Spring Into Flavor: 7 Refreshing Snack Ideas Perfect for the Season

With spring comes mouth-watering fresh fruit and vegetable snacks at the peak of flavor. BostonbeaN ensures your team stays well fed and energized by offering an amazing selection of Grab & Go Fresh Foods for your office break room. Some ideas for refreshing snacks include:

1. Sandwiches

Whether your employees crave a PB&J, a turkey club or an Italian sub, BostonbeaN has got your mid-day cravings covered with these and many more offerings. Break room picnic, anyone?

2. Fresh Salads

Choose from a variety of salads, vegetarian or with various protein options, for a healthy weekday lunch. We offer Greek, garden, tuna, spinach and more. When you need a little extra energy in the middle of the day, enjoy the crunch of fresh vegetables topped with your favorite dressing.

greek salad

3. Parfaits

Sometimes savory isn’t going to cut it – you need sweet. BostonBeaN offers several parfait flavors, including blueberry, apple, strawberry, s’mores, white cake vanilla, and strawberry shortcake. A parfait in the middle of the afternoon gives you enough pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the work day.

4. Fresh Fruit & Veggies

Fruit and veggie cups are a great way to stay focused throughout the day without resorting to guilty pleasures.

5. Protein Packs

Salami and prosciutto pair perfectly with provolone cheese and pepperoncini for a protein-laden midday snack. Try our cheese, grapes & Wheat Thins protein pack, or our hummus, pita, celery & carrot stick protein pack.

protein snacks

6. Salads

While macaroni and potato salads are normally eaten as sides, they can also make great, refreshing snacks when you need an infusion of carbs in the middle of the day.

7. Prepackaged Snacks

Need a quick pick-me-up? Grab one of our prepackaged snack offerings, including Nature Valley bars and Blue Diamond nuts.

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From Coffee Perks to Office Perks, Our Top-Notch Pantry Setup Should Be Considered an Employee Benefit

Would you like to boost office morale and performance, lower employee turnover rate, and make your company an attractive option for skilled employees? If so, a top-notch office pantry set-up may be all you need to reach these goals.

What Do Coffee and Snacks Do for Your Workers?

Food and drinks provide the fuel your body needs to work well throughout the day. If your workers don’t have access to coffee and snacks in the workplace, they’ll head out of the office to find what they need. In fact, one estimate shows that 2.4 billion hours of productivity are lost each year when employees leave the office to find food and coffee.

office coffee and snacks

Even so, having gourmet coffee and snacks readily available isn’t only about keeping workers in the office during work hours. There are many great benefits for workers and business owners alike. Here are some of the most important ones:

Improved performance

Over half of employees say they hit an energy slump in the afternoon if they don’t have an afternoon snack. Providing easy access to good snacks will improve performance during the second half of the workday.

Lower employee turnover rate

Providing free food in the office increases employee happiness by 11%. Needless to say, happy employees are less likely to quit or fail to show up for work.

Boosting employee health and well-being

There’s a connection between eating too much junk food and serious health problems such as diabetes, heart problems and stroke. Giving your employees easy access to healthy snacks benefits both you and them.

Attracting new talent

Coffee and snacks are the second most-desired perk after gym/yoga membership. Offering free drinks and snacks can help increase your odds of finding good employees even during the current labor shortage.

happy employees with office coffee

Let BostonbeaN Perk Up Your Employees

BostonbeaN specializes in providing gourmet coffee and tea options for workplaces in all industries. We also offer an unbeatable Pantry Service tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes:

  • Glass-front coolers, snack shelves, and baskets (for qualifying customers)
  • Professional help choosing the right snacks for any workplace
  • Advice on food trends to ensure your pantry meets employee needs and expectations

Investing in a complimentary pantry service for your staff will pay off in the long run. Check out the full guide to our delivery services or get in touch with us today to find out if you can qualify for our Pantry Service program. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan that meets your exact needs and budget.

Ready to Up Your Pantry-Service Game? Here’s Why BostonbeaN Should Be Your Star Player

Much like the great Boston sports teams where the intangibles made them champions, little things make BostonbeaN stand out. Our sport is serving Boston-area offices with elite coffee, beverage, and pantry services. This allows our business customers to get back some precious time to focus on company growth, knowing that they’re serving employees with snacks and beverages that help fuel their day. 

Beyond the Basics

Of course, BostonbeaN carries the basics that every office needs, like classic coffee, tea, and beverages. But we also deliver trending choices like cold brew coffee. Because of its ongoing success in the office, we continue to offer touchless options to help keep employees safe and healthy. 

coffee beans

Star Qualities

As BostonbeaN continues to evolve to meet the needs of employees in the Boston workforce, options change. If you haven’t refreshed your pantry order since the Celtics’ last championship, you may not realize some of the additions to our pantry menu. It includes gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, and more natural, healthy options.  

BostonbeaN customizes visits and services tailored to your needs, with options like glass-front coolers and shelving. One favorite for savvy business owners is the product-usage reports that allow you to spend efficiently and provide exactly what your employees want.   

