Did You Know the Flavor of Your Coffee Comes Down to the Color of the Bean?

If you read our previous blog (and we’re SURE you did), you know that coffee beans are not beans at all. Coffee beans are actually seeds. They start out green, then change in color as they roast. The temperature and length of time they roast determine their color and flavor. Most coffee connoisseurs refer to the resulting coffee as light, medium or dark. But what else do we know about these elusive seed “beans” and how they impact our favorite cup of brew? Let’s find out more.

How Does the Color of the Bean Determine the Flavor of Your Coffee?

The color of a coffee bean can give you an early indication of the flavor before you even start grinding or brewing. The lighter the color of the coffee bean, the lighter the color of the coffee, and the milder the taste. Light brown beans produce light brews of a beige color.

flavored coffee beans

Conversely, the darker the bean, the darker the color of the coffee, and the bolder the taste. Dark roast beans can look black and will produce a black or near-black cup brew. Medium-roasted coffee sits like Switzerland in the middle of the spectrum. These reddish-brown beans produce a medium-brown cup of coffee.

How Does the Roast Change the Flavor?

In general, the longer a bean roasts, the stronger the flavor. During the roasting process, coffee beans release oils that impact the flavor and color of the resulting coffee. While a dark roast offers the boldest, most intense flavors, to the surprise of many coffee connoisseurs, it has the least amount of caffeine of all the roast levels. But roasters must be mindful not to burn their coffee beans in an attempt to extract maximum flavor. As expected, light roasts deliver the mildest flavors, and medium roasts are, well, right in the middle.

coffee beans

No matter what roast you prefer, the BostonbeaN team can provide all the brewing options and more for your office, including:

With BostonbeaN on your team, your employees will always have plenty of options to fuel the workday.

Spice Up Your Holiday Coffee with These Festive Ingredients

‘Tis the season to enjoy festive holiday flavors. Even if you’re fully committed to that hot cup of java with two sugars and a touch of cream at home or at work, you can still expand your horizons and let your tastebuds explore the impact of holiday spices on your traditional brew.

What’s extra fun about holiday flavors is that many can be stacked to create even more joy. Each flavor is impressive on its own but hits a new high when combined with others. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the flavor profile that best suits you. Here are a few choices to get you started:


Expect visions of candy canes and childhood holiday memories to come flooding back when you add peppermint to your coffee. A quick dash of peppermint extract (be careful! It’s strong) turns your plain coffee into a holiday party.

holiday spice coffee

Cinnamon, Nutmeg, and Allspice

This trio of spices straddles fall and winter. Each can be added to your coffee beans or infused with your coffee grounds. Any of the three will add a sweet and spicy flavor to your coffee or tea; allspice is the secret sauce behind the wildly popular pumpkin spice flavoring that kicks off the fall season. If you prefer post-drip engagement, you can add the spices or sticks (like cinnamon) directly into your mug for stirring before consumption.

Whipped Cream and Marshmallows

The perfect layering choices, whipped cream and marshmallows, add a touch of cream and sugar to your beverage. Marshmallows scream childhood, but nothing beats the fun of a whipped cream mustache on a cold, wintry day. When additional flavors are added, like peppermint or spice, your beverage becomes that much more festive and fun.


Although we think chocolate is a perfect addition every day, some only indulge in this special treat during the holidays. Couple it with peppermint and whipped cream, and turn your office cubicle into a winter wonderland.

chocolate drizzle coffee

Orange Zest

Citrus pairs fabulously with the trio of spices or the sweetness of chocolate to create more holiday joy in your coffee mug. It levels up tea to joyous holiday status as well.

Keeping employees engaged during the holiday season can be a challenge. BostonbeaN can help you make their season bright with an office full of beverage and snack supplies. No matter what type of coffee suits your tastes, we can deliver a variety of roast options and flavors to satisfy everyone’s cravings, during the holidays and all year long.

BostonbeaN Introduces POUR’D to Their Line of Office Brewers

Boston fans intuitively know it takes more than one superstar to win a championship. At BostonbeaN, we’re always looking for the next rising star to add to our lineup of office brewers.

We found one right in our own backyard!

