Beat the Summer Slump With These Tips To Keep Your Team Productive

When the summer rolls around, many of us first think about vacation plans or how we’ll spend our time simply relaxing. If you work in an office environment, those dreams can be crushed unless you promote a healthy work-life balance. Whether you’re the group leader or want to do your part to keep your team productive, these tips will help you beat that summer slump.

Keep Your Work Environment Comfortable and Positive

No matter the size of your workplace, the small details make all the difference! Whether it’s investing in high-quality air conditioning units or allowing employees to dress comfortably, it can go a long way to helping everyone keep a positive attitude.

Take time to ensure your office break room is a nice area where staff can unwind for lunch or build rapport with others. When everyone feels valued, it can go a long way to increasing the company’s productivity.

Consider some creative ways to keep your staff in the office during their breaks instead of traveling to the local coffee shop to get a pick-me-up. At BostonbeaN, we have many options to satisfy a cold-brew craving, like Wandering Bear cold brew coffee; a cold latte from POUR’D; or the new 100% organic, ready-to-drink Sail Away CounterTap Nitro Cold Brew.

summer office tips cold brew coffee

Implement Team-Building Activities

When you spend a lot of time with people from work, it becomes important to know them as more than just coworkers. Fostering positivity by recognizing team and individual achievements helps employees recognize how they positively impact your company. It’s also a good idea to have events outside the workplace, such as picnics, holiday parties and other events, to get everyone together if possible. As a general rule of thumb, choose activities that:

  • Encourage positivity and communication
  • Are family-friendly
  • Provide everyone a chance to participate

Make the Office an Inviting Place

Create a welcoming office environment by incorporating comfortable seating, natural lighting, plants and artwork. Remember how much your staff will appreciate cold beverages and water, especially when summer temperatures start to spike. How about a healthy option from SmartSoda? Hydration options include flavored waters, craft sodas, tea, lemonade and cold brew.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can also have other perks available during the summer. What about ice cream? Yes, please! A treat like ice cream, a smoothie or a frozen latte from ColdSnap is a perk every office needs!

BostonBeaN Can Help Your Employees Stay Productive This Summer

At BostonbeaN, we understand the importance of keeping your employees happy and productive, no matter the time of the year. Whether you need breakroom snacks, hot or cold beverages, or breakroom supplies, we’ve got you covered. Contact us today to learn how we can help you stay productive all summer and beyond.

From Coffee Perks to Office Perks, Our Top-Notch Pantry Setup Should Be Considered an Employee Benefit

Would you like to boost office morale and performance, lower employee turnover rate, and make your company an attractive option for skilled employees? If so, a top-notch office pantry set-up may be all you need to reach these goals.

What Do Coffee and Snacks Do for Your Workers?

Food and drinks provide the fuel your body needs to work well throughout the day. If your workers don’t have access to coffee and snacks in the workplace, they’ll head out of the office to find what they need. In fact, one estimate shows that 2.4 billion hours of productivity are lost each year when employees leave the office to find food and coffee.

office coffee and snacks

Even so, having gourmet coffee and snacks readily available isn’t only about keeping workers in the office during work hours. There are many great benefits for workers and business owners alike. Here are some of the most important ones:

Improved performance

Over half of employees say they hit an energy slump in the afternoon if they don’t have an afternoon snack. Providing easy access to good snacks will improve performance during the second half of the workday.

Lower employee turnover rate

Providing free food in the office increases employee happiness by 11%. Needless to say, happy employees are less likely to quit or fail to show up for work.

Boosting employee health and well-being

There’s a connection between eating too much junk food and serious health problems such as diabetes, heart problems and stroke. Giving your employees easy access to healthy snacks benefits both you and them.

Attracting new talent

Coffee and snacks are the second most-desired perk after gym/yoga membership. Offering free drinks and snacks can help increase your odds of finding good employees even during the current labor shortage.

happy employees with office coffee

Let BostonbeaN Perk Up Your Employees

BostonbeaN specializes in providing gourmet coffee and tea options for workplaces in all industries. We also offer an unbeatable Pantry Service tailored to meet your specific needs. This includes:

  • Glass-front coolers, snack shelves, and baskets (for qualifying customers)
  • Professional help choosing the right snacks for any workplace
  • Advice on food trends to ensure your pantry meets employee needs and expectations

Investing in a complimentary pantry service for your staff will pay off in the long run. Check out the full guide to our delivery services or get in touch with us today to find out if you can qualify for our Pantry Service program. We’ll work with you to create a custom plan that meets your exact needs and budget.

