Breakroom Supplies Checklist: Have Them Delivered Right to Your Boston Office

The break room is the beating heart of any company’s operation — and a good one can keep things running smoothly.

It’s where your employees gather to relax and unwind, let off pressure, share company gossip, and buck up their morale. It makes them happier and less stressful, and thus boosts their productivity. So it’s important to make it a pleasant environment, supplied with quality amenities that make them feel valued and appreciated. Here’s a short list of what every well-stocked office break room should provide.

Essential Office Break Room Supplies

  • Coffee The No. 1 office break room rule: “Never run out of coffee.” That could be grounds for a mutiny. You need coffee machines that make it easy to provide an endless flow of both caffeinated and decaffeinated java. Of course, you also need to keep cream, sugar and other sweeteners stocked. And for a really nice touch, add an espresso machine.
  • Tea Not everyone does the coffee thing. For them, offer a variety of teas as well as hot chocolate and perhaps some hot ciders.
  • Healthy Drinks For those health-conscious individuals, a wide variety of fruit juices as well as milk stored in a compact cooler or fountain dispenser will keep them happy.
  • Sports Drinks Sports and energy drinks are all the rage these days, and having a wide variety of the most popular brands on hand has the added benefit of keeping your crew boosted during the work day.

  • Water This is almost as much of a break room staple as coffee. Make sure you provide good quality water. It doesn’t need to be Perrier, but not the cheapest brand either. We provide both bottled water and bottleless water machine options such as the ION Bottleless Water Cooler.
  • Snacks Like an army, an office crew marches on its stomach. A good selection of classic munchies like chips and candy bars should be provided, along with some healthy choices like granola bars and fresh fruit.
  • Paper Products Napkins, paper towels, plates and utensils are a standard necessity for the office break room.
  • Cleaning Supplies Of course you have a janitorial service, but if you keep cleaning products in sight, your workers will tend to clean up after themselves. This helps to keep your break room tidy all day long.

Keeping your break room supplied can be a time-consuming hassle. Let BostonbeaN handle it all for you. Contact us today for a free no-obligation consultation

Unwind, Refuel, Repeat: The Power of Office Break Rooms

Your employees work hard, and it’s important that they know they’re appreciated. Providing a fantastic break room stocked with coffee and snacks can go a long way to increasing productivity in the workplace.

With all of your daily responsibilities, it can be tough to keep your office break room stocked in a way that shows your employees how much they’re appreciated. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure it out on your own — the team at BostonbeaN is here to help. Below are simple steps that you can take to help your employees get the most out of their break room downtime.

Creating the Right Environment

It’s key to provide your employees with a space where they can kick back and de-stress during the workday. Research shows that taking frequent breaks can help increase productivity. When you provide your employees with a comfortable, relaxing break room, you’re not just showing them that you care about their well-being — you’re also helping them make the most out of their time at work.

Healthy Snacks

Providing your employees with healthy snacks can give them the boost they need to take their work to the next level. At BostonbeaN, our team is proud to stock your break room with Blue Diamond nuts, Skinny Pop, Jack Links beef jerky, Kashi bars, and more.

Break Room Supplies

We also ensure your employees’ break room experience is stress-free by providing all the necessities including tea, sugar, bottled beverages, paper products, cleaning supplies, and more.

BostonbeaN: Here To Support Your Employees

Whether you’re in need of breakroom supplies, healthy snacks, an espresso machine, hot and cold beverages, and more to help your team recharge, reach out to us today. We will help you create a top-notch breakroom environment that lets your employees know how much you value everything they do.

Increase Productivity in the Workplace With These Simple Solutions

We all want to be productive throughout the day, right? Crossing things off your to-do list is strangely satisfying! In the workplace, however, that can be challenging. Distractions, that dreaded afternoon slump and of course, not enough caffeine, can keep you from getting things accomplished.

However, as an employer, there are ways to create a culture that encourages productivity. If you follow these simple steps, your employees will have energy and productivity throughout the day.

Regular Breaks

You want your employees to be productive and focus on work when they’re at work. As counterintuitive as that sounds, it often helps to make sure they are taking regular breaks. When you give employees the time to take a break, they often have a renewed energy to focus and return to their assignments.

