The Benefits of Bottle-Less Water Dispensers

With the concerns about purity and taste of tap water, bottled water has become very popular with people at home, at work and on the go. However, the plastic it’s stored in has health and environmental impacts.

The chemicals polyethylene terephthalate (PET) and bisphenol-A (BPA) in plastic can leach into the water and cause health problems including reproductive and hormonal issues. They may also be carcinogenic.

In addition to health risks, plastic has a high environmental footprint. The amount of fossil fuels and water required to manufacture plastic bottles plus the mounting plastic in our landfills are all detrimental to the planet.

BostonbeaN has the answer to both better health and doing your part to help the environment.

Using Bottleless Water Dispensers

You can decrease the environmental and health impacts of drinking bottled water by using bottleless water dispensers. Many of them not only dispense hot, cold and ambient water, but some even dispenses several flavors of water or soda. Explore our offerings from TopWater, The Bevi, ION Bottleless Water Cooler, SmartSoda and the FRIIA Water System.

water dispenser

BostonbeaN offers vitamin-infused craft sodas and sparkling water made with alkaline water. The beverages are 100 percent natural, kosher, vegan and gluten-free. They are also rich in antioxidants.

Additional benefits of ditching bottled water for a bottle-less beverage dispenser include:

  • Saving Money: The long-term cost of using a bottle-less dispenser vs. bottled water is less expensive. While you have the initial cost of installing the dispenser, it pays for itself over time.
  • Health Benefits: When you use a bottle-less beverage dispenser, you reduce the risk of health issues. Additionally, you can choose healthy options, such as SmartSoda.
  • Plastic Pollution: Even with recycling, plastic still ends up in landfills and our oceans. Using a bottle-less beverage dispenser means less plastic in the environment.
  • Water Sources: Not all water comes from natural springs. Many brands use water from municipal supplies, which is much the same as using tap water. A bottle-less beverage dispenser filters your tap water so you know the water is safe.
  • Regulation: Bottled water is not as strictly regulated as tap water. Because it is regulated as a “food product” rather than water, it does not go through the same testing and monitoring that tap water does.

bottleless water dispenser

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Instead of helping deplete springs, wells and aquifers by contributing to the large volume of water removed from these resources by bottled water companies, install a bottle-less beverage dispenser with SmartSoda from BostonbeaN.

You’ll contribute to less energy consumption for the manufacturing of plastic bottles and the fuel used to deliver them and decrease certain health risks.

Contact BostonbeaN today for more information on our bottle-less beverage dispensers and SmartSoda products.

Add Award-Winning Technology to Your Office With This New Water Delivery System From FRIIA

Water performs essential functions for your body. It regulates temperature, carries oxygen and minerals to your cells, cushions joints, supports your organs, and flushes your bowels and kidneys. Since human brains are about 75 percent water, mild dehydration can reduce cognitive function. 

The new FRIIA water system is an under-counter mount that delivers hot, cold or sparkling water with award-winning technology. With a boiler and chiller that sit below the sleek, stylish countertop spigot, your employees can have immediate, on-demand hot water for tea or cocoa, or fresh cold water with a simple push of a button. 

friia water system

Here’s what water can do for your team: 

  • Reduce headaches: There is no bigger productivity killer than a mind-splitting headache. Drinking water and staying hydrated can prevent these episodes and help your employees feel better. 
  • Improved mood: It may be subtle, but dehydration can lead to irritability and fatigue. Bad moods tend to rub off on coworkers and even create a tense work environment. If you provide fresh water so your employees drink more of it, you will likely enjoy a more productive and relaxed office. 
  • More energy: Dehydration also causes fatigue. At some point, caffeine becomes counterproductive, and it’s merely time for employees to eat and drink. Water can enhance energy and bring feelings of well-being. 
  • Better concentration: The discomfort of dehydration is distracting. People simply can’t concentrate as well if they feel low energy, irritation, and fatigue. When you supply fresh water, employees are more likely to drink it and concentrate on their work better.

friia water system components

  • Improved physical performance: If your employees work out during their lunch hour, make it easy for them to refill their water bottles. Exercise helps concentration and mood, but it canalso lead to dehydration. So, make it easier for your employees to engage in self-care by providing good water. 
  • Workplace morale: When you provide amenities like coffee, snacks, and filtered water, your workers feel you care. These items add to their comfort and help make their office time pleasant. Whether you provide a water system or snacks, your employees will thank you and award you with quality work!


