BostonbeaN Is Now Tapping into Cold Brew in a Box From Wandering Bear

Calling all coffee enthusiasts! We certainly have some exciting news for you. If you’ve been searching for a way to enjoy cafe-quality coffee right in your own home or office, you’re in luck — Wandering Bear has developed an innovative cold brew that’s a real game-changer for how you’ll enjoy your next cup of joe. Find out why Wandering Bear’s cold brew is the perfect addition to your office.

wandering bear ready to drink cold brew

Cold Brew Perfection

People all around the country have recently caught the cold brew craze because of its delicious taste, smoothness and convenience. With Wandering Bear’s revolutionary ready-to-drink cold brew, you can enjoy the perfect cup of cold brew every time without worrying about sacrificing flavor or freshness. Why is the Wandering Bear brand the ultimate cold brew choice? Below are a few reasons why you see it popping up in offices everywhere.

  • The coffee is already prepared, has a smooth texture and is delicious.
  • Only organic coffee from Peru, Mexico, and Nicaragua
  • No additives or extra sugar
  • Different flavors available to appease your taste buds (Decaf, Vanilla, Mocha, Caramel and Straight Black)

The convenience of having a ready-to-pour, delicious cold brew like Wandering Bear’s is unparalleled. With just the push of a button, you get to enjoy your favorite cup of coffee without having to wait in line or worry about making it yourself.

bostonbean coffee company cold brew

BostonbeaN Helps People Get Their Cold Brew Fix

BostonbeaN has plenty of cold brew choices to keep everyone happy at the workplace. In addition to Wandering Bear, consider our Barismo cold brew ready to drink from kegs. We deliver and manage the kegs, ensuring they are always cold and fresh. Or check out our POUR’D system. With just the push of a button, you can enjoy cold brewed coffee, hot draft, and iced lattes delivered to you.

Ready To Take Your Cold Brew Experience to the Next Level?

To enhance your cold brew experience, give Wandering Bear on tap a try! Its convenience, freshness, and smooth taste make it a perfect addition to any office. Give your staff the satisfaction of a cafe-level coffee experience, right in their own office.

Have You Caught the Cold-Brew Craze?

Coffee has always been an indispensable part of the office environment. Generations of office workers have started their day — and kept energized until quitting time — with endless cups of joe.

How much productivity would have been lost without its perky boost? Only the bean counters know for sure.

While many people still enjoy their traditional hot coffee or tea, there’s a new trend in town that’s taking the workplace by storm: the “cold-brew craze.” Many coffee aficionados are abandoning their old love to embrace this new and flavorful way to enjoy their favorite drink.

Learn what cold brew is, how it’s different from the traditional hot brewing process or iced coffee, and why every office needs a cold brew machine.

traditional hot coffee brewing process

Cold Brew 101

The biggest difference between the main types of coffee — hot, iced and cold brew — is the process by which they are made.

Fast Extraction Process

  • Hot coffee uses high-temperature water poured directly over ground coffee beans to quickly extract the compounds that give it its flavor, color, texture and caffeine content.
  • Iced coffee is simply hot-brewed coffee (usually brewed at double strength) poured over ice, usually after being chilled in a cooler to keep the ice from melting and diluting the coffee.

Slow Extraction Process

  • Cold brew coffee uses a slow extraction process. The coffee grounds are steeped in cold water for up to 24 hours. This process uses a coarser bean grind to prevent making the coffee bitter.
  • The extraction of the flavor compounds takes longer but it is also more thorough, allowing the water to seep deep inside the beans to discover the hidden flavors and aromas that are left untouched with quick-brew processes.
  • This slow extraction gives cold-brew coffee its distinctive smooth, mellow taste with sweet and chocolatey notes. Incidentally, it also has a higher caffeine content which, along with the flavor, may be part of the reason so many office workers are choosing it over traditional coffee.

cold brew coffee

Cold Brew Coffee & Tea For Boston-Area Offices

BostonbeaN Coffee Company has you covered with our award-winning POUR’D line of office brewers offering push-button convenience and our popular Kegerator under-counter cold storage service.

We also just added a new line-up of Wandering Bear cold brew in Ready-to-Drink (RTD) boxes that are recyclable. This organic, sugar-free and dairy-free cold brew serves up a smooth yet strong brew with big energy – two espressos per cup! It comes in six delicious flavors: vanilla, mocha, hazelnut, caramel, decaf and straight black.

If your employees have caught the cold brew craze, a cold brew machine or RTD box in your office is a must. For certain size offices, we will provide a demo with a kegerator and a keg of cold brew so the whole office gets a chance to try the coffee. Contact BostonbeaN today to schedule your hot or cold brew coffee demo today.

Here are the Top Reasons Your Office Needs a Cold-Brew Machine

Do you see your employees migrate to the coffee area during an afternoon slump? Do they flock to the many Boston artisanal coffee shops for a refreshing beverage during breaks? Consider adding a cold brew machine to perk up your staff and keep them in the office during the workday. While tea and hot coffee are classic staples, your team may also enjoy the increasingly popular coffee trend known as cold brew.

