COVID-19 Care Package for Employees Program

covid care package for employeesWould you like to create a COVID care package for your employees? BostonbeaN has also developed a “care package” program for businesses that wish to send essentials to their team members who are working from home. Our delivery teams are delivering these care packages directly to the employee’s homes or shipping them via FedEx if outside Massachusetts or New Hampshire. If you are interested in sending care packages for employees during COVID, click here or call 800-448-2739 to contact us.

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Reentering the Workplace

As we all look forward to the reopening of the workplace, we at BOSTONBEAN® are hard at work preparing for that eventuality. While there is much uncertainty regarding the “new normal” in the office and breakroom, the one thing we do know is the need to take appropriate steps to protect our clients and our team that services you.

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Combat COVID-19 with These Office Disinfecting Products

BostonbeaN has been looking to source PPE and office disinfecting products from many vendors in an effort to make these products available to our clients at affordable costs. We appreciate our clients looking in our direction to source these PPE and office cleaning and disinfecting

products from BostonbeaN as we continue to search for more ways to service our clients and keep our people employed.disinfecting hand sanitizer

Are You Reopening Your Office?

As you begin opening your office back up it is essential to make sure that you have the office cleaning products that you need to protect employees from spreading COVID-19.

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To Our Customers:

BostonbeaN has been taking proactive preventative measure as health & safety is a top priority in our food and safety quality management system. BostonbeaN has taken steps to ensure we are providing a healthy and safe environment for our employees as the health of our employees is vitally important as we continue to provide services to the workplace.

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