We took notice when the Specialty Coffee Expo (largest coffee event in North America) descended on Boston in April this year, and POUR’D by Marco took top honors as Best New Product. Right then, we knew we needed to find a way to add their innovative brewing system to our already impressive lineup, so our customers could score another win with their employees.

And now, less than 6 months later, we’ve made it happen.

By partnering with local roaster barismo, customers like you can now offer your employees a variety of quick, easy, and consistent cold brew coffee beverages from a single POUR’D tap.

coffee brewing system

Powered by barismo’s flavorful roasted blend of coffee concentrate, your employees can get consistent cold-brewed coffee, hot-draft cold-brewed coffee, and iced mochas or lattes from a single system.

How is it even possible?

The sleek system that fits under your counter uses an innovative 3-button dispenser tap to give employees exactly what they’re looking for—a quick shot of cold brew to make the perfect iced mocha or latte, or a full cup of delicious coffee goodness, hot or cold.

The POUR’D system’s beauty is in its flexibility. And accuracy. As a result, users are already raving about its speedy delivery system and ease of use. Plus, its simple, daily cleaning flush makes maintenance a snap.

Want to see this new system in action? Feel free to visit our showroom in Woburn and the BostonbeaN team will be happy to give you a demo.

Is that your only option?

drinking coffee in office

Of course not! BostonbeaN always carries a variety of coffee and tea options, from touchless machines to espresso-based beverage systems, so customers can create their own perfectly personalized beverage and snack stations to best suit the specific needs and wants of employees.

Which systems should you choose?

When you’re sporting an all-star lineup, it’s sometimes hard to make a choice. That’s why we have a team of experts ready to help you select the best systems that best fit your needs. Let our team review and recommend the best options for your Boston office. Contact the BostonbeaN team today.

Through Conversation and Literature, Coffee and Words Are a Natural Combination

Coffee talk is a thing. Why? Because conversations just seem to flow better when a tasty cup of coffee is on the table. Think about the times and the places we all enjoy coffee. To name a few:

● When you’re in the break room talking about your weekend adventures with your coworkers

● While you’re gathered around a campfire, swapping fishing stories with your friends

● During the enjoyment of your after-dinner dessert, romanticizing your vacation plans with your better half

drinking coffee by a campfire

Because of coffee’s ubiquity as a storytelling sidekick, it’s no wonder coffee appears not only in TV shows and movies, but also in many literary conversations. Integrating coffee into scenes makes stories relatable, as most readers know firsthand the feeling of the cup in their hand. They can imagine the aromas described and understand the importance of the “coffee conversation” for the character.

No doubt authors can relate, too. Indeed, the inspiration of a strong cup of coffee may have accompanied many late-night finishes of our favorite books and poems.

The Malloys found their way, that afternoon, to the Broadway Automat. They shouted with pleasure at the magical coffee spigots and the glass doors that sprang open. “O City of Broken Dreams,” a short story by John Cheever

Glen Selvy stuck his head around the edge of the partition to say good night. Lightborne asked him in for coffee, which was perking on a GE hotplate in a corner of the room. Selvy checked his watch and sat in a huge, dusty armchair … [Lightborne] poured three cups. “Running Dog” by Don DeLillo

I have measured out my life with coffee spoons… “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” by T.S. Eliot

What on earth could be more luxurious than a sofa, a book, and a cup of coffee? “The Warden” by Anthony Trollope

coffee and reading a book

And finally, a few quotes from the writing legends on the power of coffee.

“I could settle down into a state of equable low spirits and resign myself to coffee.” ― Charles Dickens

“Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.” ― Dorothy Parker (on having to interact with people before she’s had coffee)

“Coffee is a lot more than just a drink. It’s something happening. Not as in hip, but like an event, a place to be, but not like a location, but like somewhere within yourself. It gives you time, but not actual hours or minutes, but a chance to be, like be yourself.” ― Gertrude Stein

Now, who’s ready for some coffee?

At BostonbeaN, our focus is on providing the highest level of service to our clients and delivering on the promises we make to ensure our customers are provided with the best office coffee and breakroom experience. Are you ready to make BostonbeaN part of your story?

Best Coffee Moments in TV and Movies

Thanks to the ubiquity of coffee (and ideal opportunity for product placement), our favorite beverage has found its way onto the silver screen, appearing in virtually every genre of TV and film, from contemporary urban scenes to Westerns.