During these breaks, employees can hydrate and grab a snack. You can provide healthy and indulgent snacks with fresh salads, sandwiches and prepackaged snacks like nuts or granola bars.

office food and snacks granola

In addition, there are many health benefits of coffee that they can enjoy during their breaks. Caffeine can help employees get the jump start they need to get their creative ideas flowing. Providing your employees with coffee and tea throughout the day is an energizing perk, and they won’t have to leave to get their caffeine fix.

While it’s easy to keep water at their desk or work station, many people still don’t drink enough water. Encouraging water breaks (and stretching breaks!) helps keep your employees hydrated and healthy. Encourage your employees to take frequent, but short, breaks.

Work-Life Balance

We all know the importance of keeping a good balance between work and our personal life. When you allow that balance, you show your employees they’re important to you.

As an employer, when you encourage employees to maintain a work-life balance, it positively impacts performance. Allowing time off for family events, being flexible with their schedules and understanding their personal situations goes a long way toward promoting a positive work environment. In addition, when employees can focus on their personal lives and not feel guilty, they have renewed energy at work.

increased productivity in the workplace

Positive Environment

This freedom and flexibility create a positive work environment. When your employees feel good about being at work, they will likely work harder while there. It’s no secret that employees are motivated when they feel encouraged to give their best. Take steps to recognize and reward your employees to create stronger working relationships so they feel valued and appreciated.

Need to Up Your Break Room Game?

When fostering a positive culture and encouraging your employees to stay in the office during their breaks, it’s a must to keep your breakroom stocked with fresh coffee, beverages and snacks for your employees.

BostonbeaN helps you by delivering these items directly to your office. In addition, you can create a schedule that is tailored to your employees’ wants and consumption levels. Visit our website or contact us today to see how we bring freshness directly to you

Look Forward to These Office Break Room Trends in 2023

The offices in the Boston area are quickly becoming places where employees love to spend their time rather than places they have to go. In the new year, we expect significant changes in how offices are designed and run. In 2023, employees everywhere will look forward to celebrating these new additions.

What’s New About the Workplace Office in Boston?

When most of us think of an ordinary office, we envision dark, cramped rooms filled with cubicles and fluorescent lighting. But in the Boston area, things are changing. New designs focusing on open spaces where employees don’t feel stuck in a box are becoming more popular.

upbeat office break room

Secondly, there’s plenty of modern technology for the workday to become as productive and engaging as possible. These include virtual meeting rooms, video conferencing and other collaboration tools that allow remote workers to feel more connected. It’s no secret that employers are trying to make the office a place their employees want to be rather than just a place they need to go. One underestimated addition is having a cafe-style vibe in the break room to help staff power through the day.

Transforming Your Office Space With Food and Drink

One of the problems with leaving the office for lunch is the ever-pressing time constraint. Whether it’s battling traffic in Boston or even just deciding where to go, it can feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done and take a break.

Keeping modern offices stocked with fresh grab-and-go meals is one way to help. Employees will ultimately become much happier spending their downtime in the office rather than skipping off to the nearest restaurant. After all, everyone loves a good lunch break.

grab and go sandwich

Don’t underestimate the importance of having plenty of refreshing cold beverages to help employees stay focused and productive. When it’s time to wind down, having a cozy space to enjoy them can make all the difference in employee morale.

BostonbeaN Can Help Transform Your Boston Office

As we move into 2023, the BostonbeaN team is here to ensure your office break room keeps up with all the latest trends. We’re focused on providing excellent service and ensuring our customers have the best possible experience with our coffee and breakroom options. If you’re looking for something new in the new year, give us a call or check out our website — we’ve got everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks! How Healthy & Good Snacks Benefit Workers

Should employers make it easy for their workers to snack throughout the day? Especially during the coronavirus pandemic? As long as you keep your break room clean and safe with proper antiseptic measures and single-serve snacks that only one person will touch, why not? After all, hungry employees tend to lose focus and often begin grazing on anything they can find, which can lead to lethargy. That’s why making sure your team has access to an assortment of healthy treats and refreshments will keep them satisfied and productive during work hours.