What Is Cold Brew?

Cold brew is a smooth, lightly sweet-tasting coffee made from steeping ground coffee in cold water for a long period of time. Unlike iced coffee, this full-bodied, low-acidity beverage is easy on the taste buds and the stomach, yet supplies more caffeine! You can even serve it with ice, milk, cream, sugar, or flavoring for a taste of luxury.

why your office needs cold brew

Why Add a Cold Brew Machine to Your Office?

Imagine a sleek kegerator in your coffee nook, a readily available option for your team to enjoy whenever they prefer. Simply by adding a cold brew machine, you can:

  • Strengthen Your Company Culture
    Show your staff that you value them as individuals and appreciate the hard work they do for your business. Equipping your office with a cold brew machine shows employees you care about their tastes and comfort.
  • Attract New Talent
    Turn a cold brew machine into an alluring selling point for potential hires. It not only shows candidates you provide breaks and fuel for your staff, it projects a modern image of your company.
  • Appeal to Clients
    Feed your potential and existing clients with a vision of your business and values without having to put it into literal words. A cold brew machine shows clients you go the extra mile to boost productivity and increase satisfaction.
  • Save Time and Money
    When you add up all the time employees spend traveling to get their caffeine fixes, it’s shocking how much productivity you lose. Bring their preferred beverages into the office to turn that loss into gain.
  • Enjoy Cold Brew in the Office
    At BostonbeaN, we understand that your employees want to enjoy cold-brew beverages quickly and easily. Our kegerator stores and cools five gallons of fresh cold brew, supplied on tap. If they also enjoy nitro cold brew, tea or kombucha, enjoy the benefits of multiple beverage storage and taps.

why your office needs cold brew

Our experienced team will set up the kegerator next to a standard electrical outlet on your floor space or countertop. We take care of all the finer details, such as delivering the nitrogen and the freshly brewed cold brew. We appreciate national and local coffee roasters, supplying you with only the finest, richest cold-brew blends and teas.

Find out how BostonbeaN Coffee Company can bring your workspace to life with a cold brew kegerator. Contact us to learn more about how we can support your team today.

BostonbeaN Keeps Up With the Cold-Brew Craze

How did cold-brew coffee become so popular? It all began in the 1600s. First, Dutch sailors began using the brewing process, inspired by the Japanese method of cold-brewing teas. Then, Cuba revisited the cold brew with iced coffee in the ’30s. The Toddy Brewing System hit the market in the ’60s.

Fast-forward to the 2000s and cold brew was championed by innovative coffee shops because the smooth, cold-brew flavor blended beautifully with milk, ice, syrups, and flavorings.

cold-brew crazeCold Brew Vs. Iced Coffee

The difference between cold brew and iced coffee is that the latter is made through a hot brewing process, completed at double strength, and then poured over ice. But when hot coffee cools, the acids can be harsh, while cold brewing avoids the acid development. Furthermore, hot brewed coffees usually have a brewing ratio of 1 part coffee to 16 parts water, while cold brew’s ratio is 1 to 8.

Cold brew coffee requires coffee beans and water along with knowledge and time. The beans — usually coarsely ground — are steeped in cold water in an extraction process that takes from 12 to 24 hours. Customizable as a concentrate, cold-brewed coffee uses time in place of temperature, with caffeine increased by the coffee-to-water ratio or brewing duration. This slow, cold brew imparts a less acidic, more smooth and mellow taste.

Cold-Brew Benefits

According to research by Harvard University, fans of cold-brew coffee enjoy a refreshing caffeinated cold beverage that equals hot coffee’s health and energy benefits. It offers more subtle flavor notes while having 65 percent less acidity. It also provides customization, convenience, and a mellow and nuanced taste.

Like all coffee beverages, cold brew imparts health benefits, increasing blood flow to the brain, supporting cognitive function, decreasing the risk of dementia, and packing free-radical and cancer-fighting chemicals.

Cold-Brew in Your Officecold-brew craze

Now, your business can enjoy cold-brewed coffee featuring top names like Kegerator, Bunn Nitron, and Cornelius Nitropro. Other advantages:

  • We manage and deliver cold brew fresh and cold.
  • We offer Kegerator, nitrogen, and multi-tap kegerators, including nitro and kombucha selections.
  • We source coffee from respected and local roasters.
  • We can arrange for an office tasting.

Discover how BostonbeaN can help you customize a cold-brew option. Contact us to learn more. We can also maintain the optimum environment for your work team. BostoncleaN can meet all your cleaning, sanitizing, and PPE supply needs. From fine, cold-brewed coffee to delivering snacks and breakroom goods, we help you support your team.

