Does Your Business Need a Coffee-Experience Upgrade for 2021?

Coffee addicts look forward to having a good cup of Joe to start the day or raise their midday alertness levels. Office coffee doesn’t always have the greatest reputation. Providing great break room coffee can improve morale and productivity as well as earn your company a bit of goodwill with the workforce.

Learn how coffee breaks benefit employees and employers alike and how you can take your break room experience to the next level!

Why Is the Break Room So Important?

use a coffee delivery service or provide great coffee breaks to employeesA few minutes of talking to coworkers can help employees clear their minds and avoid burnout. You can create a positive experience in the break room that helps employees recharge their batteries. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Splurge for good break room coffee. Providing different flavors, plus caffeinated and decaf options, help employees feel pampered without breaking the budget.
  • Add healthy snack options to give employees a mid-morning or afternoon pick-me-up.
  • Offering coffee and snacks at work keeps employees from heading to the donut shop twice a day. This is a productivity boost well worth the cost.

Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Coffee Station

employee on coffee breakYou can get fancy with no-contact coffee service that enables employees to order coffee with an app. Single-cup brewing allows you to finally get rid of coffee pots that no one wants to clean. Here’s a high-level look at how to elevate your break room coffee options:

  • Move to single-cup brewing for easy cleanup and always fresh flavor.
  • The cold-brew coffee and tea trend has grown from a fad to a staple of the coffee industry. While immersing ground coffee in cold water for a full day seems impractical for the typical office setup, you can still offer cold brew coffee to employees with the help of Nitro Cold Brew. This process uses mini nitrogen bubbles to steep your favorite blends with rich flavor and a lush, creamy texture.
  • No-touch coffee brewers and water dispensers are just what the doctor ordered. Help prevent the spread of germs with a contactless coffee and water system. Choose from high-end models built for long-lasting use such as the following:
    • TopBrewer: Order from an app for contactless coffee brewing.
    • Virtu Bean to Cup: Choose from fancy blends such as espresso, cappuccino and latte.
    • Encore29 Bean to Cup: Enjoy your personal “French Press” with the touch of a button. Dozens of beverage options include coffee, iced coffee, cappuccino, mocha latte, French vanilla, and vanilla chai.
    • Flavia C600: Take your break room coffee experience to the highest level. This model serves specialty drinks to your large office team. It delivers fresh steamed milk and coffee flavors into every delicious cup.
    • Nespresso Momento 100: When employees want to order from an app, they scan a QR code for a beverage chosen via their smartphone. There are 13 espresso flavors to choose from, and you can spoil your hard-working team with americanos, lattes and espressos.

You can find all the brands you love just just how you like them with office coffee service from BostonbeaN!

Why Antimicrobial Copper Film Should Be in Every Business

BostoncleaN’s antimicrobial copper film sticks to nonporous surfaces such as grip bars, door handles, tabletops, desks, counters and shelves. It helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. When germs, viruses and bacteria land on the copper film after someone coughs or sneezes, the copper surface goes to work. Ions of copper attack the bacteria, penetrating deep into the cell. Finally, it disrupts the metabolic action of the bacteria, making it impossible to create the DNA and RNA needed for the virus to spread.

antimicrobial copper filmWhat Types of Businesses Can Benefit from Copper Film?

Many types of businesses can use antimicrobial copper film, which facility managers and janitorial staff can adhere to desks, countertops, tables, food prep areas and treatment tables. Some of the organizations that benefit from copper films include:

  • Office buildings
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Restaurants
  • Industrial food-processing facilities
  • Retail outlets
  • Daycares
  • Long-term care facilities
  • Correctional institutions
  • Gyms
  • Banks
  • Spas

Where Can You Use Copper Film Strips to Fight COVID-19 and Other Germs?

You can use copper film strips on smooth surfaces. They mold easily around handrails, can be used to cover elevator buttons, and can be applied to various touch points to increase sanitation and hygiene in common areas. Here are a few examples of where other clients use BostoncleaN antibacterial copper strips:

  • Restroom doors
  • Shopping cart handles
  • Refrigerator doors
  • Coffee pot handles
  • Drawer pulls
  • Handicap rails in restrooms
  • Elevator buttons
  • Common touchpoints

Copper film make it easy to keep surfaces free of bacteria that can make clients, employees and vendors sick. You need this product in your arsenal of sanitation supplies to win the war on COVID-19 and other viruses.

Convenience and Consistency

According to internal test results, copper film eliminate up to 99.4 % of all bacteria in half an hour. We are happy to provide the test results for you upon request! Further, the copper ions destroy nearly all (99.9%) bacteria within four hours.