This versatile beverage, suitable for a sip any time of day, has enjoyed more than 15 minutes of fame over the years. How many of these eight iconic coffee scenes from major motion pictures do you remember?


Naïve and lovable Buddy the Elf (Will Ferrell) exuberantly bursts into a typical New York diner to congratulate them for earning the distinction of being home to the “World’s Best Cup of Coffee.”

“Meet the Robinsons”

Watch how teacher Lucille Krunklehorn (Laurie Metcalf) uses her caffeine patch invention to help her push through after not sleeping for eight days “with no side effects.”

“Sudden Impact”

Tough-as-nails cop Harry Callahan (Clint Eastwood) walks into his local coffee shop, and his usual waitress catches his attention by pouring sugar into his typically black coffee. Callahan leaves, then reappears through the back door to confront several would-be robbers. With the last man standing at gunpoint, Eastwood utters his most famous line: “Go ahead… make my day.”

“Airplane 2”

Passengers react reasonably calmly when flight attendant Elaine Dickinson (Julie Hagerty) shares distressing news about the status of the flight. Mayhem and chaos only ensue when she adds, “We’re also out of coffee.”

“Miss Congeniality”

After getting a call from her captain, Gracie Hart (Sandra Bullock) pops the siren on her car, races to a scene, and flashes her FBI badge, just to cut to the front of a long line to place the team’s coffee order, much to the chagrin of patrons in line.

“Groundhog Day”

Realizing that his day just keeps repeating, Phil (Bill Murray) fills his table at the diner with endless treats and drinks his coffee directly from a carafe.

“L.A. Story”

As a typical L.A. group of movers and shakers led by Steve Martin orders coffee after a meal, the diversity of their personalized orders remains memorable.

“Dead Men Don’t Wear Plaid”

Remember Rigby Reardon (Steve Martin) pouring an entire bag of ground coffee into a pan and adding two eggs?

Now, who’s craving a cup of their favorite brew? Ensure your office is always fully loaded with the best coffee from BostonbeaN. We don’t make Hollywood movies, but we do supply the Boston metro area with water, tea, break room supplies, and of course, the world’s best cup of coffee. Find out more.

Celebrate National Coffee Day at Work With These Fun Ideas

Mark your calendars for Sept. 29 to celebrate National Coffee Day. This event was first created and promoted in Japan in 1983 by the All-Japan Coffee Association. Americans got on board with their own National Coffee Day some 20 years later.

In the United States, National Coffee Day was first celebrated in 2005, but it took off as a holiday in 2009, when the Southern Food and Beverage Museum in New Orleans used the Coffee Day event as a kickoff to their inaugural New Orleans Coffee Festival. It wasn’t until 2013 that the National Coffee Association began officially celebrating the event.

cup of coffee

What can you do to celebrate this holiday beyond having a cup of the same ol’ Joe? Check out these five ideas to liven up National Coffee Day at work:

  1. Sample a new drink. Yes, we know you love your vanilla latte, but if there’s one day you should explore something new, it’s on coffee’s holiday.
  2. What’s My Drink? Get the team together for a matching game, where employees must match each person to their favorite coffee drink. The one who gets the most matches correct gets a brand new coffee mug.
  3. Swap With a Colleague. Everyone is passionate about their own favorite beverage. National Coffee day is the time to get the team together and swap favorites with a colleague. Draw names, and make someone else your favorite brew. See how many teammates you can convert to your unique concoction of coffee goodness.
  4. Create a Contest. Play trivia, fantasy sports, have a ping pong tournament, or any other team sport event where the winning team gets to have their favorite coffee beverage served exclusively for a full day in the office.
  5. Name Your Company Coffeehouse. Allow your team to get creative with names for your internal coffeehouse. Vote for a favorite and create a logo to post at the coffee stations. Go all out and have mugs made for employees as well.

group of people in office drinking coffee on national coffee day

Naturally, for the team at BostonbeaN, every day is coffee day! Yet, coffee is just one of the many vital supplies that BostonbeaN carries to help get your office team through the workday. We supply hassle-free food and snacks, breakroom supplies, and touchless coffee and water machines to keep your employees energized and engaged from opening to closing.