Another bonus to installing the FRIIA water system? BostonbeaN’s bottle-less water machine gives employees fresh, filtered water without plastic bottles littering your office. 

We also provide tasty snacks, fresh grab-and-go food, and full pantry services so your employees work happily and productively throughout the day. Call us at 800-448-2739 to add great BostonbeaN amenities to your office.

10 Fun and Interesting Facts About Water and Why You Should Drink More H2O

Summer and water are the perfect combination. Nothing’s more refreshing on a hot summer day than the magical elixir — whether taking a dip in it at a pool or beach, or enjoying it as a cool beverage (just mix with lemons!).

We all know that consuming water is one of the simplest ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It’s even easier than getting in those 10,000 steps. Yet, many of us overlook this simple solution. Here are 10 fun facts to give you a “refresher” on why it’s so important to prioritize your daily water intake.

woman drinking water

1. More essential than food for survival

We love our food and snacks, but in reality, we could live about a month without food. Water? You’ll die within a week without it.

2. The elite 1%

Although water seems abundant on Earth, only 1 percent of it is available for human use. What about the rest? Ninety-seven percent is salty or undrinkable, and 2 percent is frozen in our ice caps and glaciers. We’re all vying for our share of that 1 percent amongst competing agriculture, manufacturing, residential, and community needs.

3. The 75% rule

Your brain is about 75% water. Even mild dehydration can begin to affect cognitive abilities. According to dehydration researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology, attention, coordination and complex problem solving suffered the most.

4. Big 5 jobs

In the body, water performs five extremely important jobs. It regulates your temperature, carries oxygen and nutrients to cells (83% of blood), cushions joints, protects vital organs and tissues, and helps eliminate waste in the bowels and kidneys.

5. 3 ways the body loses water

Everyday functions, like sweating and urination, cause the body to lose water that needs to be replaced. Did you know that you also lose water when breathing?

man drinking water in his office

6. 8 x 8, on average

The average person should drink 64 ounces of water (eight 8-ounce glasses) daily to stay healthy.

7. It boosts skin health

Water helps keep your skin healthy. Without it, skin is more vulnerable to disorders and premature wrinkling.

8. Water helps with problem-solving

We mentioned that lack of water can negatively affect brain function. But did you know that water is involved in producing hormones and neurotransmitters that boost brain function?

9. Water helps with digestion

Water helps mitigate digestive problems like constipation, heartburn, and stomach ulcers by helping prevent too much acid in the stomach.

10. Water helps maintain blood pressure

A lack of water can cause the blood to thicken, which increases blood pressure.

Feeling a bit thirsty now?

Help your employees stay healthy by making water easily accessible. BostonbeaN supplies offices in the Boston metro area with not only great coffee, snacks, and everything needed for the breakroom including water. The BostonbeaN bottleless water machines allow employees to drink fresh, filtered water throughout the day. Plus, BostonbeaN even offers touchless water options to avoid the spread of germs.

Celebrate National Hydration Day With These Fun Ideas to Increase Your Water Intake

Did you know June 23 is National Hydration Day? This third day of summer is the perfect time to assess your current daily water intake and consider some new strategies if you’re still operating a quart or two low.

How Much Is Enough?

A great rule of thumb is to target drinking half your weight in ounces of water each day. For instance, if you weigh 140 pounds, drinking 70 ounces of water is about right. Your doctor can hone in on more precise measurements as needed.

What If I Don’t Like the Taste of Water?

Fortunately, you’ve got so many new flavor choices that the old “I don’t like water” excuse no longer … holds water. Simply order convenient single-serve sticks and packets from BostonbeaN to mix into your hot or cold water to make Crystal Light, TRUE Lemon, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, or Arnold Palmers. It’s a win-win. You get great flavors, and your body gets the water it needs.

Increase Your Water Intake

Health Alert: Coffee and Tea Count

According to the esteemed Mayo Clinic, drinking a reasonable amount of caffeinated beverages like coffee and tea does not increase your dehydration risk. In fact, tea, in particular, delivers several additional health benefits for your whole body. Nevertheless, most doctors recommend that you balance your intake with plain water to hit your daily numbers.