Work Hard, Play Hard: Why Employee Events Are Vital to Your Company’s Success

As a company owner, there’s certainly a lot on your plate — whether it’s making sure you’re meeting the needs of your customers or achieving your financial goals. One underestimated part of any successful business is figuring out a way to keep employees happy. The reality is that most business owners would rather have employees stick around for the long term. How can you keep your employees engaged? Consider the benefits of employee events.

employee event

What Are Employee Events?

Employee events are essentially creative ways to bring the people of your company together in a friendly fashion. It gives people in the workplace a chance to connect on a more personal level, which has several advantages to your business:

Build better relationships

Face-to-face human interaction is one of the best ways to build strong relationships. Employee events provide an opportunity for coworkers to socialize and get to know each other outside of the typical work setting.

Increased employee morale

No matter how well you run your particular business, daily routines can cause employee burnout unless you change it up from time to time. Holding events at least quarterly can give your employees something to look forward to.

Employee retention

Your appreciation for your employees’ hard work and dedication shouldn’t be taken for granted. Let them know. When they feel appreciated, there’s a better chance of them viewing your business as a career opportunity rather than a temporary job.

employee events to keep employees happy and increase employee retention

How To Foster a Team Mentality With Your Employees

If you want to increase productivity in the workplace, there are a few practical ideas to implement. Anything that can get employees moving and talking is always a great idea. Some ideas include having a scavenger hunt, visiting an escape room, holding a potluck, or even engaging in a water balloon fight on a hot day. Simple ways to recognize your employees’ hard work will always be appreciated.

Consider BostonbeaN To Transform Your Office Space

We know the importance of keeping everyone happy in the workplace. While we can’t plan your next company event, you’ll have everything needed for an enjoyable office break room. Contact us for a variety of coffee, snack and beverage options that can help transform any dull space into one that’s inviting and energizing.

Add Award-Winning Technology to Your Office With This New Water Delivery System From FRIIA

Water performs essential functions for your body. It regulates temperature, carries oxygen and minerals to your cells, cushions joints, supports your organs, and flushes your bowels and kidneys. Since human brains are about 75 percent water, mild dehydration can reduce cognitive function. 

The new FRIIA water system is an under-counter mount that delivers hot, cold or sparkling water with award-winning technology. With a boiler and chiller that sit below the sleek, stylish countertop spigot, your employees can have immediate, on-demand hot water for tea or cocoa, or fresh cold water with a simple push of a button. 

friia water system

Here’s what water can do for your team: 

  • Reduce headaches: There is no bigger productivity killer than a mind-splitting headache. Drinking water and staying hydrated can prevent these episodes and help your employees feel better. 
  • Improved mood: It may be subtle, but dehydration can lead to irritability and fatigue. Bad moods tend to rub off on coworkers and even create a tense work environment. If you provide fresh water so your employees drink more of it, you will likely enjoy a more productive and relaxed office. 
  • More energy: Dehydration also causes fatigue. At some point, caffeine becomes counterproductive, and it’s merely time for employees to eat and drink. Water can enhance energy and bring feelings of well-being. 
  • Better concentration: The discomfort of dehydration is distracting. People simply can’t concentrate as well if they feel low energy, irritation, and fatigue. When you supply fresh water, employees are more likely to drink it and concentrate on their work better.

friia water system components

  • Improved physical performance: If your employees work out during their lunch hour, make it easy for them to refill their water bottles. Exercise helps concentration and mood, but it canalso lead to dehydration. So, make it easier for your employees to engage in self-care by providing good water. 
  • Workplace morale: When you provide amenities like coffee, snacks, and filtered water, your workers feel you care. These items add to their comfort and help make their office time pleasant. Whether you provide a water system or snacks, your employees will thank you and award you with quality work!


Another bonus to installing the FRIIA water system? BostonbeaN’s bottle-less water machine gives employees fresh, filtered water without plastic bottles littering your office. 

