Want to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office? Here’s How

As more science becomes available to help battle the Covid-19 pandemic, business owners are now able to open up offices to their staff again. This checklist can help employers get staff who have been working from home back into the office, while also helping those dedicated employees feel safe and excited about returning to in-person work.

Want to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office Here's How 1. Have Safety in Mind

Help staff feel safe by continuing to sanitize and clean high-traffic and high-touch areas. Or better yet, use touchless equipment that minimizes the spread of Covid-19. You can also invest in NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces that can be placed on high-touch areas such as door handles to keep staff feeling cared for.

2. Continue to Be Flexible

Working from home allowed people to spend more time with loved ones, take more mental health days, and also have a sense of balance in their personal and work life. Offer your employees that same flexibility, from little perks such as extra breaks and time to grab a cold brew coffee, to taking days off to work from home when they feel overwhelmed.

3. Listen to Staff Health Concerns

Listen to employees when they point out health and safety concerns, and fix problems immediately. For instance, aerosol transmission of viruses has become a concern for staff, so investing in air purifiers can help lower the spread of Covid-19 and other seasonal viruses as well.

4. Offer Perks Such as Extra Pay and LunchesWant to Entice Your Employees Back to the Office Here's How

If possible, offering incentives such as extra pay can be enough to help staff feel valued for returning to the office. In addition, offer complementary lunches or individually wrapped snacks in the break room for staff to enjoy any time!

5. Upgrade

No one wants to return to a dull, drab office after working from home. Make some upgrades to your office space that will make employees excited about returning to work, such as new office furniture, upgraded maintenance and equipment. Swap out the old, stained coffee maker for a new Nespresso machine that offers staff the state-of-the-art brewed coffee they deserve.

Whether it’s being flexible, offering perks, or keeping safety in mind, getting staff back into the office is as simple as showing them you care. As a boss, take the first step to keeping your dedicated employees happy, healthy and safe by reaching out to BostonbeaN and BostoncleaN.

Employees Returning to the Office? Enhance the Workplace Environment With These Perks

As businesses continue to adapt alongside COVID-19, employers have to consider the best ways to draw people back to the office. Luckily, companies have so many ways they can update their workspace to make it appealing for employees and promote wellness, productivity and morale.

Vary Your Atmosphere

Different work environments suit different employees. Spaces like relaxation and social rooms give employees a choice on where they’d like to do their work. For example, an office library can help those who need a quiet space to focus, while social rooms with games, newspapers, magazines and food allow employees to relax.

Offer Healthy Food

Employers can foster a more comfortable, productive environment by providing delicious, filling food in the office or through delivery. For little pick-me-ups throughout the day, cold brew, nitro coffee and a gorgeous selection of teas hit the spot. Even the simple addition of an upgraded water system such as Bevi has the potential to revolutionize your workplace environment and employees’ attitudes.

Be Flexible

Flexible schedules could make all the difference to your employees. Depending on the business, employees can divide time between home and the office, set their own work hours or make up time if they have family commitments. Employers help their staff by establishing expectations, clearly communicating and acting with empathy.

Consider Financial Incentives

Financial incentives like stipends, reimbursements and paid time off nurture loyalty and appreciation in employees. Some companies reimburse their employees for commuting costs, while others find childcare stipends necessary for returning parents. Offering a bonus to returning employees also helps encourage people back to the workplace.

Focus on the Benefits

A comfortable, welcoming workplace will lead to improved mindsets, more creative ideas and more effective collaboration. Workplace productivity as a whole increases when employees feel valued by their employers and managers. By investing in your employees’ space and wellness, you can rest assured that your business will thrive.

Sustain Employees With BostonbeaN

Ensure you have everything you need for employees’ post-pandemic return to the office with BostonbeaN coffee and breakroom services. We have all the food, beverages and supplies your employees could want, ready for the breakroom or delivered to your workplace. Treat your team to some extra perks by reaching out to BostonbeaN at 1-800-HIT BREW or through our website.

How Can You Increase Productivity In The Workplace?