Want To Provide Your Employees With Great Cold Brew? Give The Bunn Nitron A Try

bunn nitron cold brew for officeThere’s no better way to show your employees and patrons how essential they are every day than by providing them with superior coffee and tea. That’s just one reason why we have added the Bunn Nitron to our catalog here at BostonbeaN Coffee Company. The Bunn Nitron is a unique nitro cold brew commercial-grade maker that’s built to last.

Every freshly brewed beverage will benefit those who partake beyond merely satisfying the palate and awakening the senses. Here’s a rundown of the pertinent features of this must-have machine along with a few of the proven benefits of nitro cold brew coffees and teas.

The Perks of the Bunn Nitron

The Bunn Nitron delivers cold brew coffee, iced coffee or iced tea—all in one streamlined machine. It is extremely easy to use, and thanks to nitro infusion, there is no long brewing time or complexity involved. The Nitron holds up to two one-gallon concentrated bags in a box (BiBs) that will yield multiple gallons of satisfyingly fresh cold brew beverages.

Additional features of the Bunn Nitron include:

  • A compact sleek design that takes up very little counter space
  • In-line nitro infusion that produces cascading micro-bubbles for a creamy soft head that eliminates the need for cream or sugar
  • No need to store or change kegs with the convenient BiB solution
  • No refrigeration is necessary
  • Cleaning and sanitizing the unit is quick and easy

This impressive machine is an all-in-one wonder for fans of cold brew who can reap physical benefits through regular consumptionbunn nitro.

Science Supports Cold Brew Benefits

Cold brew offers numerous benefits similar to traditional hot coffee, as it contains caffeine. Caffeine—in moderation—has been shown to boost metabolism, which raises your metabolic rate up to 11%. This means you’ll burn more calories even while at rest. Another great aspect of cold brew coffee is that it tends to be easier on the stomach, which is one reason many people with indigestion, ulcers, acid reflux and heartburn often avoid coffee.

It’s no secret that tired and sleep deprived individuals feel better after their morning caffeine fix, and cold brew consumption might improve one’s state of mind. Studies have shown a strong correlation between the lessening of depression and drinking coffee, and some researchers suggest caffeine supplements can boost mental wellness in older adults.

One of the most amazing benefits that could be reaped from cold brew is reducing your risks of developing heart disease. This is thought to be a result from the presence of caffeine along with phenolic compounds, lignans, magnesium and trigonelline. These compounds naturally lower blood pressure and help stabilize blood sugar. Cold brew coffee also contains antioxidants including diterpenes and chlorogenic acids that serve as anti-inflammatory agents.

Enjoy the Bunn Nitron at Your Workplace Today

Here at BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we are committed to offering the finest coffees, teas, and breakroom supplies at the best prices. Ask our team about the amazing Bunn Nitron and bring the best cold brew coffee to your customers and employees today.

Cold Brew Coffee FAQs

Coffee lovers who want some variety from their usual steaming cup of joe are gravitating toward cold brew coffee drinks. Those who are unfamiliar with cold brewing might think it’s just about sticking their regular coffee in the refrigerator, but there’s a lot more to it. Cold brew coffee needs to be made in a certain way and the result is a brew that is less acidic, more mellow, and perfect over ice on a hot day or any time. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about cold brew coffee and their answers.

Q: Why Does it Take Longer to Cold Brew Than Hot Brew?

A: Cold brewing involves steeping coffee grounds at room temperature or colder for at least 12 hours. The grounds can be fully immersed in water or a slow drip may be set up to brew the coffee, but either way the water must be much cooler than in a drip machine, pod machine, press-pot, urn, or percolator (remember those?) to achieve the right results. After the grounds are done brewing, they are then filtered out and the liquid concentrate can be drunk straight like a shot of espresso or diluted with water or milk.

Q: How Long Does Cold Brew Coffee Last?

A: Cold brew can be stored for up to two weeks in the refrigerator after it’s made. Store it at full strength, and don’t dilute it with water or milk until you’re ready to drink it.

Q: What Types of Coffee are Best for Cold Brew?

A: Course-ground coffee generally produces the more mellow flavor that is the hallmark of cold brews. Light roasts are usually preferred over darker roasts because – perhaps counterintuitively – they have higher acidity. But cold-brewing eliminates much of that acidity, resulting in a bright, floral flavor that tastes great over ice. Arabica coffees from Central and South America are the most common coffees sourced for Cold Brew.

Q: What is the Best Equipment for Cold Brew?

A: Many cold brew enthusiasts enjoy making the drink in their own homes and there is a wide variety of brewers that produce excellent results. However, the length of time it takes to cold brew often leads people to get their cold brew at coffee houses or to contract for a cold brew coffee service at their offices. Cold brew services can deliver kegs of cold brew to the workplace that are ready to drink with no time-consuming preparation.

Cold brew is an excellent way to enjoy coffee in any season. For complete coffee and break-room services throughout greater Boston, including cold-brew kegs and dispensers, contact BostonBeaN Coffee Company today. Call 800-Hit-Brew (448-2739).