Thank You to Our Clients!

A Big Thank You To Our Clients!

We would not be here without the loyalty and generosity of our clients and business partners!

As BostonbeaN and our new division BostoncleaN continue to service the few clients who are back in the workplace we want to take a moment to publicly thank our business partners and clients for going above and beyond our wildest expectations. Over the last ten months both have shown their true colors. Some of our business partners have extended terms, taken back expired product and supported us with products for our care packages and gift boxes.

And our clients!!!

BostonbeaN is blessed to have clients who care so much about our well-being. Recognizing our situation as a company who provides solely to the workplace, our clients have so generously supported us by purchasing gift and care boxes for their employees working from home, used BostoncleaN as the source for all PPE, purchased air purification systems and even kept true to rental agreements while their offices remained closed. We had a few clients who offered to cover the payroll for the hours we would have spent in their office if they had not been closed during the pandemic. Another client provided a check for Covid-19 services not yet rendered. The list goes on and on. While we still have a long road back and lots of hard work ahead of us, we are so grateful to our clients.

Thanks to you we have been able to keep most of our staff actively employed.

Steve Serino

Vice President

BostonbeaN / BostoncleaN