Choose The Bevi Machine – Rethink the Personal Enjoyment of Water

Look at any health aspect of living and you’re going to find that water is an essential element for both basic survival as well as optimal function. Given the fact that our bodies are two-thirds water, it only makes sense that without sufficient daily water intake, things start to get problematic. Everything from brain power and concentration to fundamental circulation relies on water in our body’s system to work properly. So, then what makes it so hard for the average person to keep up with recommended daily water intake? Believe it or not, convenience is a big issue.

bevi machineWater is No Longer Boring!

BostonbeaN’s Bevi machine is a water cooler that changes the paradigm we’re used to with drinking water daily. Instead, the Bevi makes water desirable, filtered, flavored and downright interesting. And all of those factors allow users to get away from artificial drinks like sodas as well as dehydrating beverages like coffee and instead be able to enjoy something that actually hydrates naturally as well.

Even better, when synced with your smartphone, the Bevi literally becomes touchless. You can set up and select a refreshing water drink from the comfort of your digital command without even having to contact the water cooler itself. Between the water basis, efficient distribution, reduction in waste and consumption and the healthy aspects of regular hydration, the Bevi really scores big points all around for the environment as well as your own personal sustainability.order the bevi machine

The Bevi also makes water interesting, which always increases consumption when something tastes good. Flavors include a wide range of choices from Lemon Lime to Unsweetened Cucumber to Unsweetened Raspberry to Coconut. In total, the Bevi can dispense twelve different flavors, changing from one drink to the next as needed by users. It’s a great way to shift the office crowd off the coffee as well as avoid water right from the tap or resorting to one-time containers that add to landfill problems. Over the use span of a year, the Bevi can avoid over 35,000 bottles of water being added to trash cans and recycle bins.

The Bevi now comes with a TOUCHLESS option as well, allowing people to completely avoid touching the machine. At BostonbeaN, we are also supplying offices with the TopBrewer, a touchless coffee machine. Our goal is to help keep your employees safe and comfortable in the workplace!

bevi touchless option

Choose the Bevi Machine Because Convenience is a Plus

Given the fact that people use different size containers all the time, the Bevi accommodates this issue by providing a removable drip tray and space that fits just about all personal containers. With a lite-up use cavity and easy spout, there’s no spill, no mess and no embarrassment. Instead, people just enjoy water a whole lot more, improving their health and reducing your office or home carbon footprint overall.

The Bevi system works with most tap-water connections and redesigns how you live with hydration almost in the first day it is used. Our team at BostonbeaN can provide you specific information regarding a system fit to your location and your needs. Contact BostonbeaN Coffee Company to find


out more.