Get the Best Office Coffee Service in Kendall Square, Cambridge

BostonbeaN Coffee Company is your one stop Kendall Square office coffee, water beverage, breakroom, and sanitation product supply company. As a part of our office coffee service, our team will visit your workplace to install your coffee machine of choice and then stock your machines regularly and help you track inventory. Are you ready to provide delicious and high quality office coffee to your employees? BostonbeaN Coffee Company is here to help. kendall square office coffee and water service

What Companies Are Saying About Our Office Coffee Service

“…BostonbeaN writes the book for customer service. Hands down – they bend over backwards to make sure YOU ARE HAPPY. They come when they say they will – set it all up, clean the machine, restock the coffee and nice nice people…” -Barbara B.

Why Partner with an Office Coffee Service Company?

BostonbeaN proudly provides a high level of service to clients in Kendall Square, and the rest of the greater Cambridge, MA area. We create custom programs for each client to fulfill their coffee and breakroom needs, and to ensure that businesses receive the supplies that they need.

Benefits of Office Coffee Service

Here are some reasons that many companies in Kendall Square opt for our coffee service:

  • Clients can choose from a wide variety of coffee, tea and other beverage options.
  • We track our clients previous orders to make the process of re-ordering seamless.
  • In addition to office coffee services, we offer a variety of other services, making us your one stop for all of your breakroom needs.
  • An experienced office coffee company will get your breakroom program up and running more efficiently than ever. BostonbeaN has been serving Kendall Square businesses with office coffee since the 1970’s!

Services We Offer

In addition to coffee services for offices, we provide Kendall Square offices with the following:

kendall square office coffee and water service

A Coffee Tip from Our Team: How to Make Great Tasting Coffee Every Time

Some of our team’s tips on how to make your coffee taste better include:

  • Don’t microwave your coffee! The taste of a fresh cup always beats reheated coffee.
  • Store your coffee beans properly. Coffee beans need to be stored in containers that allow the beans to d-gas to avoid bitter tasting coffee.
  • Use fresh water (we offer filtered systems such as the TopWater, Bevi, and Ion Bottleless Water Cooler) and brew at a temperature of 205 degrees fahrenheit.
  • Use a quality brewer. This will make all of the difference in your coffee’s taste. Check out some of our coffee brewing options.

Click here to learn more about how to make great-tasting coffee every time.

Are you ready to bring the best office coffee program to your Kendall Square workplace?