may want to get through more work faster, so you may put off lunch or eat a later-than-normal dinner. It is important to maintain a good eating schedule, however. Always try to maintain your normal eating schedule, including all your meals and snacks.

Prepare Snack-Size Portions in Advance

Speaking of snacks, it is easy to grab something in your pantry that may not be healthy because it is fast. Many people reach for sugary treats that are high in fat. These may give you a sudden sugar rush, but you will crash and feel hungry again quickly. Instead, try to prepare snack-size portions of healthy foods in advance. Try to focus on protein-rich snacks, such as beef jerky or nuts. Vegetables and fruits are another healthy snack option that you can prepare ahead of time. If you prefer to drink your snacks, consider adding smoothies into the mix.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast Prior to Starting Your Workday

When you are working from home, you may not think much about breakfast. You may roll out of bed and get to work, thinking that you will grab a snack if you get hungry. One of the best ways to ward off hunger throughout the day is to eat a large breakfast that is high in protein and low in sugar. It is important to make time for breakfast, and you can easily prepare a healthy and simple breakfast. Set aside time before work to fuel your body.

Take Time Away From Your Desk to Eat a Normal Lunch

Another common thing that those who are working from home do is grab lunch and eat it at their desk. Take the time out of your day to move away from your desk to eat your lunch. You are more likely to overeat when you are focusing on something else while eating. Eating away from your desk also gives your eyes and mind a chance to rest and think about something other than work.

Be Sure to Increase Your Water Intake

Finally, be sure to increase your water intake, and drink at least eight eight-ounce cups of water throughout the day. It is easy to reach for soda, coffee, or even alcohol when you are working from home. Keeping your body hydrated with water helps you to feel fuller, helps you to remain healthy, and helps to limit unnecessary sugar and calories through sugary drinks.

At BostonbeaN Coffee Company, many of our clients have asked us to create care boxes to be sent to the homes of their employees working from home. These boxes include some snacks, coffee, tea, hot chocolate and assorted household paper products. We can ship these boxes anywhere in the country. Other clients have asked us to deliver refreshments to those on the front lines, including area hospitals. We can deliver to the hospital of your choice anywhere in Eastern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire. This is a great way to directly support the frontline workers. Contact us if you would like to support your employees or those on the front lines.