Employees Returning to the Office? Enhance the Workplace Environment With These Perks

As businesses continue to adapt alongside COVID-19, employers have to consider the best ways to draw people back to the office. Luckily, companies have so many ways they can update their workspace to make it appealing for employees and promote wellness, productivity and morale.

Vary Your Atmosphere

Different work environments suit different employees. Spaces like relaxation and social rooms give employees a choice on where they’d like to do their work. For example, an office library can help those who need a quiet space to focus, while social rooms with games, newspapers, magazines and food allow employees to relax.

Offer Healthy Food

Employers can foster a more comfortable, productive environment by providing delicious, filling food in the office or through delivery. For little pick-me-ups throughout the day, cold brew, nitro coffee and a gorgeous selection of teas hit the spot. Even the simple addition of an upgraded water system such as Bevi has the potential to revolutionize your workplace environment and employees’ attitudes.

Be Flexible

Flexible schedules could make all the difference to your employees. Depending on the business, employees can divide time between home and the office, set their own work hours or make up time if they have family commitments. Employers help their staff by establishing expectations, clearly communicating and acting with empathy.

Consider Financial Incentives

Financial incentives like stipends, reimbursements and paid time off nurture loyalty and appreciation in employees. Some companies reimburse their employees for commuting costs, while others find childcare stipends necessary for returning parents. Offering a bonus to returning employees also helps encourage people back to the workplace.

Focus on the Benefits

A comfortable, welcoming workplace will lead to improved mindsets, more creative ideas and more effective collaboration. Workplace productivity as a whole increases when employees feel valued by their employers and managers. By investing in your employees’ space and wellness, you can rest assured that your business will thrive.

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