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Our Love for Tea and Why it Stands the Test of Time

Tea has been around for millennia. No one knows exactly who discovered it, but there are strong indications that drinking tea first became popular in Eastern nations before making its way into Europe and the Americas. It’s not surprising that Asians were the first to drink tea. Most of the world’s tea crop is still […]

Tips for Boosting Employee Morale in 2021

There’s no denying that putting 2020 in the rearview mirror is something we all are looking forward to! As you take your business into 2021, things will be much different, whether you’re going back onsite or plan to continue online operations. With morale likely low and employees stressed, it’s more important than ever to reward […]

Holiday Office Parties During COVID-19

The holiday season is here, but things are looking a little different in the office due to COVID-19. While traditional office parties may be off the table, there are still a few ways to keep the joyful spirit of teamwork going. Here are a few suggestions: Private Gathering If you have a small office, a […]

Thank You to Our Clients!

A Big Thank You To Our Clients! We would not be here without the loyalty and generosity of our clients and business partners! As BostonbeaN and our new division BostoncleaN continue to service the few clients who are back in the workplace we want to take a moment to publicly thank our business partners and […]

Why Antimicrobial Copper Film Should Be in Every Business

BostoncleaN’s antimicrobial copper film sticks to nonporous surfaces such as grip bars, door handles, tabletops, desks, counters and shelves. It helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. When germs, viruses and bacteria land on the copper film after someone coughs or sneezes, the copper surface goes to work. Ions of copper attack the bacteria, penetrating deep into […]