We also provide tasty snacks, fresh grab-and-go food, and full pantry services so your employees work happily and productively throughout the day. Call us at 800-448-2739 to add great BostonbeaN amenities to your office.

Look Forward to These Office Break Room Trends in 2023

The offices in the Boston area are quickly becoming places where employees love to spend their time rather than places they have to go. In the new year, we expect significant changes in how offices are designed and run. In 2023, employees everywhere will look forward to celebrating these new additions.

What’s New About the Workplace Office in Boston?

When most of us think of an ordinary office, we envision dark, cramped rooms filled with cubicles and fluorescent lighting. But in the Boston area, things are changing. New designs focusing on open spaces where employees don’t feel stuck in a box are becoming more popular.

upbeat office break room

Secondly, there’s plenty of modern technology for the workday to become as productive and engaging as possible. These include virtual meeting rooms, video conferencing and other collaboration tools that allow remote workers to feel more connected. It’s no secret that employers are trying to make the office a place their employees want to be rather than just a place they need to go. One underestimated addition is having a cafe-style vibe in the break room to help staff power through the day.

Transforming Your Office Space With Food and Drink

One of the problems with leaving the office for lunch is the ever-pressing time constraint. Whether it’s battling traffic in Boston or even just deciding where to go, it can feel like there’s never enough time to get everything done and take a break.

Keeping modern offices stocked with fresh grab-and-go meals is one way to help. Employees will ultimately become much happier spending their downtime in the office rather than skipping off to the nearest restaurant. After all, everyone loves a good lunch break.

grab and go sandwich

Don’t underestimate the importance of having plenty of refreshing cold beverages to help employees stay focused and productive. When it’s time to wind down, having a cozy space to enjoy them can make all the difference in employee morale.

BostonbeaN Can Help Transform Your Boston Office

As we move into 2023, the BostonbeaN team is here to ensure your office break room keeps up with all the latest trends. We’re focused on providing excellent service and ensuring our customers have the best possible experience with our coffee and breakroom options. If you’re looking for something new in the new year, give us a call or check out our website — we’ve got everything you need to keep your office running smoothly.

What Does Customer Service Mean? Follow These Tips to Improve Your Business’s Customer Service

Whether you sell products or services, one thing should be at the top of your mind: excellent customer satisfaction ratings. No matter how well you perform a service or what top-notch products you offer, nothing matters more than the customer experience. So, take a proactive approach when it comes to training your team to provide exemplary customer service. This will improve the buyer’s journey, increase repeat business and move your business to the top of your niche.

At BostonbeaN Coffee Co., we take customer service seriously. See what our customers are saying about our attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction. We perform continuous research and try new ideas to create a positive experience, not only for our business customers but for their employees, guests, and visitors who enjoy our fresh products.

Are you looking for ways to motivate your staff to make every customer interaction count? Follow these tips to improve customer service — and don’t forget to find out which coffee and tea products will help your staff stay alert and focused!

Be Friendly

Courteous behavior and a helpful attitude from you and your staff put customers at ease. By paying attention to what each customer wants and making helpful recommendations, you can improve sales and help solve a problem or improve someone’s life.

Improve Your Business's Customer Service

Respond Promptly

How long does it take you to answer customer inquiries? When you react quickly to questions about your products or the ordering process, you’ll find that your repeat business soars. So, try to get back to clients within 24 hours after receiving phone calls and emails.

Know Your Product/Service

Take the time to train staff members on the features and benefits of your products or services. When customers contact you, they expect to deal with an informed representative. So, make sure that everyone who will interact with your customers understands the details of every product and service you offer. For example, training on appropriate upselling can help improve your margins and provide useful product pairings to your customers.

Improve Your Business's Customer Service

Listen to Customers

Not every customer interaction will go well. Instead of dwelling on mistakes, focus on the learning opportunity. You can start with stressing the importance of listening closely to what customers have to say and confirming that what you understand is what the customer really wants. It’s also important to deal with mistakes in a professional manner. By acknowledging a mistake and trying to do what’s right for the client, you may win back the relationship and avoid bad reviews.