Best of all, BostoncleaN antibacterial copper film is completely safe to the human touch, and cleaning the film doesn’t impact its performance. The easy, peel-and-stick application makes installing the film hassle-free for your cleaning staff. If removed within six months, it leaves no residue upon removal. You can clean the film with soap and water or your favorite cleaning products.

Our copper film is FDA-compliant, and we are happy to provide a copy of this credential. Here are a few reasons you should invest in antibacterial copper film:

  • Custom fits for desks, tables, countertops
  • Custom applications and full-service applications available
  • Translucent copper color

Keep surfaces clean with this and other sanitation products for your office from BostoncleaN, a division of BostonbeaN Coffee Company. Let us help you maintain a sanitary work environment.

Keep Your Hands Clean

In the wake of COVID-19, health and safety remain huge concerns for everyone who works for your business or walks through your front door. Employees can keep their hands clean by properly using hand soap and sanitizer whenever their hands become contaminated. Additionally, you can provide the products they need to maintain appropriate hand hygiene.

When Should You Wash Your Hands?

According to the Mayo Clinic, employees can protect themselves and others by washing their hands.

hand hygiene productsWash your hands for health and safety before:

  • Eating and food preparation
  • Caring for someone who is sick
  • Removing or putting in contact lenses

Wash your hands for health and safety after:

  • Preparing food
  • Going to the restroom
  • Changing diapers
  • Feeding, cleaning up after, or petting an animal
  • Coughing, sneezing or blowing your nose

Washing Hands Properly

If soap and water are not available, you can substitute hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol. According to the Centers for Disease Control, sanitizers with 60 to 95% alcohol kill more germs than those with lower concentrations.

When you wash your hands, wet them before putting soap on them. Lather your hands and scrub between the fingers and back of the hands as well as your palms. You can use the trick of counting to 20 or singing “Happy Birthday” if that’s more fun!

Sourcing Hand Hygiene Productsvinyl gloves, a hand hygiene product

BostonbeaN has several products to help our clients and their employees practice good hand hygiene. You can check out our blog for information on how to use these products to reopen the office. If you need PPE, gloves, disinfectant wipes and hand soap, contact your BostonbeaN representative today.

To combat germs in the wake of the global pandemic, we have created BostoncleaN, a division that focuses on using nanotechnology to fight germs at the microscopic level. Ask your representative about how you can put this science to work in your office or other business space. Our products have nanocrystals that generate continuous oxidation that breaks down organic contaminants and turns them into harmless substances such as CO2. Learn more about NanoSeptic products and put them to work for your staff and clients.

Contact us today with any questions you have about BostoncleaN or BostonbeaN products and service in your area.

Make Your Break Room Safe & Clean with the Right Products

As more workers return to the physical workplace, there is a growing need for employers to take extra precautions against the spread of COVID-19. Having a clean break room that is sanitized is only part of what staff will expect from employers for safety.

You’ll want to have protocols in place, and let staff know what COVID precautions you are taking. Key things workers will expect are social distancing measures via office rearranging, adequate stay-at-home rules should someone get ill, and ample disinfectants and sanitizers on hand.

However, offices and the break room can prove a difficult beast to tame from pathogens and viruses due to multiple users. Here at BostonbeaN, we have several solutions that will make your employees feel secure and comfortable returning to work.

Nanoseptic cold brew tap handle for a clean break room

NanoSeptic Solutions Offers Three Months of Surface Protection

There’s limited cleaning service availability due to the pandemic, but having sanitized surfaces throughout the office and a clean break room is a must for worker and visitor safety. For three full months of organic, non-toxic protection, BostonbeaN offers revolutionary NanoSeptic self-cleaning surface solution that effectively oxidizes organic contaminants after being charged by any visible light.

NanoSeptic is ideal for public and commonly touched areas in the building such as push doors, elevator buttons, door handles, bathroom locks and handles, and other highly trafficked areas. This is a natural, long-lasting solution for those needing extra safety from viruses in the workplace.

Personal Protective Equipment: PPE for Optimal Office and Break Room Safety

Wearing proper face masks and perhaps even gloves might be office protocol, but employers can take many more steps in addition to these measures and NanoSeptic products. Staff and visitors will take great comfort in having access to protective personal equipment, or PPE, such as surface wipes, hand sanitizer gels or sprays, touchless sanitizer dispensers, and hard surface and aerosol disinfectant sprays.