Achieving overall business goals and tasks timely and efficiently—the dream of most office managers and employees. The definition of “productivity” will likely vary for different types of businesses. Increased productivity could equate to meeting deadlines ahead of schedule, gaining higher patron satisfaction, or seeing increases in bottom-line revenue. With those varying needs in mind, we offer a few ways to boost workplace output.

increase workplace productivityInvest in Employees with Proper Training and Skill Development

Team members who feel confused about what their actual duties are or how to successfully implement them have production levels that suffer. Feeling confused also demoralizes team members, which is the same result of employees feeling stagnant in their position—even if they are high performers.

By providing them with exceptional job training and keeping them inspired for potential growth through skill development opportunities, workers tend to be motivated to do better work. Overall, this is great for both the company and staff, making this approach a wise investment.

Give Workers More Flexibility in The Work Setting

Today’s technology makes working remotely possible for many professions, and in some industries,  telecommuting is becoming the new norm. The 2019 Future Workforce Report estimates that more than 70% of departments will have part- or full-time remote workers by 2028.

Telecommuting has actually shown to increase productivity in most workers (of course, some aren’t cut out for self-time management). However, having the option of skipping commuting to the office saves time, and employees enjoy the freedom that working from home offers. Happy team members tend to be the greatest assets of any company.

Steer Clear of Micromanaging Staffincrease workplace productivity

It could be argued that most individuals prefer not to work with employers that attempt to control the staff, watching their every move just waiting to catch them slacking off. Demonstrations of controlling management makes staff feel untrusted, which is not a good way to approach productivity increases.

Establish a Pleasant Workspace

Traditional office spaces aren’t the most comfortable of exciting places to be, and no one wants to be trapped at their desk all day when not telecommuting. Keep your team engaged and feeling appreciated by creating a pleasant environment with amenities that encourage much-needed breaks.

Tired or uncomfortable team members can’t be top producers, but companies can take action to help ease their daily grind in the office through several effective approaches.

  • Minimize excess noise when possible for less distractions to promote greater concentration.
  • Maintain comfortable office temperatures in the office.
  • Inadequate lighting—or the wrong kind—has been shown to increase mistakes through reduced focus which hampers productivity.
  • Enhance your employees’ break room with snacks and beverage centers.
  • Provide “resting rooms” or a space with recliners for power naps.

While you might need professional contractors to assist with environmental distractions, the experts at BostonbeaN Coffee Company have your snack and drink needs covered!

Explore BostonbeaN Coffee Company’s Catalog of Breakroom Supplies

Here at BostonbeaN Coffee Company, we provide the finest breakroom supplies including healthy snacks, traditional coffee and tea services and even innovative cold press coffee and tea makers like the new Bunn Nitron. Need shelving or displays for your office goodies? We provide those too, along with customized services to help you optimize your budget based on usage and much more. Call 1 800 HIT BREW (800-448-2739) for a consultation with a member of our team.

Our Love for Tea and Why it Stands the Test of Time

different types of teaTea has been around for millennia. No one knows exactly who discovered it, but there are strong indications that drinking tea first became popular in Eastern nations before making its way into Europe and the Americas.

It’s not surprising that Asians were the first to drink tea. Most of the world’s tea crop is still grown in this region. China comes in first place for producing the most tea in the world, followed by India and Kenya. Ironically, none of these countries makes the list of the top five tea-drinking nations in the world today: Turkey, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Iran and Russia.

You can drink tea at any time of the day or night, although some teas are better for certain times. You can add lemon or honey to your brew or enjoy it plain and/or with a small snack on the side. Many drinkers prefer small cups that cool quickly, but you can drink from a large mug if you please.

why drink tea in an office Why Drink Tea?

Many people drink tea for the taste. This isn’t surprising, considering there are many flavors – both caffeinated and decaffeinated – to pick from. At the same time, tea has remained extremely popular for so long because it offers an amazing array of health benefits you won’t want to miss out on.

  • Green tea is a superfood. It can soothe a sore throat, lower the risk of heart disease, regulate blood sugar levels, promote weight loss, alleviate depression, and more.
  • Black tea is rich in antioxidants and good for your heart. It can also lower your blood pressure, improve gut health, and reduce the risk of stroke and cancer.
  • Oolong tea is heart-healthy and lowers your risk of diabetes and cancer. It promotes weight loss, maintains good gut health, and strengthens your bones. It’s also good for your teeth.