The Benefits of Choosing Healthy Break Room Snacks

buy healthy and good snacks for employees

It’s been recommended by nutritionists to eat three to four small snacks per day between meals for a variety of reasons.

• Better Weight Control: Avoid unhealthy choices or overeating by opting instead for healthy, filling choices like oats, grains, or nutrition bars like Cliff and Lara Bars.
• Increase Energy: Energy-boosting snacks like Rx Protein bars and mixed nuts such as almonds, walnuts and peanuts sustain brain power and help maintain an even mood. Sugary snacks like candy bars can have the opposite effect.
• Curb Cravings: Low blood sugar levels strike within hours of a meal, making it easier to graze on no-no snacks. Maintain metabolism and curb cravings with individual packages of fresh fruit slices, nuts, whole grains, and low-fat dairy snacks and drinks.
• Reduce Certain Disease Risks: Healthy snacks can regulate blood flow and reduce the chances of developing diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease.

Healthy Snacks From BostonbeaN

Here at BostonbeaN, we strive to make it easy to provide healthy snacks. We offer a large selection of goodies for your break room that are individually wrapped to prevent the spread of COVID-19. A few of our healthy snack options include:

• Granola and protein bars from top names like NutriGrain, KIND, Nature Valley and Luna to curb hunger.
• Dried and fresh sliced fruits and veggies such as apples, apricots, carrots and celery for brain power.
• A wide selection of individual servings of oatmeal and cereal to boost energy.
• Mixed and single nut types as well as healthy trail mixes.
• Soups and nutritious dips.

good snack options for office
In addition to our healthy snacks, we also offer a good selection of indulgent snacks such as chips, crackers, cookies, candies, and sweets.

We Satisfy Your Cravings at BostonbeaN

We proudly offer small and large bulk services to meet all your company’s snacking and beverage needs. To help you stay safe during the pandemic, we recommend our individually wrapped snacks that will satisfy those mid-day cravings. Don’t forget to check out the hands-free coffee and beverage maker options in our BostonbeaN online catalog for even greater peace of mind in the office.

Why Your Business Should Say “Yes” to Using a Coffee Delivery Service

Coffee has an unfair label as an unhealthy beverage. Many evaluations leave out that brewed coffee unleashes antioxidants that improve body functions. Also, employees love coffee, so companies can win big by including it as a breakroom perk.

using a coffee delivery serviceWhat Are Antioxidants, Anyway?

Many conditions — premature aging, heart disease, diabetes, cancer — tie back to high body toxicity. Antioxidants zap free radicals into harmless components that your body can dispose of efficiently. Roasted coffee has tons of antioxidants such as the ones below:

1. Cafestol

Coffee beans (even the decaf variety) have cafestol, which modulates bile acid in your intestine. Cafestol acts as an anti-inflammatory in the brain and may even improve memory.

2. Trigonelline

Trigonelline is the bitter alkaloid responsible for coffee’s distinctive aroma and can help to prevent cavities. Roasted coffee, particularly Arabica, has 10 times the trigonelline as robusta coffee. When roasted between 160 and 230 degrees Celsius, trigonelline degrades to niacin, a well-known antioxidant.

3. Chlorogenic Acid

Green and roasted coffee has chlorogenic acid (CGA). According to one study, CGA has numerous esterified compounds that can slow fat accumulation and boost your metabolic rate.

4. Melanoidins

Melanoidins impact coffee’s tantalizing smell. They are the brown nitrogenous compounds in America’s favorite beverage. Formed during roasting, melanoidins contain anti-inflammatory properties.

5. Quinine

Quinine contributes to coffee’s bitter taste and antioxidant properties. This compound forms within the bark of the Cinchona tree and is used to treat malaria. Harmful in large doses, quinine occurs in small, beneficial doses in roasted coffee.

6. Caffeine

Caffeine is an antioxidant that can assist in weight loss and reduce or cure headaches. It may even help prevent diabetes.

use a coffee delivery service

Benefits of Coffee Delivery Service

Stocking coffee products in the breakroom boosts morale and can keep employees in the office, instead of making mid-morning coffee runs.