Make Drinking Water Accessible

It’s easy to forget to hydrate, especially when working in an office all day. One solution is to make water more available and tastier. You can offer your team many flavors from the eco-friendly Bevi water system. Another option is to get an ION Bottleless Water Cooler, which hooks up to your existing water line to give everyone access to hot, cold, and carbonated filtered water. This option will allow you to ensure that everyone can hit their daily limit without worrying about clunky bottles and managing refills.

Mix Up Your Options

Order canned beverages to mix up your office options and to make sure your team stays hydrated when planning to go offsite. You can order everything from bottled water to vitamin water, Welch’s Juice, etc.

Increase Your Water Intake

How Else Can I Boost My Daily Water Intake?

Do the math to work out a plan. Find a routine that works for you. Start with a glass of water first thing in the morning to replenish and rehydrate. Drink your water how you like it. Know what your favorite vessel holds. For instance, if you need to drink 70 ounces per day, you could refill a 32 oz tumbler twice (64 oz) and know you were in the ballpark, especially if you added a cup or two of coffee or tea.

BostonbeaN is the premier provider of coffee, breakroom, and pantry service for offices of all sizes in the greater Boston area. The BostonbeaN team provides everything your office needs to thrive and stay hydrated, from coffee and tea to water and snacks. Place an order today.

TopWater: The Fresh, Filtered, Still and Sparkling Water Option Your Office Can’t Go Without

topwater touchless waterA good coffee maker is a tremendous asset to any office. It boosts employee productivity, improves office culture and morale, and much more.

TopBrewer adds another benefit to the list by offering touchless brewing. All you have to do is install the app, select your preferred type of coffee, and hit enter. It’s never been easier to stay awake and inspired throughout the day.

However, coffee alone won’t keep you running at peak performance. You need water, too. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • Water improves energy levels
  • Water boosts brain function
  • Water improves motivation levels
  • Water prevents and cures headaches caused by lack of hydration

The best, safest, easiest way to give your employees fast access to clean drinking water is with TopWater. It matches perfectly with TopBrewer, giving your office a sleek, modern appearance while keeping everyone happily hydrated.

What Does TopWater Have to Offer?

TopWater isn’t an ordinary water fountain. Like TopBrewer, it’s a cutting-edge, touchless machine to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace. Here are some of its unique benefits:

  • It cuts down on the use of plastic bottles to help improve the environment.
  • It’s convenient and easy to use to encourage employees to get enough water to drink at work.
  • It’s more cost-effective than buying cases of plastic bottles to hand out to employees at work.
  • The water never runs out. There’s an endless supply to satisfy the needs of any large office.


TopWater, like TopBrewer, can pay for itself by improving your office environment and efficiency levels. Helping your employees stay happy and healthy on the job is one of the most effective ways to cut costs and boosts profits. You simply cannot go wrong with investing in the cutting-edge amenities your valuable workers need and deserve.

BostonbeaN and its sister division, BostoncleaN offers more than just a water filtration and touchless coffee machine duo. We also provide full pantry services, tasty snacks, sterile PPE, and other important amenities you need to keep your business running cleanly, smoothly, and efficiently. Call us at 800-448-2739 to learn more and to start the process of improving your office environment.

Choose The Bevi Machine – Rethink the Personal Enjoyment of Water

Look at any health aspect of living and you’re going to find that water is an essential element for both basic survival as well as optimal function. Given the fact that our bodies are two-thirds water, it only makes sense that without sufficient daily water intake, things start to get problematic. Everything from brain power and concentration to fundamental circulation relies on water in our body’s system to work properly. So, then what makes it so hard for the average person to keep up with recommended daily water intake? Believe it or not, convenience is a big issue.

bevi machineWater is No Longer Boring!

BostonbeaN’s Bevi machine is a water cooler that changes the paradigm we’re used to with drinking water daily. Instead, the Bevi makes water desirable, filtered, flavored and downright interesting. And all of those factors allow users to get away from artificial drinks like sodas as well as dehydrating beverages like coffee and instead be able to enjoy something that actually hydrates naturally as well.

Even better, when synced with your smartphone, the Bevi literally becomes touchless. You can set up and select a refreshing water drink from the comfort of your digital command without even having to contact the water cooler itself. Between the water basis, efficient distribution, reduction in waste and consumption and the healthy aspects of regular hydration, the Bevi really scores big points all around for the environment as well as your own personal sustainability.order the bevi machine

The Bevi also makes water interesting, which always increases consumption when something tastes good. Flavors include a wide range of choices from Lemon Lime to Unsweetened Cucumber to Unsweetened Raspberry to Coconut. In total, the Bevi can dispense twelve different flavors, changing from one drink to the next as needed by users. It’s a great way to shift the office crowd off the coffee as well as avoid water right from the tap or resorting to one-time containers that add to landfill problems. Over the use span of a year, the Bevi can avoid over 35,000 bottles of water being added to trash cans and recycle bins.