Top-Tier Tea at Your Fingertips

Coffee is still king, and Americans drink more of this brew than tea, juice, and soda combined. Even so, tea shouldn’t be forgotten when considering drinks for the workplace.

BostonbeaN offers cutting-edge, touchless coffee machines that make an array of hot and cold brews. At the same time, the company provides tea brewers along with a host of tea flavors. Both are ideal options for any breakroom to ensure your workers have their drink of choice whenever they need it. Contact us to learn more about our coffee and tea brewing options, or to schedule an in-office demo at your convenience.

Tips for Boosting Employee Morale in 2021

There’s no denying that putting 2020 in the rearview mirror is something we all are looking forward to! As you take your business into 2021, things will be much different, whether you’re going back onsite or plan to continue online operations.
With morale likely low and employees stressed, it’s more important than ever to reward their continued efforts while placing an emphasis on their health and wellbeing.
Focusing on these goals makes them feel appreciated and uplifts morale during unprecedented times. We have some great tips that will help staff feel valued and that you care about their overall safety and health.

Reward Staff With Greater Flexibilitytips for boosting employee morale

Allow staff to tend to their needs while staying productive with their work. Allowing for flexible hours or full-time or part-time hybrid hours remotely alleviates some of the stress of juggling everything in accordance with the pandemic changes. Stress is the No. 1 killer in the United States, so any way you can offer employees greater autonomy right now will be appreciated. Be sure to let them have days off when needed in these unpredictable times.

Establish an Online Community for Staff

Even if your team returns to work, the entire company can benefit from having a supportive and informative community. The community can be used as an online update board, as a place for staff to share successes, or as a place to share staff recognitions or achievements in business goals. You can promote a more positive environment by keeping staff in touch with each other. After all, the constraints of social distancing hinder communications, which are pivotal to ensuring greater company stability.

Offer Staff Wellness & Mental Health Programs

Provide an outlet where your team members can get mental health and wellness assistance remotely. In addition to being a supportive manager or owner, giving them a subscription to a popular wellness app is sure to be appreciated in these challenging times. You might find the program successful in boosting morale that will be useful when normal operations resume and your healthy team returns to work.

Recognize Team Members With Swag

Everyone loves free stuff, especially when it’s something they can really use. Show staff you appreciate them with thoughtful gifts that can be personally presented at the office, or deliver swag directly to their homes. Useful gift ideas include:
• Self-Heating Mugs
• Headphones or Earbuds
• Home Office Goodie Boxes
• Custom Face Masks
• Gift Certificates
• Entertainment Subscriptions (Netflix, Hulu, etc.)
• BostonbeaN Gift Boxes filled with our coffee, tea, mugs, snacks, PPE and more!

A Gift That Keeps on Giving

For staff that have returned to work, make them feel appreciated by stocking up a safe snack zone filled with goodies like individually wrapped treats and healthy snacks, along with superior coffee and tea served with touchless systems. We can help you check all those items off your to-do list with just one call to BostonbeaN Coffee Co.

Holiday Office Parties During COVID-19

The holiday season is here, but things are looking a little different in the office due to COVID-19. While traditional office parties may be off the table, there are still a few ways to keep the joyful spirit of teamwork going. Here are a few suggestionnanoseptic self cleaning surfacess:

  • Private Gathering
    If you have a small office, a private gathering in a fairly open space could work. Skip the buffet and have a plated dinner to avoid contamination of open food containers, etc.
  • Winter Wonderland Walk/Drive-Thru
    This is a perfect way for employees to feel appreciated and socially distant while having fun. Decorate a park or the company grounds, turning it into a beautiful winter wonderland. Employees can walk or drive through with their families. Gifts, packaged treats, and hot chocolate can be passed out at the beginning. If your company usually gives out awards, make those a part of the lighted presentation.
  • Movie Night Drive-In
    Who doesn’t love holiday movies? The company can create a series or one night where alldrive in for covid-19 holiday party employees and their families come together and enjoy the movie via drive-in. Pre-packaged concessions can be available for giveaways or purchases, and holiday bags or bonuses can be passed out at the event. There can also be a pre-show option where awards are announced and any other information for moving into the New Year.