  • Workers love coffee. Coffee isn’t the official beverage of the American workplace, but it might as well be. For 64% of employees, it’s a daily routine. Rather than losing time and productivity on coffee and donut runs, give your employees what they want to keep them happy and in the office longer.
  • Coffee improves performance.Caffeine breaks help employees remain alert and focused. It can even elevate concentration, which means fewer mistakes. Plus, getting up to grab a mug of coffee helps them reactivate blood flow after sitting for prolonged periods.
  • Promote positive office culture. A coffee machine is a great place for informal chats that build workplace camaraderie. Some employees collaborate on work-related problems and solve them over cups of java, which is also great for productivity.
  • People love free stuff.Providing coffee at the office is practically an entitlement these days. It can save employees money, especially with the soaring prices at the local coffee shop. A little appreciation goes a long way toward boosting morale.

Best Coffee Delivery Service

BostonbeaN’s coffee services can conveniently keep breakrooms stocked or fuel important meetings. Order employees’ favorite coffee and tea products and add snacks to celebrate the everyday heroes that keep your business zooming.

What Biodegradable Really Means & How to Reduce Office Waste

When talking about the environment, you hear the word biodegradable tossed around quite a bit. Even though it has something to do with the environment, what does that really mean?

Biodegradable means that the product or material will break down quickly, leaving nothing behind that’s harmful. There are certain items that will break down, such as food that has not been treated with chemicals, and something most people use every day: paper. Other biodegradable items include wood, cotton, human and animal waste, and vegetable-oil based soaps. Many companies are using biodegradable packaging for products, which helps decrease environmental impact, reduce waste, and increase sustainability in an office environment. For the most part, society relies on non-biodegradable products that get piled onto a garbage dump.


Does your organization use biodegradable products? There is a growing trend of offices that use biodegradable products in their break rooms to lessen their carbon impact on the environment and reduce waste. This is a socially responsible move that will increase sustainability in an office environment. Partnering with an organization that can provide the best products to handle this task is key.

With their CX3 brewer, the BostonbeaN Coffee Company can offer fresh-roasted, biodegradable pods that brew beverages in under 1 minute, with no break in between brewing cycles. These pods include: light roasts, medium roasts, dark roasts, flavored selections, decaffeinated selections and a tea selection. They also offer a selection of biodegradable breakroom products including napkins, paper towels, and hot and cold cups. Being able to make a positive contribution to society, and help employees become environmentally conscious makes a difference.

The Fresh Cup is BostonbeaN’s specially made coffee brewer, which offers one-touch brew activation, requires no break between brewing cycles, offers hot water dispensing, and quietly brews and ejects biodegradable coffee and tea pods. Equipped with an internal bin that holds up to 50 used pods, you can’t go wrong.

For more information on making the switch to biodegradable breakroom products, contact the team at BostonbeaN today!

Make Your Employees Happy with the Perfect Break Room

Many people spend more hours a day at their place of employment than in their own homes; so it makes sense for employers to provide a place for its workers to chill, engage with one another, and refresh with an enjoyable beverage and snack. The perfect break room will vary from business to business and from employee to employee. The best way to make sure you’re providing a room that meets the needs of your workers is to ask them what they desire in a break room. Here are some guidelines to features that aim to please.

All About the Coffee:

Now more than ever, as America has embraced a strong coffee culture, employee break rooms must feature a good cup of java. And it needs to be on the house! It’s a small price to pay for the reward of an immediate boost in employee productivity and satisfaction. Caffeine increases attention span, improves focus and boosts mental energy!  BostonbeaN has a wide and diverse array of coffee and tea drinks that will be the perfect match for your employees’ bean cravings.

Something for Everyone:

If you have a fit staff that prides itself on healthy lifestyle choices, sports drinks and specialty waters may take center stage, along with fresh and nutritious snack choices like nuts, yogurt and fresh fruits. Or perhaps your staff is a bit more old school and interested in a straight up Cup of Joe and a sugary treat to get through the 3 o’clock fade. Maybe you have a bunch of millennials on staff who want barista style and quality coffee drinks and gourmet chocolates. Knowing your staff will definitely help determine how to stock the break room shelves and counters.

