How Can You Increase Productivity In The Workplace?

Achieving overall business goals and tasks timely and efficiently—the dream of most office managers and employees. The definition of “productivity” will likely vary for different types of businesses. Increased productivity could equate to meeting deadlines ahead of schedule, gaining higher patron satisfaction, or seeing increases in bottom-line revenue. With those varying needs in mind, we offer a few ways to boost workplace output.

increase workplace productivityInvest in Employees with Proper Training and Skill Development

Team members who feel confused about what their actual duties are or how to successfully implement them have production levels that suffer. Feeling confused also demoralizes team members, which is the same result of employees feeling stagnant in their position—even if they are high performers.

By providing them with exceptional job training and keeping them inspired for potential growth through skill development opportunities, workers tend to be motivated to do better work. Overall, this is great for both the company and staff, making this approach a wise investment.

Give Workers More Flexibility in The Work Setting

Today’s technology makes working remotely possible for many professions, and in some industries,  telecommuting is becoming the new norm. The 2019 Future Workforce Report estimates that more than 70% of departments will have part- or full-time remote workers by 2028.

Telecommuting has actually shown to increase productivity in most workers (of course, some aren’t cut out for self-time management). However, having the option of skipping commuting to the office saves time, and employees enjoy the freedom that working from home offers. Happy team members tend to be the greatest assets of any company.

Steer Clear of Micromanaging Staffincrease workplace productivity

It could be argued that most individuals prefer not to work with employers that attempt to control the staff, watching their every move just waiting to catch them slacking off. Demonstrations of controlling management makes staff feel untrusted, which is not a good way to approach productivity increases.

Establish a Pleasant Workspace

Traditional office spaces aren’t the most comfortable of exciting places to be, and no one wants to be trapped at their desk all day when not telecommuting. Keep your team engaged and feeling appreciated by creating a pleasant environment with amenities that encourage much-needed breaks.

Tired or uncomfortable team members can’t be top producers, but companies can take action to help ease their daily grind in the office through several effective approaches.

  • Minimize excess noise when possible for less distractions to promote greater concentration.
  • Maintain comfortable office temperatures in the office.
  • Inadequate lighting—or the wrong kind—has been shown to increase mistakes through reduced focus which hampers productivity.
  • Enhance your employees’ break room with snacks and beverage centers.
  • Provide “resting rooms” or a space with recliners for power naps.

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