COVID-19 is a serious matter, and keeping employees safe is a priority. At every event and in the office, touch-free surfaces should be implemented. BostonbeaN provides NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces to protect employees touching door handles, elevator buttons, push doors, touchscreens and all the common places staff may regularly touch.

If employees have to work in the office, ensuring their breakroom is free of contaminants by using touchless coffee machines and water filtration systems adds a layer of safety and protection every day and throughout the holiday season.

Have you considered implementing systems and planning of this kind in your organization? Make your office safe and holidays fun! For more information on NanoSeptic and touchless coffee machines and water filtration systems, contact our team at BostonbeaN today.

BostoncleaN is Taking Air-Purification to the Next Level

These are crazy times with the safety and security of employees and customers at an all-time high. While keeping surfaces protected and sanitized on a regular basis, it’s also time to consider air quality. COVID-19 has already provided major setbacks, with office and other public spaces severely compromised.

According to the World Health Organization, air pollution is the greatest environmental risk to health, with the need for clean air being a major priority. In addition, a nationwide study shows a link between dirty air and either death or serious illness from COVID-19.

BostoncleaN provides Nanoseptic self-cleaning surfaces that immediately sanitize door handles, elevator buttons, push doors, touchscreens, and all the common places staff or customers touch on a consistent basis.

In addition to touchless coffee machines and water filtration systems, PPE, and cleaning supplies, we now offer Aeramax Pro III and Celios air purification systems that supplement HVAC and MERV systems currently used in office spaces. One of the best things about these systems is that they address smaller gathering points throughout the office like conference rooms, bathrooms, personal offices, and breakrooms.

Why this is great for a business:

  • Cleans air where employees work
  • Promotes healthier workspaces
  • Works with current HVAC systems
  • Smart, effective, integrated, and reliable
  • Commercial-grade durability
  • Patented EnviroSmart Technology with two sensing modes
  • Laser sensors measure sound, motion, and air quality
  • With PureView, you can see and feel the difference
  • Wall-mountable models

With COVID-19 continuing to increase in cases, offering high-level protection in all areas of the work environment is key. We are working with BostoncleaN, a division of BostonbeaN, to roll out a program for air purification systems, which is the first of its kind in the Boston area. Contact us for more information at (781) 935-3100 to see how you can improve the air quality in your organization for your employees and customers.

How to Make a Great Impression During Online Job Interviews

Online job interviews can be stressful for both parties. The person applying for a job will naturally be nervous about his or her virtual performance. However, interviewers may also wonder if they’ve made a good impression on a job candidate, especially if the position is specialized and suitable candidates are in short supply.

The good news is that you can eliminate a lot of the stress surrounding job interviews with a bit of preparation and practice. Here are some tips to get you started on the right foot.

Tips for Job Candidates

Are you looking for a job? If so, put your best foot forward by preparing ahead of time:

  • Check your equipment beforehand to ensure your microphone and video camera are working well.
  • Choose a spot with good lighting and a professional background.
  • Choose your clothes ahead of time and make sure they’re clean and ironed.
  • Eat before (or after) the interview. Bringing food or beverages to the table is unprofessional.
  • Research the company and position. Be prepared to ask questions as well as to answer them.

Tips for Interviewers

If you’re interviewing a job candidate, you can prepare ahead of time by doing the following:

  • Review the job application and create a list of questions you want to ask.
  • Check your equipment in advance to make sure everything is working properly.
  • Communicate with coworkers who may be participating in the interview. Decide ahead of time who will ask certain questions, share certain information, etc.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about salary, benefits, expected work schedule, precautions taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19, etc.
  • If you’re conducting the interview from home, make sure you have a professional background and dress appropriately for the interview. A sloppy background puts the company in a bad light.

Creating a Welcoming Atmosphere for New Workers

If you’re conducting a virtual interview from your company office, be prepared to showcase a professional office setup to attract top-tier workers. A clean, sanitized, organized work environment is sure to impress anyone who is serious about advancing his or her career.