For break room safety, consider implementing the use of touchless towel dispensers, individually wrapped snacks, plastic utensils, and disposable straws. However, a truly impressive COVID safety measure for the office is touchless water such as the Bevi and touchless coffee dispensers such as the Encore 29 or the TopBrewer.

Here at BostonbeaN, we are pleased to process both large and small bulk orders of PPE supplies and other break room necessities to promote cleanliness and sanitization throughout the workplace.

a clean break room

Touchless Coffee Brewing Systems: Order Coffee Worry-Free & Have a Clean Break Room

Imagine the risks of several people grabbing a coffee pot handle in these trying times. Ease this potential hazard with a touchless coffee brewing system such as TopBrewer. These coffee makers are highly sanitary and easy to use. Simply place your order on an Android or iPhone app, then hold a cup under the maker for hands-free coffee!

TopBrewer is a top choice because it offers order versatility, will memorize users’ orders, and can connect to a cloud server that lets you know when reordering or servicing is recommended. Check out our great selection of hands-free coffee, water and tea makers at BostonbeaN.

Show Staff and Patrons You Care With Extra Precautions

Here at BostonbeaN, we are industrial providers of cleaners, sanitizers and break room supplies, and we understand the challenges of getting things up and running in the office amid the “new normal.” Contact BostonbeaN today to discover how we can ease your burden and alleviate worries of guests and workers.

How to Boost Employee Morale During COVID-19

As employees return to work, uncertainty remains. This makes it more important than ever for employers to keep everyone engaged and active at work. Otherwise, you may end up with a morale issue and a corresponding drop in productivity.

Flexibility Equals Sanity

To keep employee moral high, managers must use finesse to set job expectations and manage employees who have worked remotely for months. Social distancing, essential/nonessential work and new rules related to the pandemic can take some getting used to.

Call on managers and employees to react to changes fluidly, without becoming bogged down and frustrated as requirements change. Also, employees with children at home and other family pressures may need unprecedented flexibility until things become more normal.
If you long for the 9-to-5 culture and business as usual, you will get there eventually. Until then, understanding and communication can raise morale and pull your team together.

employee morale

Provide Access to Resources

Improving employee morale starts with giving employees the proper resources to do a great job. If you have employees working from home, they may need a new laptop, a headset or a second monitor to complete their tasks effectively. Those who return to the office may also need new equipment and some time to adjust to working in a busy environment again.

Additionally, if you have an existing employee wellness program, consider making it more robust to deal with changes imposed by COVID-19. Stress levels at work may be compounded by employees’ concern for loved ones who may be sick or in a vulnerable category. Introducing health and wellness techniques that can help employees de-stress can improve both productivity and morale.

What If Someone Tests Positive for COVID-19?

You may be managing essential staff or getting ready to open the office for employees to return to work. Either way, it’s critical to review your policies regarding the privacy of those who test positive for COVID-19. Aim for striking a balance between the privacy of those tested and your staff’s right to know whether they have been exposed to danger.

Consider the following guidelines to help you refine your written notification policy:
• Communications regarding COVID-19 updates should come from the head of the company.
• Balance optimism and compassion with real facts that help employees stay informed.
• Ensure the medical privacy of workers who may test positive for the virus.


BostonbeaN Coffee offers home delivery of personal protective equipment (PPE), coffee and other products for remote workers. We also offer pantry services that you can incorporate into your company’s wellness program.


To Our Customers:

BostonbeaN has been taking proactive preventative measure as health & safety is a top priority in our food and safety quality management system. BostonbeaN has taken steps to ensure we are providing a healthy and safe environment for our employees as the health of our employees is vitally important as we continue to provide services to the workplace.

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Office Perks and Employee Happiness

Happy employees are productive employees, and those are people who are bettering your business and increasing your bottom line. Do you know when they are happy? Do you know what makes them happy? It is your obligation as an employer to ensure that the individuals who work for you are content. It benefits everyone, and we all rise up. Give your workplace a morale boost by checking in with your team and implementing strategies and office perks to improve the collective mood. We’ve got some tips for you.

office coffee machines, an important office perk, being used my employees

Work/Life Balance

One of the most common complaints about work in 21st century America is that we are never truly off the clock. Thanks to technology, many employees are always connected, for better or worse. We can work after the close of business to accommodate personal appointments and children’s schedules. We can work from the waiting room or the airport. But this freedom has a downside. Since we can always be on, available, and reachable, how can we ever be off? How can we completely disengage from work in order to recharge our batteries and reconnect with what really matters? We suggest that as an employer you implement boundaries and stick to them. Maybe you determine that certain employees can work on weekends, if they so choose, but no one else on the team is expected to respond until Monday. Some folks like to get in hours whenever they can, while others need two full days for family and fun in order to come back fresh and ready to hustle. Know what work/life balance means to each of your hires and support their quest to live a full home life, as well as a satisfying work life.