It’s cheaper to retain good talent than to hire new. Let them know you care by reaching out today to keep supplies stocked with their BostonbeaN favorites.

Fabulous Foods to Pair With Your Cup of Java

Did you know that Americans drink more coffee than water? A new coffee trends report shows that coffee consumption jumped 14%, as 66% of Americans drink coffee every day. According to the National Coffee Association, that’s the biggest increase since they started keeping track.

So what’s America’s favorite coffee sidekick? While everyone’s familiar with the obvious doughnut in the morning and slice of apple pie in the evening, you may be surprised at some of these other pairings. So grab your cup, and let’s check out a few choices.

Nutella…. Anything

Whether in a crepe, tart, croissant, or toast, this hazelnut and chocolate combination from heaven pairs like a dream with a coffee.

pairing coffee with chocolate cake


Dark chocolate is known to be best paired with coffee. In reality, all forms of chocolate nicely complement coffee. And if you like all flavors in one, say hello to the mocha cappuccino.

Coffee Cake

This cake-for-breakfast classic was tailor-made to pair with coffee. The sweet flavors and delightful textures make it a great complement to your java. A shoutout to other sweet treats like banana bread and blueberry muffins, which can provide a similar pairing vibe.


The salty, savory, fatty flavor that only bacon can deliver pairs delightfully well with coffee. As a result, coffee is prepared to pair with bacon anything, from lunchtime BLTs to bacon-wrapped scallops at dinner.

Savory Sandwiches

Speaking of BLTs, coffee’s mid-day pairings don’t end there. Savory sandwiches, from salami and corned beef to sausage and ham, make a satisfying duo when paired with coffee.


Nothing says decadent breakfast like a crepe. These thin pancake tortillas can wrap up all sorts of goodness, from sweet chocolate and fruit to savory ham, eggs, and cheese. What they all have in common is how well they pair with coffee.

Few beverages can complement both sweet and savory flavors as well as coffee. Try pairing your cup with something new today. Need combo ideas? Try pre-packaged snacks and grab-n-go foods provided by BostonbeaN. You’ll find just the right variety to satisfy your taste buds no matter what your coffee is craving to complement.

Does Your Age Determine Your Coffee Preference? Maybe …

Did you know that Americans drink over 400 billion cups of coffee per year? But not every cup is created equal. How you choose to make and consume this ubiquitous beverage may relate to your generation.

Some like it hot (and some not)

According to multiple studies, an overwhelming number (as in 94%) of boomers drink their coffee hot, while middle-aged millennials, and Gen Zers now in their mid-20s, prefer iced coffee. Like many differences between the older boomers and younger millennials, this clash of the titan generations is dramatic. There’s no middle ground between fresh hot brew and cold brew, so if your office employs both, you’re best served to accommodate their preferences.

person drinking coffee

Zodiac signs align?

One survey identified a loose association between Zodiac signs and coffee preferences. Those who were born under water and air signs leaned toward iced coffee, while the earth and fire types were more likely to enjoy a hot cup of coffee.

Younger drinkers drive the specialty coffee segment

Young people often drive trends. Coffee is no different, as revealed in the Food Institute survey that about half of the 25 to 39-year-olds drink at least one cup of specialty coffee daily. They identified specialty as a broad category that includes both espresso and non-espresso-based beverages that are brewed from premium coffee beans or grounds. Examples include lattes, cappuccinos, and cold brews. Many of these specialty beverages, along with premium hot brews, can be served in your office, right from a bean-to-cup touchless coffee machine.

Drip still reigns supreme

Even as coffee drinkers explore multiple choices for coffee consumption, 41% of daily coffee drinkers identify drip coffee makers as their primary method of coffee preparation. Single-cup brewers like Keurig K-Cups finished second at 27%, with cold brewing coming in third at 10%.

person drinking coffee while using the computer at work

Coffee for all ages (and zodiac signs)

Offering customized choices of beverages at the office is a simple way for you to help make employees feel like you care and that you appreciate and support what makes them unique. From boomer favorite hot brews to Gen Z’s choice of cold brew, from lattes to K-cups, BostonbeaN features a full line of easy-to-use coffee machines and products to satisfy the needs of every generation and zodiac sign. Discover how BostonbeaN can make everyone happy on their coffee break.