From breakroom supplies to grab-and-go snacks, our team handles it all so you can focus on your business. We deliver products that exceed your expectations, and we encourage your feedback. This approach assures that all of our customers will get the best office coffee and breakroom experience possible. At BostonbeaN, we do service — and customer service — right!

8 Ways to Upscale Your Office Breakroom for the New Year

When it comes to your breakroom, what kind of experience have you laid out for your staff? While this is a place where employees can relax or enjoy a meal away from the main spaces, employees returning to the office will be looking for something more as 2022 rolls around. Having special touches in the breakroom helps increase morale while showing how much you appreciate your employees.

It’s important to do the little things for those transitioning back to the workplace, and we at BostonbeaN can offer a few suggestions:

Snacks & Meals

Have you ever had a really hard day and just need a snack to help get you through the rest of the day? Having healthy and prepackaged snacks in the breakroom can be just the thing to pick someone up. Nuts, trail mix, granola, cookies, jerky, and other goodies are always hot items. Having grab & go meals at certain times of the day is also a great incentive to keep employees from having to go out or to accommodate those who forgot lunch.

Massage Chairs

One or two massage chairs can help employees relax, ease their minds, and get things back into perspective. All it takes is a few minutes to recharge and revitalize.


No breakroom is complete without appliances to keep things going. A refrigerator, stove, microwave, touchless brewers and water-delivery systems, espresso machines like the Nespresso Momento or Zenius, and even ice cream and popcorn machines add variety and convenience.


Have a wide selection of beverages that include coffee, water, and juices to keep everyone happy. In addition to coffee and tea, BostonbeaN provides cold beverages including canned and bottled options, as well as drink mixes and our multi-flavor water cooler.


Games add variety for the entire staff. On those long days where everyone needs to unwind, having a pool table handy or games that help with mental acuity can help.


Providing an area where employees can plug in headphones, or having a music channel completely dedicated to the employees, shows them you care about their mental health and provides ways to de-stress without disturbing others.


Having an area where employees can watch TV shows or the news helps them stay informed.

Quiet Spaces

Small pods that give employees a chance for quiet time to focus on work away from the hustle and bustle of the office can give them a much-needed boost.

Creating responsible spaces that have sanitizing products and other PPE to keep everyone safe when returning to the office is also important. At BostoncleaN, we are here to support you by offering a variety of services. Call us for more information today.

Heading Back to the Office? Here Are Tips to Set Up a Healthy Work Station

With many people working remotely over the past year, businesses are finally starting to welcome many employees back to their in-office jobs, or to hybrid positions with some time in the office. For those employees transitioning away from pajama-clad Zoom meetings from their couches, here are some tips to make the more formal office environment as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Back to work also means back to some better habits, like taking the stairs, parking further away from the entrance and choosing healthy snacks to keep your energy up. To create a more productive environment, don’t underestimate the benefits of an ergonomically correct work station to benefit your body and mind.

1. Invest in Ergonomic Furnitureman in healthy work station

Ergonomic furniture is one of the best investments you can make for your office and employees. Ergonomic office chairs allow your employees additional lumbar support, adjustable seat height and seat depth.

This gives them the ability to have healthy postures and not suffer from the effects of compressed nerves, slipped discs, and carpel tunnel that can all result from bad posture and hours of sitting!

2. Encourage Health Incentives

Whether it’s encouraging your employees to start commuting (even biking!) to work, or offering prizes such as massages and spas, it’s important to create an atmosphere focused on health.

Additionally, you can also offer your employees benefits such as health insurance to help them get their physical and mental health in great shape.

3. Keep the Work Station Clean

A good way to keep the office clean and your employees healthy is by using cleaning products and increasing sanitation practices to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Cleaning high-traffic areas such as conference rooms, door handles, and kitchens are a great way to keep employees healthy!

healthy work station4. Have a Relaxing Environment

From having the best hot and cold brew coffee, tea and snacks available for your employees, to even having a dedicated quiet room, there’s lots of ways to promote a relaxing environment. A relaxing environment can help employees think clearly, find balance, and enjoy working in the office after telecommuting ends.

Listen to Your Employees

There are many ways that bosses can help employees feel safe, healthy, and ready to return to the office.

Maintain a healthy environment by taking advantage of BostonbeaN and all the services we have to offer to you and your staff! And most importantly — don’t forget the coffee!