BostoncleaN makes this task easy by offering personal protective equipment, NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces, and air purifiers to keep your work environment 100% sanitized at all times. We use only the highest-quality materials and supplies to ensure your office environment is safe for your valuable staff members during this challenging time. Check out our offerings at your convenience, or place an order to discover why companies throughout the area are turning to BostoncleaN to meet their office PPE and sanitation needs.

Thank You to Our Clients!

A Big Thank You To Our Clients!

We would not be here without the loyalty and generosity of our clients and business partners!

As BostonbeaN and our new division BostoncleaN continue to service the few clients who are back in the workplace we want to take a moment to publicly thank our business partners and clients for going above and beyond our wildest expectations. Over the last ten months both have shown their true colors. Some of our business partners have extended terms, taken back expired product and supported us with products for our care packages and gift boxes.

And our clients!!!

BostonbeaN is blessed to have clients who care so much about our well-being. Recognizing our situation as a company who provides solely to the workplace, our clients have so generously supported us by purchasing gift and care boxes for their employees working from home, used BostoncleaN as the source for all PPE, purchased air purification systems and even kept true to rental agreements while their offices remained closed. We had a few clients who offered to cover the payroll for the hours we would have spent in their office if they had not been closed during the pandemic. Another client provided a check for Covid-19 services not yet rendered. The list goes on and on. While we still have a long road back and lots of hard work ahead of us, we are so grateful to our clients.

Thanks to you we have been able to keep most of our staff actively employed.

Steve Serino

Vice President

BostonbeaN / BostoncleaN

Does Your Business Need a Coffee-Experience Upgrade for 2021?

Coffee addicts look forward to having a good cup of Joe to start the day or raise their midday alertness levels. Office coffee doesn’t always have the greatest reputation. Providing great break room coffee can improve morale and productivity as well as earn your company a bit of goodwill with the workforce.

Learn how coffee breaks benefit employees and employers alike and how you can take your break room experience to the next level!

Why Is the Break Room So Important?

use a coffee delivery service or provide great coffee breaks to employeesA few minutes of talking to coworkers can help employees clear their minds and avoid burnout. You can create a positive experience in the break room that helps employees recharge their batteries. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Splurge for good break room coffee. Providing different flavors, plus caffeinated and decaf options, help employees feel pampered without breaking the budget.
  • Add healthy snack options to give employees a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Offering coffee and snacks at work keeps employees from heading to the donut shop twice a day. This is a productivity boost well worth the cost.

Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Station

employee on coffee breakYou can get fancy with no-contact coffee service that enables employees to order coffee with an app. Single-cup brewing allows you to finally get rid of coffee pots that no one wants to clean. Here’s a high-level look at how to elevate your break room coffee options:

  • Move to single-cup brewing for easy cleanup and always fresh flavor.
  • The cold-brew coffee and tea trend has grown from a fad to a staple of the coffee industry. While immersing ground coffee in cold water for a full day seems impractical for the typical office setup, you can still offer cold brew coffee to employees with the help of Nitro Cold Brew. This process uses mini nitrogen bubbles to steep your favorite blends with rich flavor and a lush, creamy texture.
  • No-touch coffee brewers and water dispensers are just what the doctor ordered. Help prevent the spread of germs with a contactless coffee and water system. Choose from high-end models built for long-lasting use such as the following:
    • TopBrewer: Order from an app for contactless coffee brewing.
    • Virtu Bean to Cup: Choose from fancy blends such as espresso, cappuccino and latte.
    • Encore29 Bean to Cup: Enjoy your personal “French Press” with the touch of a button. Dozens of beverage options include coffee, iced coffee, cappuccino, mocha latte, French vanilla, and vanilla chai.
    • Flavia C600: Take your break room coffee experience to the highest level. This model serves specialty drinks to your large office team. It delivers fresh steamed milk and coffee flavors into every delicious cup.
    • Nespresso Momento 100: When employees want to order from an app, they scan a QR code for a beverage chosen via their smartphone. There are 13 espresso flavors to choose from, and you can spoil your hard-working team with americanos, lattes and espressos.

You can find all the brands you love just just how you like them with office coffee service from BostonbeaN!