Is a Bean-to-Cup Machine a Great Fit for Your Office?

Is the staff at your bustling Boston office particular about their morning (or afternoon!) brew, often wasting time running out to the local café? It may be time to consider adding a bean-to-cup coffee machine to your office.

What’s a bean-to-cup coffee machine?

As the name implies, bean-to-cup coffee machines convert whole beans directly into fresh-brewed coffee. These mechanical marvels grind, press, brew, and pour coffee and specialty beverages directly from one machine.

Benefits of bean-to-cup coffee

Coffee aficionados rave about the aroma and flavor, with a delivery reminiscent of the local café. Because you start right from whole beans packed with flavorful oils, the coffee that comes out is fresh, smooth, and smells like heaven.

person drinking bean to cup coffee at work

Vastly versatile

Many coffee fanatics prefer coffee made directly from whole beans. As shown in this Virtu Bean to Cup Machine, the coffee retains the flavor of the whole beans, and the aroma is unmatched. This marvel of modern technology features a touch screen that allows employees to select café-quality coffee, espresso, or hot chocolate at the size and strength of their choosing. You can stock two kinds of whole beans, one ground, and three specialty products to allow employees to create an endless mix of coffee beverages.

Simple one-step goodness with innovative technology

Bean-to-cup coffee machines feature state-of-the-art technology inside their sleek exteriors, such as the Encore 29 Bean to Cup coffee brewer, to select one of several coffee roasts, sizes, strengths, and customized beverages, all at the touch of a button. Now that button can be touchless, allowing employees to order from their phones without touching the machine. Selected staff can monitor the machine remotely to check bean and powder hopper levels, check usage, run cleaning cycles, and even customize screen videos from a web-based application from any device.

coffee beans for bean to cup coffee machine

Environmentally friendly cost-saver

For offices of 50 or more, bean-to-cup machines prove to deliver a positive ROI over time, as employers can eliminate costs associated with pods and paper filters while investing in whole bean coffee. The elimination of those items also makes the bean-to-cup machines more environmentally friendly.

Ready to get your team a bean-to-cup machine?

If you think a bean-to-cup machine is a good fit for your Boston office and your employees, please discuss this type of brewer with the consultants at BostonbeaN to make sure it works in your space.

Coffee Has Some Surprising Health Benefits You May Not Know About

It’s no surprise we love coffee. The aroma. The flavor. The camaraderie of the coffee break in the office. The visceral boost from the afternoon pick-me-up. Our love of the many iterations of the millennia-old coffee bean transcends time and global cultures.

Oftentimes, things that taste good turn out to be bad for us. Call it Murphy’s Law. But the mighty coffee bean has broken that pattern. It took science a while to evaluate its impact thoroughly, but the results are now clear. Coffee delivers incremental health benefits, no matter its form. From cold brews on a hot July afternoon to an intense espresso on a frigid winter commute, your coffee is doing you good.

health benefits of coffee

It’s an anti-aging serum, sort of

One of coffee’s secret superpowers is that it’s filled with antioxidants, which scientists believe protect cells from aging. Yeah, just like blueberries, apricots and broccoli. According to WebMD, coffee also:

  • reduces the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 80%
  • reduces the risk of cirrhosis of the liver by 80%
  • cuts the risk of gallstones by 50%
  • cuts the risk of colon cancer by 25%

health benefits of coffee

A cup (or two) a day …

Everything in moderation. While coffee offers a whole bevy of health benefits, most physicians recommend keeping your daily intake at 3 cups or less. Your best strategy is to plan your favorite moments and savor each cup. Most coffee drinkers live for that morning cup, either at home or on the way to work. The office is a perfect place for cup number two (and three), as it’s a critical element for the ubiquitous coffee break and, of course, the afternoon pick-me-up.

We love coffee as much as you do. Our goal is to continue to listen to customers like you and stay abreast of coffee trends so that we can bring you the best in service and selection. From cold brew pods to luxury espresso machines, BostonbeaN offers coffee equipment, pods, beans, and grounds to keep your whole team happy and healthy.