A cross-section of BostonbeaN’s pantry portfolio: 

✔ Dynamic snack offering focused on healthy and sustainably friendly snacks 

✔ A wide variety of unique gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, all-natural, and soy-free products 

✔ Assortment of snacks to combat burnout by delivering a boost of energy when it’s needed the most 

✔ Snacks offered in individual servings, such as nuts, trail mixes, dried fruit, chips, cookies, and more 

full pantry of snacksRefresh Your Pantry and Beverage Service 

Does your beverage service need a makeover? Contact the team at BostonbeaN to cover all of your company’s needs including pantry services, coffee and tea, food & snacks, cold beverages, and breakroom supplies. Please contact us to find out if our Pantry Services program is a good fit for your office. 

Why Snacks Are a Must-Have in the Office

Your mom was right to feed you a snack right after school. Those grumbly stomach noises mid-morning and mid-afternoon are telling you something important. To be productive, creative, and energized, you need snacks about every three hours to boost your energy throughout the day.

Snacking Mitigates Overeating

As contradictory as it seems, healthy snacking throughout the day decreases mealtime hunger, thus minimizing overeating. A strategy of small snacks to supplement full meals helps people maintain their energy throughout the day. The ideal snack is ready-made, convenient, easily transported and ready-to-eat.

Healthy Snacks for the Win!

Healthy snacks that boost energy should be low in sugar and made with natural ingredients. Like all foods, the best snacks are a mix of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. Benefits include:

  • Boosting your metabolism, so your body runs more efficiently
  • Fueling your physical activities and brainpower
  • Helping banish cravings
  • Optimizing nutrition by leveling up essential nutrients
  • Lowering your risk of some diseases like heart disease, diabetes, and cholesterol

why snacks are a must have in office

Powering Through With Protein Packs

BostonbeaN offers snacks to satisfy every craving, for those at their desk or on the go. Our popular protein packs keep customers satisfied by providing tasty yet powerful blends, including:

  • Hummus, Chicken or Tuna Salad and Pita with cheese, carrot/celery, and grape side(s)
  • Cheese, grapes, and crackers
  • Salami, Provolone, Prosciutto, and Pepperoncini

Naturally Good Snacking Packs

Nothing is more natural than fresh fruit or yogurt. Did you know BostonbeaN can deliver:

  • Apples/Oranges/Bananas
  • Grapes
  • Fruit Cups
  • Veggie Cups
  • Lemons
  • Cheese sticks
  • Yogurt: regular and Greek

These fresh and natural snacks will give you guilt-free energy throughout the day.

Sometimes You Crave Savory

BostonbeaN can satisfy that savory craving with favorites like:

  • Roasted Nuts
  • A variety of savory chips
  • Popcorn
  • Beef jerky

Not every snack has to check all the boxes. Sometimes, you’re just craving a crunchy, savory snack. Leaning into one of these between meals will keep you from going overboard at mealtime.

office snacks

…And Sometimes You Crave Sweet

BostonbeaN to the rescue. Satisfy that sweet tooth with:

  • Cookies with chocolate inside or out
  • Peanut butter cups
  • Fig-filled cookies
  • Oat bites
  • Granola bars
  • Cake, s’mores, or fruit parfaits

When you crave sweet treats, these choices will satisfy your sweet tooth without ruining your dinner.

Whether maintaining a constant metabolism, boosting brain food during the day, or satisfying a craving for a sweet or savory snack, BostonbeaN has got you covered. Check out our choices for fresh and pre-packaged snacks to keep your employees focused on their tasks rather than mid-day cravings.

What’s in Your Pantry?

If you work in an office, chances are you have a breakroom or kitchen. No matter the number of employees, it’s important to have one. Today’s office kitchens have gone beyond a standard refrigerator, table and chairs. They have become creative spaces where employees can lounge, relax and mingle. One of the most important elements of these kitchens is the pantry.

Pantry Must-Haves

Since the office pantry is a hub of activity, there are a few essentials no pantry should be without:

  • Caffeine – Whether it’s coffee, tea or hot chocolate, employees look for this type of pick-me-up throughout the day. A coffeemaker and hot water dispenser are must-haves. When providing this benefit to employees, sugar, cream and stirrers should be handy. There are even some offices that go the extra mile with Keurig or espresso machines.
  • Microwave – Many employees choose to bring their lunch to work even if there is a café on premises. Nothing is better than being able to heat up your food and have a hot meal at lunch.
  • Dishware/Cutlery – Disposable cutlery and plates are an absolute. This comes in handy for employees who need a plate to heat up their food, for visitors who need a cup or cutlery, and for those office functions where food is being served. It’s convenient, employees can clean up after themselves, and the kitchen will be free from clutter and mess.
  • Snacks – This is definitely a perk, but many offices see this as an expense they can’t go without. Providing snacks like ready-to-eat soup packets, cookies, fruit and snack bars make a difference – especially if the employees must come in very early or stay late. It helps keep up morale and high levels of productivity.
  • Condiments – Have you ever gone to get food or warmed up your food from home and forgot the salt? How about the butter, ketchup or mayo? Having this on hand is very convenient.
  • Refrigerator – A refrigerator serves several purposes. It keeps food chilled until lunchtime; cold milk handy for coffee, tea and cereal; and cold juices ready to drink.

pantry service is one way to ensure your pantry is always well stocked for your employees and guests. BostonBeaN Coffee Company services companies of all sizes in the Boston area, adapting to consistently evolving office spaces. For more information, contact an associate today at 1-800-HIT-BREW (800-448-2739).