Why Your Business Should Say “Yes” to Using a Coffee Delivery Service

Coffee has an unfair label as an unhealthy beverage. Many evaluations leave out that brewed coffee unleashes antioxidants that improve body functions. Also, employees love coffee, so companies can win big by including it as a breakroom perk.

using a coffee delivery serviceWhat Are Antioxidants, Anyway?

Many conditions — premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, cancer — tie back to high body toxicity. Antioxidants zap free radicals into harmless components that your body can dispose of efficiently. Roasted coffee has tons of antioxidants such as the ones below:

1. Cafestol

Coffee beans (even the decaf variety) have cafestol, which modulates bile acid in your intestine. Cafestol acts as an anti-inflammatory in the brain and may even improve memory.

2. Trigonelline

Trigonelline is the bitter alkaloid responsible for coffee’s distinctive aroma and can help to prevent cavities. Roasted coffee, particularly Arabica, has 10 times the trigonelline as robusta coffee. When roasted between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius, trigonelline degrades to niacin, a well-known antioxidant.

3. Chlorogenic Acid

Green and roasted coffee has chlorogenic acid (CGA). According to one study, CGA has numerous esterified compounds that can slow fat accumulation and boost your metabolic rate.

4. Melanoidins

Melanoidins impact coffee’s tantalizing smell. They are the brown nitrogenous compounds in America’s favorite beverage. Formed during roasting, melanoidins contain anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Quinine

Quinine contributes to coffee’s bitter taste and antioxidant properties. This compound forms within the bark of the Cinchona tree and is used to treat malaria. Harmful in large doses, quinine occurs in small, beneficial doses in roasted coffee.

6. Caffeine

Caffeine is an antioxidant that can assist in weight loss and reduce or cure headaches. It may even help prevent diabetes.

use a coffee delivery service

Benefits of Coffee Delivery Service

Stocking coffee products in the breakroom boosts morale and can keep employees in the office, instead of making mid-morning coffee runs.

  • Workers love coffee. Coffee isn’t the official beverage of the American workplace, but it might as well be. For 64% of employees, it’s a daily routine. Rather than losing time and productivity on coffee and donut runs, give your employees what they want to keep them happy and in the office longer.
  • Coffee improves performance.Caffeine breaks help employees remain alert and focused. It can even elevate concentration, which means fewer mistakes. Plus, getting up to grab a mug of coffee helps them reactivate blood flow after sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Promote positive office culture. A coffee machine is a great place for informal chats that build workplace camaraderie. Some employees collaborate on work-related problems and solve them over cups of java, which is also great for productivity.
  • People love free stuff.Providing coffee at the office is practically an entitlement these days. It can save employees money, especially with the soaring prices at the local coffee shop. A little appreciation goes a long way toward boosting morale.

Best Coffee Delivery Service

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