The Bevi now comes with a TOUCHLESS option as well, allowing people to completely avoid touching the machine. At BostonbeaN, we are also supplying offices with the TopBrewer, a touchless coffee machine. Our goal is to help keep your employees safe and comfortable in the workplace!

bevi touchless option

Choose the Bevi Machine Because Convenience is a Plus

Given the fact that people use different size containers all the time, the Bevi accommodates this issue by providing a removable drip tray and space that fits just about all personal containers. With a lite-up use cavity and easy spout, there’s no spill, no mess and no embarrassment. Instead, people just enjoy water a whole lot more, improving their health and reducing your office or home carbon footprint overall.

The Bevi system works with most tap-water connections and redesigns how you live with hydration almost in the first day it is used. Our team at BostonbeaN can provide you specific information regarding a system fit to your location and your needs. Contact BostonbeaN Coffee Company to find


out more.

Water Filtration – Healthy Water, Healthy You

The best way to stay hydrated is through the consumption of good ol’ water. There is no healthier drink for giving our body what it needs to function optimally. Drinking enough water to stay properly hydrated means drinking a lot of water, so make sure the water you consume is pure and clean. The best way to ensure you are drinking clean water is to use a water filtration system. We have several pure, water options for your company break room.

Drink Filtered!

There is no getting around the fact that water is life-sustaining. But you want to be mindful that you are getting the good stuff. Tap or even spring water can contain much more than just H2O: chlorine, fluorine compounds, Trihalomethanes (THMs), hormones, pesticides and even trace amounts of prescription drugs can be found in our everyday supply. Not to mention, depending on the age and the infrastructure quality of where you live, you can’t be sure about the pipes that deliver the water to your tap.

Tap water that flows from your home faucet has traveled many miles and has undergone disinfection with things like chlorine, ammonia and chloramines, and may even be fortified with fluoride. The unfortunate fact is that without the disinfection – water-borne illness will prevail.

How Water Keeps Us Healthy

Let us count the ways! They are practically countless and important, but here are some heavy-hitting impacts water has on our body:

  • Improved digestion
  • Keeps weight down
  • Good for our brain and nervous system
  • Assists the kidneys in flushing toxins

Drinking filtered water ups the healthy-ante in several ways:

  • May reduce gastrointestinal diseases
  • May help reduce risk of cancer
  • Supports immune system and mental function
  • Benefits our skin
  • Retains healthy mineral deposits

When it comes to keeping your staff focused on work tasks and well hydrated, BostonbeaN offers several water options for your company break room.

ION Bottleless Water Cooler

We offer two models of the ION Bottleless Water Cooler, the TS 200 and TS 400 (sparkling water available), to bring pure and refreshing water to your break room. Environmentally friendly and bottle-free, ION Bottleless has an exclusive CarbonPro filter that reduces a wide range of contaminants, thus transforming ordinary tap water into a source of great and endless enjoyment. Available in both counter-top and stand-up models.

The Bevi

In addition to traditional bottled water, we also offer other carbonated and flavored water coolers like The Bevi – a still and sparkling cooler that offers a selection of flavors. The Bevi provides what has been termed “water, un-boring” from an eco-friendly, healthy water cooler tied to your tap that never runs out. This means your staff will never run out of water during late deadlines or important projects.

Benefits of Bevi include:

  • Still, sparkling and flavored water options
  • Eco-friendly
  • High-quality filtered water from your tap
  • Reduces carbon footprint and landfill contribution from containers
  • Use is remotely monitored and refilled promptly by service partner

Contact BostonbeaN Company in Woburn, Massachusetts, today to set up an account with us to provide quality food and beverages, including a variety of drinking water options to help keep your employees hydrated and focused. Ask about our entire line of coffee, tea and snack offerings by calling us at 1-800-Hit-Brew (800-448-2739). Our company is dedicated to providing great customer service one account at a time by listening to your unique needs. Call us today to schedule a consultation to see how we can keep your employees hydrated.