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Keep Your Hands Clean

In the wake of COVID-19, health and safety remain huge concerns for everyone who works for your business or walks through your front door. Employees can keep their hands clean by properly using hand soap and sanitizer whenever their hands become contaminated. Additionally, you can provide the products they need to maintain appropriate hand hygiene. […]

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks! How Healthy & Good Snacks Benefit Workers

Should employers make it easy for their workers to snack throughout the day? Especially during the coronavirus pandemic? As long as you keep your break room clean and safe with proper antiseptic measures and single-serve snacks that only one person will touch, why not? After all, hungry employees tend to lose focus and often begin […]

Make Your Break Room Safe & Clean with the Right Products

As more workers return to the physical workplace, there is a growing need for employers to take extra precautions against the spread of COVID-19. Having a clean break room that is sanitized is only part of what staff will expect from employers for safety. You’ll want to have protocols in place, and let staff know […]

How to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

As employees return to work, uncertainty remains. This makes it more important than ever for employers to keep everyone engaged and active at work. Otherwise, you may end up with a morale issue and a corresponding drop in productivity. Flexibility Equals Sanity To keep employee moral high, managers must use finesse to set job expectations […]

TopBrewer – The Safe, Touchless Option for Great Coffee in the Office

Wouldn’t it be great if your company hired a full-time barista who made coffee to order without ever touching the cup? The makers of the Top Brewer touchless machine have heard your secret wishes and made them come true. This automatic, touchless and safe coffee machine responds to voice commands. Employees can order their favorite […]

Preparing Your Office Equipment for the Extended Shutdown

When the pandemic began, most of us did not think that we would be away from our offices for more than a month. We certainly did not imagine that a month would turn into over 6 months! Now that the shutdown has been extended, it is important to take care of your office equipment to […]

Choose The Bevi Machine – Rethink the Personal Enjoyment of Water

Look at any health aspect of living and you’re going to find that water is an essential element for both basic survival as well as optimal function. Given the fact that our bodies are two-thirds water, it only makes sense that without sufficient daily water intake, things start to get problematic. Everything from brain power […]

Why Your Business Should Say “Yes” to Using a Coffee Delivery Service

Coffee has an unfair label as an unhealthy beverage. Many evaluations leave out that brewed coffee unleashes antioxidants that improve body functions. Also, employees love coffee, so companies can win big by including it as a breakroom perk. What Are Antioxidants, Anyway? Many conditions — premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, cancer — tie back to high body toxicity. […]

PPE: The Importance of Personal Protective Equipment in the Workplace

As the pandemic continues, one thing is for certain – work doesn’t stop. Protecting the health and safety of employees is key to ensuring there’s a level of trust and respect for the organization. Providing employees with PPE (personal protective equipment), to wear while performing their duties is essential. How Does PPE Help in the […]

What Will Employees Expect to Keep Them Safe in the Office After the Pandemic?

  Does your office have protocols in place to protect staff members from COVID-19? Do your employees know what measures you are taking to keep them safe from sickness? Good communication is crucial to success. You need to make sure your employees know what you are doing to protect against the novel coronavirus. By the […]