No Work Zone:

Keep in mind that an employee break room is just that – a space for workers to relax for a few minutes and enjoy some refreshment. It is not a place where you need a conference table and working lunches!

The company break room is a place where your employees can have some down time to reboot, which actually will keep them more focused and engaged when they return to their tasks. A simple table that will accommodate several people socializing is a must. Others will prefer some alone time during their down time-think comfy chair with small side table for drink and snack where they can browse through a magazine. Still others will want to sit around a small café table with a few chairs where they can talk in small groups.

Arrange some seating in front of windows so they can connect with nature and hang some attractive artwork on the walls.

Encourage your staff to get out of the building for some fresh air during lunch time when the weather is nice. But a break room is crucial for rainy days and shorter break times to keep your staff motivated when they need a mid-morning or mid-afternoon pick me up.

All Work and No Play:

Google is famous for providing world class break rooms that feature games and activities like foosball, billiards, video games and ping pong. It works for them and their culture. The key is finding out what works for yours! A little physical activity helps give the brain a break and can restore focus.

Others workers may want more laid back distractions like TV, books and magazines. The key is to provide the opportunity to have a much-needed break from work tasks.

BostonbeaN Coffee Company in Woburn, Massachusetts sources the best products to stock your company break room with quality coffee, tea drinks and snack products. Keep your employees happy, alert and motivated by providing great coffee, tea, soft drinks and the perfect snack foods. We listen to your unique breakroom needs. Give us a call today at 1-800-Hit-Brew (800-448-2739) to learn more about our many product and machine options.



Build the Perfect Break Room with These Must-Haves

The break room in your workplace should be a place of relaxation and rejuvenation for your employees. Whether they use it to prepare and eat their lunch or just take a break from their desks and chat with their co-workers, the employer’s objective must be to make it comfortable, attractive and convenient. Here are five features that every break room should have and one more essential element to making it a success.

Coffee – Of Course

Whether it’s Monday morning, the 2 p.m. slump, or working late at night on a must-finish project, many employees must have their caffeine fix. Coffee may be the most common – and most highly demanded – perk of any workplace. But with the much-increased appreciation for high-quality coffee and specialty coffee drinks in recent years, garden-variety drip coffee or instant (the horror!) may not be attractive to many employees. Consider having a high quality pod coffee maker and a cold brew system in your break room so that employees can make the perfect cup every time. You probably also have workers who aren’t big on coffee, so you should offer alternatives such as teas, energy drinks and other cold beverages.

Healthy Snacks

Though your employees probably either bring or order in their lunches, it’s always nice to have healthy snacks available when their energy flags. Items such as granola bars, fruit, popcorn, fresh veggies and dip are great munchies that hungry workers can grab whenever they need them.

Comfortable Seating

No one likes taking a break or eating their lunch on a cheap steel folding chair. Have comfortable sofas and chairs for your workers and proper dining tables for sit-down lunches.


When your workers come into the break room, are they able to easily locate flatware, dishes, drinking cups, condiments and other items? Adequate shelving, cabinet space and drawer storage are necessary to get and keep the break room organized. Also essential for maintaining order is responsibility. Put someone in charge of keeping the break room neat and organized.

Interactive Technology

You might think your employees get enough technology at their desks, but everyone appreciates having some fun in the break room. Consider installing a video gaming system or other interactive technology that workers can play when it’s time for a break.

Employee Input

Not sure what your employees want in their break room? You shouldn’t be. You need to ask them. Everyone who uses the room should be involved in decisions about what is included. Hold a meeting and ask for ideas or pass out questionnaires to get input.

A break room that is well organized and well stocked with drinks and snacks, has comfortable seating, and provides a fun environment supports team morale and productivity. It’s a wise investment for most companies.

BostonBeaN Coffee Company offers complete break-room solutions to companies in greater Boston, including hot and cold coffee systems, teas, snacks, cold beverages, break room supplies and management services. For more information, contact BostonBeaN Coffee Company today. Call 800-Hit-Brew (448-2739).