Support Innovation

As the boss, you should be confident in the ability of those you have hired, so trust them. Encourage their ideas and test their suggestions. Everyone has something to contribute that will benefit the company. Being seen and respected validates workers as autonomous individuals. Give them space to innovate and create. When employees are inspired, great things happen. It is truly encouraging to the entire team to see their ideas for new systems and workflows and new communication platforms or disruptive marketing strategies that function well and make a difference to the company as a whole.

Give Them The Tools They Need

Is there a project management tool that would improve communication? Are there new office perks that you could add? Could you afford to upgrade the office machinery? The minor malfunctioning of daily office life can prove extremely frustrating over time. If there are small fixes or quick hacks you can make happen, you will be amazed by how much happier your employees are. Fix the printer. Get a popcorn machine. Upgrade the office coffee machines. We know for a fact that caffeinated employees are happy ones. This is especially the case when you have chosen the perfect office coffee machines for the size and preferences of your team. Learn more about how we can help you make your employees happier and more efficient.

Beat the Heat with the Help of your Office Coffee Station

Nobody likes a sticky workplace. It’s hard enough to adult every single day of summer, remembering your carefree childhood spending weeks outside in the grass, on a lake, at the beach; but when your workspace is uncomfortable, it’s all you can do to stay on task. Just because it’s gorgeous out, doesn’t mean you can be unproductive. So, how do you beat the heat and make your office a place you want to spend hours every day? We are experts for the office, and want to help you work comfortably and efficiently, so you can get more done, make more money, and enjoy your vacation time more deeply.

Eat Light

The No. 1 question buzzing around most offices at midday is, “What’s for lunch?”. Everybody loves to peruse menus and consider going out, even if you ultimately (and responsibly) choose your turkey sandwich in the office fridge. While you may think it makes more sense to have one hot, satisfying meal at midday, this good winter ritual can spell the end of productivity during a heat wave in August.

Summer is the perfect time to pack a Bento box, filled with fresh, healthy options from your garden, farmers market, or greengrocer. You will cool down with cucumbers, and stay satiated by hummus, fill up on blueberries, and enjoy a creamy yogurt in the afternoon. A light lunch or grazing on healthy foods like nuts, whole grains, fruits, protein and veggies will keep your energy up and you will stay alert and refreshed.

Food is supposed to keep you energized, so make it seasonally appropriate. Your body will feel lighter, cooler, and ready to go from workday to night out on the town. Stopping in your office coffee station after lunch for some caffeine will also help you to stay motivated during long summer work days. It may also help to switch your coffee from hot to iced, though drinking hot coffee in the summer can actually help cool you down. If you do choose to go for iced coffee, you can make summer work days more exciting  by trying different types of iced coffee drinks. Drinks with flavors such as coconut or vanilla can especially give your drink a summer feel.

different types of iced coffee drinks in office coffee station

Dress Appropriately

These days, most company dress codes range from corporate casual to Friday every day. However, some environments require more sartorial formality, and it can be difficult to dress for that level of professionalism during the dog days of summer. We know offices can be stuffy, though they sometimes run from cool to Arctic. How do you dress appropriately for the workplace (and those client meetings) in August, so you are neither freezing nor sweating? Think natural, breathable fabrics, and light layers. Linen is a classic choice for hot weather. You can wear a crisp shell with a flowy blazer on top, or pair a pencil skirt with a pretty pair of open-toed pumps for a look that is urban and sophisticated but comfortable and cool.

Remove One Accessory

How many electronic devices are on your desk right now? Whether you work from home or in a buzzing office complex, most of us keep at least three machines humming near our person all day long. Between laptops, phones, and tablets, we are using a lot of energy, and that creates a lot of heat. Give them a break on these humid days. Put away your phone. Get a cooling fan for your laptop. Keep your iPad charging, if you must, in a common area.

You want your immediate workspace to be uncluttered and spare. You will notice what a significant amount of heat is generated all around you, and how much cooler the air feels when you are not surrounded by all that electromagnetic energy. You can add one simple machine – a personal fan to keep a fresh breeze blowing while you work and help the air circulate. You will notice you are more alert and getting more done!

There are worse places to be than in an over air-conditioned conference room in August. It’s blistering outside, and at least the building has good office coffee station with different types of iced coffee drinks. We are here to help you stay happy and efficient at work, all year long. For more information on how we can help, contact an associate at BostonbeaN today!

Best Hiring Practices for Finding the Right Employee for Your Team

As an employer, you know the importance of hiring the right person for your team. Employees are the lifeline of the company, keeping processes running smoothly and in some cases, being the face of your organization. They deal with customers, keep paperwork in order, and handle the tasks you can’t do on your own. Finding the right employee for the job at the very beginning can save time and money. Here are some best hiring practices:

Define the role

It’s best to know what the employee will be doing before you hire. This will help set expectations and help assess whether the applicant has the qualifications for the job.

Work with the supervisor

The supervisor of the role should have a hand in defining what the employee will be expected to do. This helps ensure nothing is left out of the job description.
Have a checklist

Once you define the role, develop a standard checklist to refer to when interviewing and hiring. This helps retain the integrity of the position and focuses on the quality of the candidates.


boston bean employee

Be forthcoming

Once you have several applicants, be forthcoming in your expectations. During the interview process, show them the facility and area where they will be working and allow them to ask questions. Remember, they are choosing you just as much as you are choosing them.

Ask probing questions

One of the key things when interviewing is to ask questions that reveal whether they will mesh with your company culture. The goal is to make sure they are a good fit and can handle the scenarios you describe.

Go to lunch

Taking the prospective employee to lunch will give you a different perspective. Watch how they interact with the team, the servers, whether they keep the conversation going – or take it over – and their manners. Keep in mind that interviewing is a two-way street. Be sure to tell candidates about your company’s culture, their potential growth opportunities, and the company perks that you offer, such as high quality coffee and snacks in the office. By discussing what they can get out of the job, you can gain an idea of  your candidate’s enthusiasm about the company and role and all of this information can also help the candidate know if the role is right for them.

You know the importance of hiring the right person for your team, so take these steps in order to make the best possible decision. The team at BostonbeaN Coffee Company prides itself on providing excellent customer service every step of the way. Why? We value our customers and employees, realizing both need to be happy.

Contact us today for more information on the offerings at BostonbeaN Coffee Company.

Cold Brew Process: Makes Coffee that is both Tasty and Healthy

Do you drink cold brew coffee? You should. We all know coffee is a staple, but there’s nothing like a good cup of cold-brewed coffee to give your body a much-needed boost. There are cold brew coffee health benefits to gain and cold brew is not the same as iced coffee. In fact, cold brew is on a completely different level of coffee consciousness!

So, what’s the difference? Regular brewed coffee is made with hot water and brewed quickly. Iced coffee is that same coffee, blended with ice and whatever else you add to make it frothy. In the end, it’s still the same coffee.

However, the cold brew process is unique. Cold brewed coffee is steeped from 12 to 24 hours with cold water using coffee beans. This process extracts more caffeine for that bigger boost. You can then finish it off with milk, cream, or sugar to create your perfect cold brew drink!

Cold brew coffee continues to grow in popularity, mainly because of the benefits:

  • You get a sweeter taste. A cold brew coffee allows you to taste all the fruity and chocolate flavors without the bitterness.
  • Your pH level becomes balanced.  One of the cold brew coffee health benefits is that if you have a sensitive stomach, it is better for you than hot coffee. While a hot brew makes your pH unbalanced and the coffee bitter, the cold brew has a smoother taste with 65 percent less acidity.
  • You can make cocktails or bake with it. Because the concentration of a cold brew is designed to be diluted, you can use it when making coffee-based drinks, or recipes that call for an authentic coffee taste.
  • It makes you smarter. Who doesn’t want a brain boost? Thanks to the Human Nutrition Research on Aging, we now know coffee increases blood flow to the brain and improves cognitive function.
  • It can extend your life. It’s been said that drinking coffee is good for your health and has life-lengthening properties. It helps to improve insulin sensitivity, decreases the risk of dementia and has more free-radical fighting chemicals to ward off cancer.

Though both hot and cold beverages can be beneficial to drink in the summer, cold brew has become a popular choice in New England during the summertime. Now you know why you should be drinking cold brew coffee, but where can you get it? BostonbeaN Coffee Company brings cold brew options in different flavors right to your office. We provide the Kegerator, install and maintain it, or provide cold brew products already chilled. Introduce your employees to our Barismo Cold Brew or NOBL Nitro Brew – they’ll never be the same! Get more information on the BostonbeaN Coffee Company and all our offerings today!